UFO Crash In Ukraine?
From Stig Agermose
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Note: We are posting this story as received and have no further information at this time.
A Watch The Skies Newsflash!
According to a Ukrainian newspaper, (dated yesterday, 18th Jan), a "large unknown object" has crashed in a forested hill-side outside the small village of Vechne, about 100 miles from the city of Kharkov; the crash-site was spotted at first light on Sunday morning by a potato farmer who was bewildered by the large flattened area left by the crash; he could see it over a mile away on the side of a hill; he alerted the local priest, and went out to investigate, within close proximity of the crash, he said he became fearful and returned back to the village.
Kiev Air Traffic Control have insisted they haven't lost any aircraft, neither have they received any distress signals. The locals in the remote village are too frightened to go near the site, and since there's been no report of a civilian or military air crash, no emergency services have been called out.
Tranlation by Tanja Engl

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