Orange Fireballs/Bizarre
Weather In Oz
By Ross Dowe
Australia-New Zealand-Pacific UFO Reporting Service
Reports of odd orange illuminations (fireballs) poured in to these offices from Sale and east Victoria, Australia on a day Victoria recorded as the hottest in 88 years for this time of the year.
About 3:00pm a large thunder cloud and accompanying storm passed across southern Victoria near Melbourne and headed towards a town called Sale (and an RAAF air base).
At 7.37pm, respondents videotaped the following: A gentleman was sitting outside having a cigarette and noticed that the gusty winds suddenly stopped. A minute or so later, a very bright orange ball of light came from the Northeast traveling beneath the clouds. This ball of light then stopped perfectly still in the sky about 4-5 kilometers away.
Some 15 seconds later, another orange fireball of light came from the East and HIT the first orange ball three times and then shot off to the Northeast.
Three to four seconds after that, the second orange ball of illumination returned and hit the first orange fireball 3-4 times AGAIN before again shooting off to the Northeast. This action was repeated 3 times and stopped when the respondent was operating the video camera.
After the second illumination disappeared, the respondent noted that the first orange illumination was still in its holding position and remained there for some time before it moved off to the East until out of sight.
The thunderclouds were still in the area but the accompanying storm activity had passed before the first orange fireball had come into view. Approximately five minutes after both fireballs had disappeared, the gusty winds returned.

Friday morning at 12.30am: A Respondent from East Gippsland (Wairewa) near 90 Mile Beach reported sighting a very large white illumination with a red light attached that was emitting an orange glow.
This illumination array arose from the Eastern horizon over the sea and headed to the Southwest over a period of about 15 minutes. The respondent reported there were thunder storms in the area at the time.
A second similar illumination appeared and followed the same course and direction.
The National UFO Hotline quickly checked NASA's shuttle and Space station Mir flight data and that showed that no spacecraft should have been seen over Australia or New Zealand on the 26, 27, 28 of Nov. 1997.

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