A Funny Thing Happened
In Arizona Last Spring!
By Sherryl French
When I was down in Pheonix Arizona on vacation, I met a really great lady named Jay. She had been in a very bad truck crash the year before and was still getting better when we met.
She and Dan's brother lived together and told me the most amazing story about her accident. When her truck's steering went out, she was on the highway pulling two full tankers of water that she had just filled from an artesian well, which is located deep in the San Carlos Apache reservation.
Jay had been getting water from this well for two years and that's where she claims to have met her "friends", or the "Ufers", as she grinningly calls them in her Texas accent.
She starts telling me about her "Ufers" and how they had befriended her and her pit bull, "Babe", although in all her stories she never described them physically. She talks about her friend "Bobby" and all the things he's told her about "them" but not why they are here.
"Bobby" claims they (the Ufers) have been here for a few thousand years; that they are not the only ET's on Earth, and that there are some 'nasties' out there and they try to keep them in check as best they can. He says the government knows of their exsistence and accepts help from them to keep the 'nasties' at bay. However, the "Ufers" don't really like or trust the US government and tell Judy she shouldn't trust it either.
Now, you have to realize this artersian well is located on a very dangerous reservation. Not even the State troopers go in there very often. You can drive through with permission and a day pass, but don't get yourself lost or go out of bounds as the reservation police are not that friendly.
So, Jay in her innocence, and partly because she thought she was maybe losing her marbles, goes to the Tribal Council and tells them she's made friends with their ETs! Some thought she was nuts, some said they knew what she was refering to, but all agreed to go out to the well that night and meet her "friends".
She goes on to describe how a dozen vehicles all drove to the well that evening and parked. The Tribal Council wanted their headlights to be left on (she said they were very nervous).
And so Jay called her "friends"...and they indeed came out of the sky and playfully buzzed the vehicles of the Tribal Council. Well, all hell broke lose as the Council members all scrambled for their cars and trucks and drove off like the devil was chasing them. Jay called for them to remain calm, crying out that her "friends" meant no harm but these tough Apaches were scared S--Tless!
About an hour later, one of the reservation police came back- he had been ordered to do so by the Council. They had declared Jay to be a Princess and gave her unconditional permission to come and go on the reservation as she pleased. But the Tribal Council Members never came back to the well.
On the night of her accident, she had talked to her "friends" as usual while she filled the tankers with water from the well. I guess they can communicate through telepathy but they obviously don't foresee the future, as an hour later the steering in Jay's truck failed and she crashed.
She was a real mess, fact is she died twice in the arms of a native who stopped to pull her from the wreck. They brought in a medevac helicopter to move her to Pheonix Hospital, as they really didn't think she'd make it.
Well, her "friends" were mighty worried and escorted the helicopter all the way to Pheonix! When Jay's boyfriend at the time got to the hospital, he talked to some very frightened people there. The Doctor, nurse, and the pilot were terrified, telling everyone about the bright lights that were all around the chopper as it flew Judy back to the hospital. They were so afraid that the pilot reportedly quit right at the hospital, and the doctor and nurse claimed they would never fly again.
So, here I am in Pheonix listening to this story wondering just how bad a head injury Jay really had! Do I believe this? I didn't know how to react. I believe in ETs but did I believe this nice lady?
The night we're leaving, Dan says, "Hey Jay, how about taking us to the well and meeting your friends?" She looks at us both, tells us it's a good three hour drive in the opposite direction from the way we go home but, she smiles and says,"Sure,love to. Lets get going!"
It's around 8 or 9 at night when we leave. Jay is driving with me in the passenger seat and Dan in the back. Her boyfriend wasn't invited because, she says, "they" don't like him very much.
As we drive along, I realize I'm being very quiet. My mind is reeling, I'm not afraid, but still, if she isn't nuts what am I getting myself into? Jay claims that "they" can "zap you" and read your mind and that they talk through telepathy. I still haven't asked her what they look like, nor has she offered to tell us. And we continue to drive through the night into the reservation in the San Carlos mountains.
Jay says the well is at a turn-off about ten more miles down the road. It's a full moon, clear sky, very starry night. It's cold up on the platau; we have the heat turned on, but I'm still shivering. When we left Pheonix it was around 85 degrees and I'm still in shorts and a tank top. But the mountains are pretty high-up, even if it is a desert.
She pulls the car over, and stops. Pointing up at the sky, we see a moving star?? That's what it looked like to me. Dan, from the back seat, says, "Yeah I see it...looks like a plane to me!"
Did to me to, For about thirty seconds! Jay jumps out of the car, and I look up at the sky and notice two more stars...moving upward almost side by side. Then, they split up and take off in opposit directions! My curiosity is piqued! I'm pulling on my jeans and socks, grabbed my coat, and jumped out of the car.
Jay is standing about twenty feet away with her arms stretched upward. She's talking away, telling the night sky that she brought some friends to meet "them" and for them not to be shy, because she didn't want to look like an idiot!
As I look up, I notice more and more "stars" zooming around. Coming in real close, but at the same time I couldn't tell you if they were 300 feet or a mile away! They were luminous, pure light, but you could tell they were solid; they made no noise at all. It was weird! Picture giant fireflies, flying with obvious intent, and playfullness...almost like the smaller ones are children. She said they'ld buzzed a few skeptics she'd brought out over the years, and also that they love playing with the lights and the electrical systems of vehicles.
Jay asks where "Bobby" is? She tells them to go get him for her as she wants to introduce me. With that, two "stars" take off to the north. She turns to me and says, "Let's go to the well, Bobby will be there in a few minutes."
So off we drive! As we head down this back road, we're stopped by a reservation police car. He takes one look at Jay, waves, and drives away.
As we approach the well, I notice a very Dark, black heavy cloud over the platau. It's thick enough to blot out the moon. But the light from the moon lit up the edges of this cloud...a very, very pretty sight. Big cactus in bloom could be seen as we drove along, and so could these "stars"-"lights"?? They varied in size and sometimes in colours. By now I'm staring so hard that my eyes hurt. Dan is in the back seat. He never got out of the car and I think he was pretending to be asleep as he didn't know what to say.
And so we arrive at the well. The coyotes are yelping, just to set the mood. It's very cold and I grab a blanket and wrap it around me. I then realized I wasn't afraid in the least, hell, I was really looking forward to what ever might happen.
A couple of the lights buzz us, then all is still. A jet flys suddenly over the mountain, possibly from the Air Force Base? It flys around very high-up but you can hear it, and you can tell it's a plane. The "lights" stay still and look like stars. I'm beginning to think that what I saw earlier was a hallucination brought on by all the stories I'd listened to for the past several days.
The jet then flies back to wherever it came from and the lights start to zoom around again but more off in the distance.
Now, Jay's asking them where "Bobby" is? She's looking off to the west talking away. She said she and Babe (her dog), shared a meal with "Bobby" once, but didn't elaborate on it. Where were they from, I wondered? Jay did point to a star cluster but I don't think the names they gave her translated very well into English.
About an hour passed, I guess, when I looked back over my shoulder at that dark cloud, and right before my eyes a light appears underneath it. It's brighter and larger than a planet but I'm looking at it wondering if there is a hole in the cloud and I'm just seeing a star, but if so where is the light from the moon?
Then it vanishes into the cloud. Or, did the cloud just close up and I lost my view of a star?
Again it reappears. I call to Jay and ask her if this is her friend pointing at the light.
Jay yells.."Bobby!"
The light twinkles and gets brighter.
Jay explains who I am, and that although she brought her boyfriend's brother up here, he's a nice guy and not like her boyfriend at all!
Dan is still in the car, pretending to be asleep, but he's watching!
I still hadn't decided if I believed what was going on. My thoughts were that if they can read my mind, they know I'm a skeptic and maybe they aren't going to do anything. I remember thinking they must like Jay for her totally trusting innocence, she doesn't question this at all and acccepts it as part of her destiny.
Just as these thoughts went through my mind, and I'm still starring trying to figure out if there is a hole in the cloud, another "light" appears and flys under the cloud to join "Bobby".
My brain now has to accept the fact that these are NOT stars. I'm not hallucinating, I'm not crazy, and I just realize I'm not cold anymore. I can hear the wind, but it's like I'm standing in a sheltered room.
Jay pulls out a flashlight that has something covering the lense. She turns it on and I can see it's a peice of purple paper.
Immdiately "Bobby" twinkles in Purple! The second light takes off, flying south under the cloud, and Bowbie in a splash of colors...just winks out!
Jay walked back to me, and says, "THEY'RE acting rather strange tonight, maybe they're just shy. Or, maybe they don't trust Dan, like they don't like his brother! But they like you. They said so and that they'll be around if you ever want to get to know them. Just look up long enough and call 'em! They're going to like you alrighty, you're their kind of folk!"
With that we got back in the car and drove through till dawn and back to Pheonix.
The entire period of time of these sightings was about two hours, including about an hour it took for her "friends" to go and get "Bobby".
I think "Bobby", for whatever reason is the only one that communicates back, or communicates with Jay, although the others seem to be able to understand. She says she'd see them around in other places after her first contact with them but they like the solitude of the mountains. I feel like they're hiding out too.
End of story.
This happened on April 26, 1997. I am a happy, well-adjusted, home- owning, business person of considerable reputation for being honest. I have no doubt as to what I saw that night, but no explanation. It just happened. And I have little doubt that anyone traveling that part of the country, could miss these "beings", as they obviously want to be seen. About them "talking" to Jay? Who knows! I've seen some strange things in my travels but this is definitely one for the books.
Have I ever seen them since? To be perfectly frank, I don't look up very often. I like the memory just fine, but I'm not sure how I would deal with my sanity if they came popping around my backyard on a regular basis.
Has any one else ever seen these entities? They were all over the sky that night. This was NOTHING like that Pheonix light show of March 13, 1997, I've seen on TV. I described them as best as I could and the best speculation I can come up with is that they are some kind of electrical, highly intelligent entities. And NO, there was no drugs or booze involved with any of the people involved.
There were a few strange things that Jay was still dealing with while I was there. She and I were sifting through the documentation and pictures of the accident and trying to make sense of it all. At the time, she put the police and her boss in a conspiracy. But looking back at it now, it doesn't make sense. This was the other part of the story.
Her accident was caused by a faulty steering part. She had complained to her boss about it weeks before and was told it had been fixed. She only drove the truck every couple of weeks as none of the regular drivers would do this night run in the reservation; "Gave them the spooks" they said.
Now, the accident took place somewhere around the Globe-Peridot area, right in front of a large gambling establishment. The local newspaper picked up the story as it is hard to miss a double tanker that rolls over right down the main highway. Then they send in the helicopter shortly after the crash.
Turns out her boss was running the same set of plates on two identical trucks. Now, the accident is negligence on the boss's part, not to mention running the rig illegally (double plates). After Jay got better, she phoned her boss (who never so much as showed up at the hospital). Turns out the accident report and all charges...had vanished. Nowhere to be found in the police files. Boss told her to consider herself lucky; this way it doesn't go on her driving record.
Jay WANTED it on her driving record; she wanted to go after the boss. Hell, she was lucky to be alive. But where do you go when you take the newspaper report and hospital report to the athorities and they tell you it never happened? Too weird. I'm from Canada and you couldn't get away with something like that up here unless the government was involved, even then it would be difficult.
The hospital staff on duty when Jay was flown in, and the helcopter pilot, were not to be located . The truck stop where everyone gets their trucks repaired in Pheonix, refused to talk to her about it. Although the demolished truck was in the compound there; what a wreck!
Tell you Jeff, if she hadn't met these "friends" before the accident, I wouldn't have been surprized if she found them after as some sort of solice from the realties of a really screwed up world.
Jay has since left her boyfriend and gone back to work, trucking down the American highways. She calls in every now and then. I'll tell her about you, maybe she can give you a ring sometime, as it's really more her story than mine. And her sexy Texas drawl will get you every time...

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