Top Russian Researchers
Update Russian Roswell Case
By Nikolay Subbotin And Emil Bachurin

Note - A few notations have been added in parentheses to assist in understanding the intent of some of the passages in this report.
On September 16, 1989 in the sky above a port the Zaostrovka, on fringe of Perm, occured something strange. Many inhabitants, open mouthes, watched unprecedented battle. Six strange silvery devices reminding (one of) combined together plates, coursed behind a seventh more dark.
Even with a background of evening clouds it was possible to distinguish that six plates (disks) were of dark grey colour and seventh which turned as mad, leaving from under fire of the persecutors had a bright - golden shade. The picture reminded the next series Luckas "Star Wars ". The plates carrying out figures (maneuvers) a maximum pilotage were carried above a port carrying out inconceivable evolutins that being reduced before shaving flight that sharply rising a sky up to height of approximately kilometer. Sometimes from six plates there were beams in (aimed at) the seventh.
Is detailed this history has described one of tap man of a port. In time of "battle" the electricity was switched off (wouldn't function) and to the workers did not remain anything as with horror in heart to watch this fantastic show. Later records of conversations were transferred a Sichenko author of the article about "a combat of plates above a Zaostrovka", appeared after some time in the Semipalatinsk local newspaper. The Sichenko - former helicopter man, was commanded by a squadron by our AF in Afghanistan, then there was one of the founders of fund "Nevada-Semipalatinsk" now lives in Stockholm.
Under the stories of eyewitnesses six plates had a rather complex configuration: the wider like as a disc part hung above the narrower basis like as a mushroom the form. If to compare the descriptions from different points of supervision, the UFO - about 20 meters in a diameter is possible to make conclusions about the approximate sizes.
At the end golden plate was knocked down and has gone on decrease (reduction). The six of plates has left, by looking after falls seventh (after watching the seventh fall).
Is completely casual on one of the members of Perm ufology club "Anomalu" (Ury Nekrasov) send eyewitnesses observing battle on the part of city (approximately in 10 kms from a port). They even have managed to show him an azimuth and house for which beginnings to fall a plate.
The place (of the crash) managed to be found fall. The UFO has fallen on territory of military range in a bog. On this place we managed to visit only in autumn of 1990. To come nearer to a place of fall to nobody have permitted (solved), on experience knowing, than come to an end similar of "approach"("approximation") (enough to recollect the tragical ending of excavation a UFO under a management (manual) a Deev) :
Nevertheless, on a place of fall (crash) the group of the militarians who have arrived there through a pair of months worked. The area of accident entirely consists of fens (marshy land), on which it is possible to pass only in a period a cold, therefore first expedition (dispatch) should be postponed till November. By first there have beaten three employees led by the chief of range. The information that they there have found and as acted further to receive it was not possible. Authentically it is known only that as a result of this "campaign" two from them (required) treatment in hospital with the unintelligible diagnoses (Emil Bachurin personally saw these medical cards). One of the diagnoses - burns on a body, and they were already in winter regimentals (heavy military clothing). After that incident the territory of fall was announced as danger for moving the people (declared extremely dangerous and no one was allowed into the area). Nowadays military base does not work but is protected. Unfortunately it was not possible to receive any given about evacuation (removal) of object.
Later above a place of fall the UFO tried to fly by the pilot of civil aircraft on An-2 therefore began to refuse devices (even unmagnetic) (aircraft that attempted to overfly the crash site lost control of some of their intruments and controls). It was necessary to refuse attempt. The ending of this flight - chaste reprimand.
In this history us alert one fact. About what humanity on the part of newcomers there can be a speech, if the military actions in the manned worlds are admitted? And these cases are not individual. The plates are literally strewed on us from the sky, they something is constant repair and repair in the devices, there is an impression, that their engineering is rather unreliable. But it is possible to assume and return, in near-Earth space the constant skirmishes between various civilizations and as result - often accidents and breakages a UFO are conducted. Even the NASA was possible to photograph from a board of one of the space vehicles battle a UFO on an orbit of the Earth (transfer "UFO DIARIES"). Can, in the near future we unaided shall see "STAR WARS", which will be developed (unwrapped) in our Solar system (We may, in the future, see ET fighting in our solar system to match that of the film Star Wars).
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