A Master Occultist,
An Egyptian Governmental
Official & the Face on Mars:
Synchronistic Bedfellows Or Cosmic Coincidence?
Gary Val Tenuta
What connections could I possibly have found between (1) the late 19th century master of the occult, Aleister Crowley, (2) Zahi Hawass, the current Director of Antiquites at Giza, Egypt, and (3) the enigmatic and controversial Face On Mars? And, moreover, what do these people, places and things have to do with UFOs and Extraterrestrials? Get ready for high strangeness. This isn't your Grandfather's nuts & bolts UFO scenario. To answer these questions I must first lay out a bit of background. And, as I do, keep in mind what Shakespear once wrote, "There are more things in Heaven and in earth, Horatio, than are dreampt of in your philosophy".
When doing research they say to follow wherever the research may lead. My research has consistantly led me to consider the paranormal, the mystical, the occultic elements and aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Perhaps this was an unconscious bias stemming from our "ET contact" over a 3 month period in 1967-68 (Note: two other people were involved so I refer to it as "our" experience). The experience definitely had paranormal elements and bordered on what some would call "occult" because of the method of the communication. Having said that, and without launching into the whole story, suffice it to say my research over the years (as an attempt to explain our contact experience) has seemed almost "guided". By that I mean synchronicity has played a strong part in terms of how and where I found, and continue to find, information I need, when I need it. That, in itself, seems rather odd. Now, I'll try to put this whole thing in a nutshell and get to the point. It was our contact experience which first alerted me to the idea that there could be paranormal aspects to the UFO/ET phenomenon. But it would be several years before I would find out just how deeply connected our experience was and how far into the whole UFO/ET phenomenon the paranormal/occult influence actually ran.
About two years ago I discovered interesting similarities between our contact experience and that of one George Hunt Williamson, a character well known to serious students of UFO lore. Williamson was a friend of the more well publicized George Adamski. Williamson eventually journeyed into the Andes mountains of South America, changed his name to Brother Philip and founded the Brotherhood Of The Seven Rays. In the end, he found himself in Long Beach, California where he died. Not only was his contact experience significantly similar to ours but, in a fittingly synchronistic manner, he died in Long Beach, California; the same town where, ten years later, we had our contact experience. Williamson's contact experience and his subsequent activities definitely had paranormal/occult overtones. I was beginning to get a clue. I was standing at the door.
About the same time I discovered the Williamson story I also "happened" to find a book called "Secret Cipher Of The UFOnauts" by UFO researcher and student of the occult, Allen Greenfield. With the information in this book I was not just standing at the door, I was opening it. Again, to make a very long story very short, I'll just say that through this book I discovered what appeared to be real connections between our contact experience and the experiences of other contactees from the 1950s and into the early 1960s. The connections related to two elements of the shared experiences: (1) names of ET "personas", and several words purported to be of an ET language (2) the relationship of these words, by way of a cipher, to words and phrases in a mysterious little book called, "Liber AL vel Legis" or The Book Of The Law.
The Book Of The Law, was penned in 1904 by none other than that master of the occult arts, Aleister Crowley. But it was dictated to him by a non human entity which appeared to him while Crowley was honeymooning in Cairo, Egypt. The name of this entity (which some claim, by Crowley's discription, bore an uncanny remblance to the modern Men In Black) was Awaiss (more on this in a minute). To give you an idea of what The Book Of The Law is like, I'll quote from my book, Convergence:
<<It is very enigmatic and reads with an almost poetic madness like the ravings of a spiritual entity venting its frustrations, feeling as if its self-proclaimed glory, wonder, power and perfection were being ignored. Much of the text made references to names and events which I could not understand. There were passages which reminded me of some of the "jealous god" ravings of the Old Testament. On the other hand, there are passages which present this entity in a rather familiar light, but not a very positive one: "I am the Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight & bright glory, and stir the hearts of men with drunkenness. To worship me take wine and strange drugs whereof I will tell my prophet, & be drunk thereof! They shall not harm ye at all! It is a lie, this folly against self. The exposure of innocense is a lie. Be strong, o man! Lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this. I am alone. There is no God where I am."
I really didn't know what to make of this whole manuscript. On the whole, it seemed to be a confused blend of good and evil, almost schizophrenic. But the important part of this piece of work, at least for our experience, was the code or cipher which was embedded within it.
This cipher, it turns out could be applied to certain words and phrases purported to be from an alien language. Indeed, as I learned by way of correspondence with Greenfield, our experience did yield words and phrases which fit the cipher. This was another indication to me that I was on the right track.
Jumping ahead now to July of 1997, while doing a search on the internet for something regarding Crowley, I came across the picture of him which accompanies this article. I sat back in my chair, almost stunned. The picture, to me, strongly resembled the well known Face On Mars (which I inserted for comparison). It was at that moment a lot of puzzle pieces began flying into place.
Over the previous several weeks and months, Richard Hoagland had been talking about Mr. Zahi Hawass, the Director of Egyptian Antiquities at Giza and how Hawass was supposedly conducting illegal excavations under the Great Pyramid, and all sorts of other nefarious activities. Hoagland also claimed that Hawass, who had no apparent connection with NASA, had chosen all of the landing sites for the planetary exploration missions NASA had sent up over the past several years. While this seemed preposterous, I actually met a person who, with high level security clearance, worked for the Boeing Aero Space Division. He told me face to face that he was present one time when Hawass entered a planning room and did, in fact, choose the landing site for one of our Lunar missions. In addition to this, Hoagland had brought out other strange things, connecting ancient Egyptian ceremony and Masonic symbology with NASA. Then he went even further and began to bring Phoenix, Arizona into the picture.
Suddenly, staring at this weird photo of Crowley wearing an egyptian head-dress, and looking like the Face On Mars, I was struck by the similarity between the name of the entity that appeared to Crowley in 1904 (while he was sitting at a table just a stone's throw from the Great Pyramid) and the name of the current Director of Antiquities at Giza. Awaiss? Hawass? For all I knew, the names were the same. After all, Crowley may have spelled the name phonetically yet incorrectly, based only on having heard it pronounced. I'm not suggesting Awaiss and Hawass are the same person. I'm suggesting it is another clue, by way of Jungian synchronicity, that something very strange may be happening:
---Similarity of photos ---Similarity of names ---Awaiss appeared near the Great Pyramid at Giza ---Hawass is the Director of Antiquities at Giza ---Crowley was involved in occult arts, mysticism, Masonic symbology, etc. ---Hoagland had seen evidence of ancient Egyptian ceremony and symbology in NASA activities ---Greenfield had discovered that the cipher embedded within the Book Of The Law was a key to the nature and origin of at least some UFOs and ETs. ---Strange goings on in the skies over Phoenix, March of 1997 ---The Phoenix bird, of Egyptian mythology
I knew the similarity between the photos could not have been contrived or preplanned. In other words, it wasn't intentional as in some elaborate practical joke waiting 93 years to deliver the punchline. That would have been stretching the idea of comedic timing. The similarity simply existed. But why? I had an intuitive sense that it was a true synchronicity in the Jungian sense; not just the similarity but also my noticing it at this particular time in history. It was a manifestation of a larger cosmic connection. Something was going on here.
Over the past year, my personal research had branched off into the realm of the intriguing if not mystical relationship between letters, language and numbers. Through this work I entered the realm of Qabbala, both Hebrew and English. While I can't prove anything yet, I suspect I may have found the beginnings of a link between Old World mysticism (ancient Egypt) and the role of modern America in what may be some kind of a resurgence of those ancient cultural elements right here in this country. The symbolic rising of the Phoenix. Perhaps Hoagland was right about Phoenix, Arizona being a significant location to watch. Certainly it has been the site of a lot of strange activity lately. Signs, signs, everywhere the signs. But signs of what?
Adding to the signs was a recent report of the Arabian man who dowsed himself and his child in gasoline and set himself and his child on fire. The man was screaming that the "space aliens" were after him. Furthermore, there are apparently many people in that area claiming all kinds of "evil alien" experiences. On the other hand, Israel has reportedly been experiencing all kinds of "benevolent alien" activity. Are opposing forces at play here? Take this into account along with another sign; the fact that the crop circles are increasingly displaying elements of "Qabbalistic" designs. This led me to discover evidence suggesting a connection between one of the latest crop designs and the Nephilim mentioned in the book of Genesis; the Sons Of God, the giants who came from the sky and shared their seed with the Daughters Of Men. Are all of these things signs that the "ancient gods" are returning? I include myself among those few but growing number of researchers who seem to be coming to similar conclusions, albeit from different directions. Hoagland's work has been the most visible, but I would also draw attention to the work of DeAnna Emerson in her book, Mars/Earth Enigma (1996). Hoagland's route was more along the path of science; Emerson's work emerged from connecting the Face On Mars to her knowledge of ancient Goddess worshipping cultures; I arrived here by investigating the occultic and paranormal connections to the UFO/ET phenomenon, inspired by my initial ET contact experience, and simply followed where my research led me.
So what are we to make of all this? What do these seemingly bizarre connections mean? I'm not in the business of making predictions but if I were I would say we may be witnessing the beginning of the time when modern science will converge with ancient wisdom to bring about a truly new paradigm. Perhaps J. J. Hurtak said it best in his book, The Keys Of Enoch:
"...we now need to interrelate to the greater program of spiritual and scientific unity which involves the other planetary intelligences... There will be a tremendous acceleration of the physical sciences into the spiritual sciences in truly transmuting the world of material form into the Kingdom of Light."
That sounds nice, the Kingdom of Light. But what about Awaiss and his words, "There is no God where I am". Was he an emissary of the Dark Side? Could he have been a progenitor of Zahi Hawass? There are ancient tales of the wars between the forces of "light" and the forces of "darkness" which took place before man was created. Are the warring entities behind these forces returning for another battle? Are there humans who are privy to what's going on? Have some of them taken sides? Are there clues in the synchronistic connections between the people, places, and things as I have laid out in this article? Time will tell.
©1997, Gary Val Tenuta

Gordon Tibbles
I'm presently conducting research into the early days of JPL and in particular a distinguished Cal Tech scientist by the name of Jack Parsons. From what I have already been able to pick up, Jack was one of the original founders of Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he pioneered in the development of Exotic Fuels. Unfortunately I have been unable to reach anyone at JPL willing to discuss this period in their development.
It appears that Mr. Parsons had another aspect to his life that to a large degree was kept secret. He was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). As a member he went on the become the founder of the ABBEY OF THELEMA in Pasadena. According to my findings he received dispensation directly from Aleister Crowley.

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