Canada's Defence Dept
Releases Latest UFO Files
By Jim Bronskill
The Southam News
Source: The National Post - Canada
From Gerry Lovell <>
Bright flying objects, crop circles subjects of military reports Strange phenomena: Defence Department releases latest batch of UFO sightings
Several snowmobilers see a round yellowish light assume the shape of a star. It moves slowly westward, like a balloon on a string, then suddenly disappears.
A number of people witness a large triangle-shaped object pass quickly above a Yukon lake under a full moon. It makes a loud noise, but has no lights and leaves no vapour trail.
A Prairie family finds some of their cattle mutilated. A few years later, they discover a two-metre crop circle in one of their fields.
The mysterious stories are just a few of the unusual reports from people across the country who have encountered things they simply could not explain.
The Defence Department has just released a batch of the documents, known in military circles as CIRVIS reports, short for Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings.
The names of people who claimed to see the strange phenomena have been deleted, but the memos provide some intriguing glimpses of the eerie episodes.
Some, such as the "large greenish flare" seen over Northern Ontario in January, 1997, can be fairly easily explained as meteors. But others are a little more baffling.
Army Sergeant Clay Rankin remembers the spring day last year in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., when a local woman reported being followed by two cone-shaped unidentified flying objects as she drove home with four companions.
"She seemed pretty sincere about it," Sgt. Rankin recalled in an interview. "What it was, I'm not sure."
The official report says bright blue light shone from windows in the twin objects as they moved through the Arctic sky about one kilometre behind the car.
"They were followed for approximately 15 minutes when contact was lost."
Sgt. Rankin, 38, duly filed his report with superiors at Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters.
Still, he doubts the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft. "I've never seen one myself," said Sgt. Rankin.
"I'm not one of those X-Files fans or anything like that."
A bizarre incident near Marmora, Ont., last February might have made believers out of three people who saw white and orange lights flying above the ice on Crowe Lake.
A similar sighting took place in Ottawa on a clear July evening. Witnesses told the National Defence Operations Centre of a display by four or five glowing objects that moved about chaotically, "merging and separating at random" for almost an hour before vanishing.
A woman in Coral Harbour, N.W.T., was starting her snowmobile one morning last January when she gazed over the water and saw a large blue ball and two, smaller red balls followed by sparkles.
"As the large ball got closer to me, it picked up speed and the colour changed from blue to red," she told the military. "As it passed overhead it changed colours again from red to orange, then to yellow, then headed up into the sky."
The report lists the incident as a possible "UFO/submarine sighting."
Officials were at a loss, however, to explain the June, 1997 Yukon sighting of the black, triangle-shaped object over Lake Laberge.
"A number of aircraft were in the area around the reported time, but none remotely resembled the object's description."