Three Israeli ET Abductions
By Barry Chamish
The sagas of three Israeli abductees have recently been published. I have been fortunate enough to receive filmed evidence strongly confrming the first account. Following are abridged translations of the testimonies with short commentary by me in brackets. The first case was transcribed by Avi Grief, director of the Israel UFO Research Center in its publication UFO. I thank him for gathering strong corroborating evidence in his publication, without which, the following article could not have been written with relative ease. The testimony is of Ada, (she does not give her full name in the publication though I have it), a medical electronics technician. She sought Grief out to tell her story. She is from Kfar Saba where it must be noted, several dramatic UFOs have been captured on video since September of 1996.
Ada's Testimony:
In the afternoon after work during the summer of 1993 I went to my bedroom to sleep, I saw within a three-dimensional being less than a meter from me. He was tall and wearing a "space suit" of silver and green. (Her description of a tall being in a silver suit matches those women who met giants from April to July 1993 in Kadima, Burgata and Rishon Letzion. The timing of Ada's first encounter is, thus, most significant.) The being emitted white beams from his waist area. I felt the energy of the beams first in my feet, then throughout my whole body. The feeling was wonderful...A feeling of fullness, well-being, joy and purity. Then the being left. It took small steps then it was gone. (Her description of the departure is similar to those of Shosh Yahud of Kadima and Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion). For weeks I walked around with this feeling of fullness. My views on life and death changed since then. When I am not afraid I can let loose and call up visions of all kinds of beings. I feel their presence everywhere, in my home, car and other places. That year, despite my overall feelings of warmth, I was often very tired and slept too much. In this period, they helped me in many ways, even finding a complete solution to my problems with my husband. I couldn't complain about this first, learning period. Three years ago, I found two highly symmetrical objects in my upper nose of 1 mm diameter each. They cleared up my chronic sinus infections as never before. Two years ago, I was caring for a soldier when six beings appeared in the hallway. I called my husband to see but he was rebuffed by a hidden energy source. He tried again but could not get to the hallway. That same evening I felt horrible pains in my navel area which spread to the lower ribs, pains I had never felt before. The pains continued for three weeks. From the navel, the pains would spread to the lungs, first the left, then the right. After the pains subsided, I felt a definite improvement in my breathing. A year and a half ago, I suddenly discovered 20 blue spots, like tiny blood dots, on both my legs. They caused no pain and disappeared within two days. (In January 1996, Derrel Sims flew to Israel to study the case of a Netanya abductee, Shosh Baron with me. Her body, including legs, was also covered with dozens of small dots that looked like scabbed needle marks). Shortly after, I felt pain in my right armpit area and when my husband tried to soothe it with his hand, he received a shock. One night the pain was so bad I put a drug-soaked bandage on it. By the morning the pain was gone and a permanent scar left on the skin. A year ago, the aliens concentrated on my ears beginning with my right ear for a month and a half, then my left. After that they took turns with both my ears. The treatment was extremely painful. When the pain was excruciating, I felt warmth like that of a black light in my ear and the pain subsided. After that the ears dried up from inside and I heard shrill noises that I had never heard before. Three years ago in the winter, my husband and I returned from an evening of dancing at 2 AM and at 3 AM he started snoring so loudly that I went to sleep in the salon. Suddenly the stripes in the blanket glowed like fluorescence. I looked up and saw on the ceiling a three dimensional glowing white saucer of 3 meters diameter. A year and a half later, a similar image appeared on the dining room ceiling though my husband claimed it was a reflection from the kitchen. The next day he saw the image of a blue glowing circle in the exact location. On 9/5/97, my husband discovered the spots on my back. He then looked in a magnifying glass and saw there was a kind of order to the spots. He filmed the spots with his video camera. (I have a copy of this film. The spots look very similar to those of Shosh Baron though hers were scattered seemingly helter-skelter while Ada's were placed in parallel lines near the middle of the back). The spots went away in two days and then the aliens returned in the middle of the night. They literally smothered me with a feeling of love and I felt a wave of heat. I went to the bathroom at 2:30 AM and urinated an enormous amount of urine. That night, a sinus abcess that I had suffered with for ten years disappeared. In June 1997, the spots returned and my husband again filmed them. I was told there are two types of aliens, good and bad. The good wish to promote harmony but the bad have the upper hand right now. They are responsible for the UFO landings and the mass abductions and have no concept of the pain they cause. (Ada is one of a lengthening list of Israeli women in their late thirties who have been examined by large aliens. As noted before, the Israeli abduction/ visitation wave which began in Kadima in April 1993 is characterized by the witnesses all being women of about the same age and professional background. As of today, only one of the women is happy about her experiences. Most wish it never happened or would finally go away).
The next publicized testimony was that of Chani Salomon published in Kan Drom, This Is The South, on 23/5/97. Here are Chani's experiences:
On 2/5/97, during the afternoon rest time, I felt a presence in the bedroom. I tried getting out of the bed but failed. I saw an elliptical image 60 cm. high. of a brightly lit and glowing object. It approached me and I felt it was operating on me. It was a most uncomfortable feeling. My eyes were wide open and I saw what was happening to me but I was helpless to react, a most worrying situation. I felt I was being drilled into from place to place. The center of the operation was in the heart. I felt a pain there that is indescribable, I was that unfamilar with it. I tried to scream to alert my family but no sound came out. I tried to say Shma Yisrael (The holy Jewish prayer, traditionally recited before death) but don't recall how many times. I went to the beach a few days later and saw all the people glowing and translucent. Then I felt an odd sensation in my forehead, between my eyes. The rest of the week, the area behind my ears hurt though there was no sign of injury or wound. Two weeks after the first incident I had a dream connected to UFOs, something which never happened before. In it, I'm with a group of people and we're all startled by the appearance of UFOs in the sky. A voice asks for volunteers to go up in the craft.A white beam lights up my knees, though I don't recall volunteering. The dream awakened me to the fact that there are others in the cosmos trying to reach us and help us. We just have to be sensitive to the infinite pool of energy and exploit it for our own health and care.
The third case was published in Zman Tel Aviv on 30/5/97 and written by David Ronen and Sarah Tsifroni. I was initially reluctant to include it because Ronen and Tsifroni did not include the witness's name. However, like Grief, I decided this incident was worthy of recording for several reasons. First is the integrity of the Zman Tel Aviv reporters. Second is the location of the incident, Ness Tziona. The city is located just two miles from Rishon Letzion, twenty miles south of Tel Aviv, the second most important UFO hot spot after the Sharon, the region north of Tel Aviv which includes Kadima, Kfar Saba and Netanya. Finally, a phenomenon occurred to the witness which duplicated an errie experience Derrel Sims and I went through in Netanya.
The witness describes herself as a rationalist and skeptic, then tells her frightening story:
Things began almost innocently. I would have the sensation at night of being between sleep and a dream state, something that was difficult to control. Every morning I'd wake up confused with deep pains centered around my right ear. Then I'd go to sleep at night and have the feeling I was choking, like I was breathing in smoke. Strange beings would appear in the dreams. Sometimes they'd be tall and longhaired with a stunted nose and giant nostrils...(except for the long hair, the description of the tall beings duplicates those of the women discussed previously. Their giants, however, were bald)...and sometimes like bald, skinny children with a mask-like face and huge eyes. (Which is a close description of the little greys which visited Shosh Baron in 1996). After the dreams, I felt pain in the legs and the armpits, which included sores which disappeared later. I would feel that time was lost and was very tired. For six or seven days we experienced electrical blackouts whose cause was not known. On 14/5/97 at night I awoke from my sleep. But I felt tied down to the bed. I felt like I was choking and my throat burned like I had drunk something caustic. The house stunk of a crippling odor. I went into panic. I felt a smothering, heavy feeling in the atmosphere. The smell even emanated from my son's room. (In January 1996, Derrel Sims and I investigated the Shosh Baron, Talia Cohen incident in Netanya. Talia's father, Ilan, warned us that when the beings arrived, they carried with them a horrid stench. All my skepticism about the case disappeared when, out of nowhere, an acrid, disgusting smell, somewhat like burning tires, filled my nostrils. There was no possible earthly source for this smell. The stench moved around the room and we identified it in four other places. It took five or six hours until the smell left my olfactory nerves). I could sit up on my bed and did so. Half an hour later I heard a sound in my ears which began like a cricket chirping and ended like a jackhammer. The sound emanated from somewhere above me. When the sound dissipated, I went downstairs and saw a shocking image: The window and blinds were covered in a fluorescent blue light whose source seemed to be in the room, flowing outside. In the morning I saw two of my photos scratched and torn like rats bit it, a sculpture had its throat damaged and a doll's face was ripped off. Outside were two 20 cm. black circles which stunk of last night's smell. Around the 20 cm. circles were a number of 8 cm. circles which formed the shape of a scorpion's tail. I'm not a paranoiac but I have a feeling I've been violated inside. I think they've formed a bond with me and will be back. Especially the little ones with the big eyes. (And like Mara, one of the witnesses of Kadima back in 1993, she decided to abandon her house and never return to it. However, this has not been a feasible solution for Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion whose beings have followed her halfway around the world to Los Angeles).

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