Great Ghost Photos!
From Del R. Mulroy
Courtesy: International Ghost Hunter's Society
Dear Mr. Rense:
I would like to submit to you the following photos that I have retrieved from the web site of the INTERNATIONAL GHOST HUNTERS SOCIETY ( in which I am a member. There are currently over 615 ghost photos online to be reviewed. The web masters, Dave and Sharon, are the founders of the IGHS.
This is perhaps, the best shot that I have ever seen of a ghost. It is entitled "Full Body Ectoplasm" and can be seen at Gallery #1 on the site linked below for the IGHS.
The story on this set of photos, I believe, is that the man was related to this family, but had died earlier. The number 3 on his jersey is interesting in that he has 3 children in the photo.
The main photo (above) was taken at a family reunion. The man with his back to us in the #3 baseball jersey is a ghost!
This remarkable shot shows the woodwork of the wall in front of the man showing right through the base of the man's head!
In this photo (above) we see a close-up of the man as he appears in relation to the lamp and wall. Notice his t-shirt is hanging over the front of the lamp. There are no legs but his tennis shows are there! Again, notice the wall is seen through the base of his neck.
This close-up shot shows the ghost's t-shirt hanging over the lamp. the lamp he is standing behind supposedly, is in fact strangely covered with his t-shirt hanging over the lamp's edge in front of it, meaning he has to be on top of the lamp! His legs are missing, but the white sneakers are there.
If this photo is a hoax, it was extremely well done. The fact the family allegedly knows exactly who he is sheds some doubt on it being a fake, unless the entire family is in on it. Hard to say, but great shots.

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