UFO UpDate: The 'Rendlesham Forest' Case: A Sham?
From Brian Straight
From James Easton
UFO UpDates - Toronto
Subscribers may care to note that during the period of Errol's departure to a more profitable and we trust warmer climate, a report entitled, Rendlesham Unravelled', will be published on the events which took place at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge and Rendlesham Forest in late December 1980.
The report is a result of several months research and will confirm the likely explanation for the incidents which led to the submission of Lieutenant-Colonel (subsequently Colonel) Charles Halt's memo to the Ministry of Defence.
Published for the first time, are details of critical new documentary evidence which casts grave doubts on the claims that a 'UFO' may have been witnessed by base personnel on separate occasions.
Now proven beyond any dispute, despite Colonel Halt's protestations that neither the security police or himself would have been deceived by the lights from the nearby Orford Ness lighthouse or Shipwash lightship, the lighthouse played a much more significant role than was ever before realised.
Although this fact was documented at the time and was known to Colonel Halt and other key witnesses, it has never previously been publicly disclosed by them.
As a distinct aside, also encompassed is revealing new evidence which illustrates how Larry Warren's claims have changed dramatically from the statements he originally made whilst under the pseudonym of Art Wallace.
Further details will be available during the next couple of days from my web site, at URL:
Some of the case's foremost researchers and others who provided invaluable feedback and assistance, have been made aware of the findings and resulting conclusions, reactions including:
"The witness statements are a valuable addition to our knowledge about the case. As you rightly point out, they undermine much of what the witnesses themselves later said, by which time their own memories had presumably begun to fade and they had started to elaborate on the story.
I look forward to hearing other people's reactions to your highly persuasive findings".
Ian Ridpath, editor and publisher of several leading books on astronomy and major critic of the 'UFO' claims.
"Good for you sir, I think I've just read my first journalistic article about the non-incident at RAF Woodbridge".
Chris Armold, who served with the 81st Security Police Squadron and reported the initial 'UFO' incident to local police.
"Congratulation on your achievements.
Rendlesham is at best half the case it was and may turn out to have been little of any substance after all".
Jenny Randles, one of Britain's leading writers on the 'unexplained', she has written three books on the case.
Jenny knows I share her disappointment that a case we thought still had a number of unexplained aspects - particularly the 'triangular' shaped craft reportedly encountered - evidently now calls into question the reliability of even the most ostensibly credible witness testimony.

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