New 1998 Phoenix Mass Sightings

By Tom King
From Tim Edwards
A new wave of UFO sightings are underway in Arizona and two mass sightings have occurred within the last week.
1/11/98 Sunday afternoon after the rain stopped I noticed some strange silvery blinking objects moving slowly in the sky. I attempted to videotape these objects with my new Super camera but it only resulted in a game of "caught me if you can" with these objects.
1/12/98 Monday night the local news in Tucson aired a report of an ongoing UFO report. A orange object was on the Catalina Mt. which is north of Tucson. They speculated it could be a campfire. Although many people who saw the broadcast said "no way it was a campfire." Reports of over a thousand people saw and event with an orange object that night. Among the witnesses were Bob Dean who was driving up to Phoenix that night. Hours later the orange object was seen traveling from Tucson to Phoenix at a very high rate of speed. It was two orange lights closer together traveling in a tight formation. It pulsed brighter and dimmed at times during the observation. Reports were coming from all over the southern area of Arizona.
1/13/98 Tuesday night a witness of the March 13 lights saw the orange objects again. She videotaped and photographed them and reported the sighting to Village Labs. She was told to call if the lights returned and Village Labs took the evidence to analyze.
1/14/98 Wednesday night another mass sighting occurred, this time near the south Phoenix areas. This sighting is very complex and will take some time to figure out exactly what happened. The woman from the previous night saw the lights again and called Village Labs to report it. People at Village Labs saw the lights and called residents around the valley to videotape them whatever they were. Thousands of people saw them and atleast 7 different videotapes captured them. These lights were similar to the orange objects seen on March 13, 1997. Over 2 dozen orange lights hung in the air between 7-8 pm. Some people recorded 30 and others 40 minutes of footage of these orange lights. Even the local news was out skywatching for them and caught them on tape. What the local news captured was military flares over the Estrella Mts. They rushed back to the studio to get this on the air and missed the rest of the show. Geometric formations of lights in a line appeared and latter a triangle of lights. The lights appeared in a area of possibly 20 miles in length just south of the valley.
The news all came up with different stories with who was responsible for the "flares" seen that night. All of them claiming they had solved the mystery. The "Michigan" Air National Guard and others explanations were the sheriffs department training in the Gila Bend range.
The flare theory seemed plausible until I was able to see the videotapes shot that night. Some of these objects have characteristics that flares simply do not.
Objects were videotaped hanging in the air for over 11 minutes. They do not descend or break formation as flares do. Some are even seen moving horizontally and not descending at all. One even appears to travel upward. The videotapes triangulate the objects over the Estrella Mts. Almost in the same spot as seen on March 13, 1997. This is outside the military operating area and is illegal to perform flares drops.
The Michigan Air National guard is claiming responsibility for the sightings and there is no waste of time to explain this away.
So what about the flares seen descending over the Estrellas during the middle of the events that night? This is still a mystery and does not account for all of the sightings and eyewitness reports. I do believe the Air force is covering this up and has a better plan on how to deal with this than they did last year.
1/15/98 Thursday night was one of the biggest UFO stakes in Phoenix history. I called dozens of people all over the state and had Skywatch on alert to videotape any strange orange light in the sky.
I took a position half way between Phoenix and Casa Grande. We sighted some of these orange lights 15-20 miles west of our position. We took photographs, and two separate videotapes, including the ultra high powered Super camera. These objects appeared under 1,000 ft and did not have any sign of smoke. If these were military flares then we have proof that they are operating well outside their military boundaries. This is illegal and we will continue to push for people responsible to be prosecuted if they want to claim these objects are theirs. They could burn down houses or half the desert with these objects.
While the media is calling for video footage from 1/14/98 the investigators are taking their time with the analysis work before they release them to the local news to do sloppy work like they did on 1/14/98 nightly news.
I have been asked to post images from these events. They will start coming online next week in the OVNI Chapterhouse. Where the best UFO video in the world can be seen.
Tom King Arizona Skywatch director AZ Skywatch OVNI Chapterhouse at

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