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Documents From Bill Hamilton
By Bill Hamilton <>
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.
I was eager to hear Dr. Wood's presentation on the MJ-12 documents as there has been a resurrection of the controversy that swirled around the first documents that Moore and Shandera released.
The audience was knowledgeable about some of the objections already raised concerning these documents and I believe that Dr. Wood did a fairly admirable job of answering some of these objections. While far from conclusive, there are some positive findings that have been discovered in the process of authenticating these documents.
First, Dr. Wood revealed that he had secured a Questionable Document examiner whose name is James A. Black who has been called upon to testify in many court cases concerning the authenticity of documents.
One of the objections raised was that the SOM1-01 manual had no document control number which is standard for Top Secret material. Dr. Wood contacted Don Berliner who had independently of Tim Cooper received a filmed copy of this document in the mail and had discovered that one frame had not been developed and printed. This frame, upon examination, contained the missing document control number.
I was impressed by a statement in one of the documents commenting on the Mantell case. The document stated that small perforations were found in the skin of the aircraft. This statement correlates with a similar statement made by an inspector just a couple of years ago who came forward with the story that he had examined the wreckage of Mantell's P-51 and was amazed to see skin covered with tiny holes.
Another positive note regards a CIA document referenced on page 1 of the 1st Annual Report of the MAJESTIC TWELVE PROJECT. One FOIA filer has already obtained a positive reply from the CIA indicating that this document is being considered for declassification this year. I have asked UFO lawyer Peter Gersten to file an FOIA request on the part of Skywatch International for a copy of this document. The document was a Top Secret document on world wide intelligence gathering through signal, radar, communications, and human intelligence operations in the first five years. Such a document would be a valuable asset to researchers.
Dr. Wood went through an assessment of 10 documents and told us a little about Tim Cooper, the man who received these docs in his Post Office box. Tim Cooper has been asked to take a polygraph exam and has consented to do so.
An interesting point was the exact duplication of Truman's signature on two documents dated only 6 days apart. One memo was to Forrestal and the other to Vannevar Bush. The only difference in Truman's signature was the density of ink laid on the paper by the strokes of the pen. Dr. Wood showed a photo of Truman using a device called a pentograph. With this device, he could sign 6 memos at once as each pen followed the strokes of the one handheld pen. This could account for the duplicated signature. The dates on the memos are Sept. 24, 1947 and October 1, 1947. He asked anyone to come up with a third memo between those dates that contained Truman's signature that could fairly well authenticate that Truman used his pentograph to sign these documents.
He is also having Black look at the initials "VB" on one of the documents to see if they match anything initialed by Vannevar Bush.
The mention of the word retro-virus in one of the documents (dated in 1952) in regards to biological weapons has been criticized. So far no reconciliation of this objection has been made. Further research on this is needed.
However, the objection to the word "satellite" in the SOM document I think is reasonably answered as plans to deploy a satellite were in the making and satellites were frequently mentioned in books and periodicals from the 1954 era. The word is only used with other words like meteorite in the context that a recovery operation could be covered up by saying that a satellite had fallen to earth. Bogus explanations intended to cover-up an operation do not have to be true.
There are omissions of concern to many. The security procedures mentioned in the SOM seem to be inadequate, but the manual does not look thorough, and may only be an abstract of another document. And why is there no mention of certain other crashes? Is the Paradise Valley crash of 1947 bogus or inconsequential?
I have not made up my mind yet on these documents and I think it is going to take further involvement to make assessments of the arguments both pro and con.
If there is some truth, even a modicum of truth, in these documents, then the implications are far-reaching and I am sure that you can all use your imagination to see this.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director
Skywatch International, Inc.