Billy Meier Admits 'Asket'
and 'Nera' Pics ARE A Fraud!
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Hi Errol, colleagues and friends!
We always felt honoured to be members of Errol's mailing list and maybe now we can give back to you some of the excitement we felt when we read the latest news here or received your profound analysis and research results of various items in the large field of ufology.
The following really is a big hammer and it shall be you all here on Errol's list to get this information first.. We publish it exclusively here and leave it to you to spread it anywhere - please do so.
Do you remember our mails titled "Another Gurus Finale" which where published here since 1997? It was Luc Buergin, Switzerland, who did an interview with Billy Meier's ex-wife where she confirmed that Billy hoaxed the photographs he had published and which were under controversy for a long time. Immediately after publishing the article in the German UFO-KURIER, the editor, Jochen Kopp, and Luc received insulting letters written by Billy and his son and Kopp was also threatened by a lawyer of Mr. Meier.
In March this year Kal Korff and Luc Buergin together interviewed Kalliope again. A video of an old Dean-Martin-Show which Kal Korff had digged in an archive was shown to her and she instantly recognized one of the female dancers in the show as the very person who Mr. Meier allegedly photographed aboard a pleiadian spaceship and who he named 'Asket'.
So this was proof that Mr. Meier had faked the photographs of "Asket" by copying them from the tv screen. Remember that Mr. Meier, when asked for the strange tv-like frames in some of his pictures, he stated that these were kind of hoods around very sensitive instruments on board the space ship - in fact, some of them looked like very terrestrial old fashioned oscillographs.
Today (May 22nd), about noon, I received an email from Luc Buergin who told me to have a look at the FIGU homepage. I did so - and wouldn't believe my eyes. I checked twice not be on a different homepage. No, It was FIGU's official homepage, section news, page title 'Asket'.
I read:
"Eine aeusserst unerfreuliche Anglegenheit"
In English:
" A very unpleasant affair"
This is the headline of the foreword of contact report No. 264 of Thursday, May 14th, 1998, 00:55 am CET, written by Mr. Meier himself (article signed with "Billy") where the following first paragraph reads like this (original text in German, English translation here by me):
"In the course of the latest contact talk with Ptaah very unpleasant facts surfaced regarding the two photographs Asket and Nera which up to date are listed under this description in the FIGU albums and which also have been sold.
Unfortunately, during the talk with Ptaah, it now turned out that the two women shown on the photographs are not Asket and Nera from the DAL-Universe but their American doubles. These were mentioned by Ptaah in contact report No. 39 in 1975.
These photographs are malicious frauds which were foisted on me, Billy, on behalf of and in collaboration with the "Men In Black". Explanations referring to that are included in the excerpts of the latest contact report which are given below to inform all friends, members, acquaintances and interested parties of the general perspectives and the baddish underhand dealings of the "Men In Black" and their hired helpers.
Furthermore the aforementioned three photographs (No. 109, 110, 111 - unfortunately in the contact talk only two pics were mentioned because No. 109 is of very bad quality) will be not excluded from the range of photographs but will be kept and in the future marked with the note that the depicted two young women are the American doubles of Asket and Nera and that their outlook is so similar that practically there is no possibility of distinguishing them - except by the ones in question themselves. But now read on the excerpts of the contact reports of May 14th, 1998.
So far the first paragraph. What follows then on the next six pages is really strange.
After having read through the text I've got the impression that this man is somehow ill - it reminds me of an Roman Emperor who finally burned the City of Rome or of a man not too far back in our German history.
You will not believe that Mr. Meier dares to present a dialogue between himself and a "Ptaah" as the frame for his attempt to explain why the two pictures - a n d o t h e r s - are frauds. In the beginning Mr. Meier laments about Korff, Buergin, Kalliope and the television show which is scheduled for July. It seems that Meier is afraid of this revelation. Suddenly "Ptaah" confirms that indeed the photographs do show the American doubles! Then Meier tries to establish the impression that he cannot remember what "Ptaah" and a "Quetzal" told him in 1985 about the pics.
Meier continues to play the innocent and the victim.Then "Ptaah" explaíns that the cameraman of Meier, a Mr. S., is the real malefactor because this one collaborated with the "Men In Black".
What follows then is the confirmation that the photographs of 'Asket' and 'Nera' are really taken from a "Revue-Show"[ - as Korff has found out !].
Furthermore, "Ptaah" reveals that nearly all the pictures of the first period of Meier's "contacts" are frauds because cameraman S. handed the films over to "Men In Black" who replaced them with prepared films showing the hoaxes we all know! And Mr. Meier is innocent because he didn't recognized the hoaxes and "Ptaah" didn't tell him what he already knew and so Mr. Meier always thought to present - and sell - genuine photographs.
And of course, the film showing 'Asket' and 'Nera' was a fraud, too, and Mr. Meier again didn't recognized it because the "Men In Black" immediately found the two doubles and faked the film. So when Mr. Meier got the film back from the processing, he himself believed to see 'Asket' and couldn't distinguish from what really was in the picture - an American dancer.
And even "Ptaah" and the other "Pleiadians" firstly didn't recognize the fraud - so brilliant was the work of the mighty "Men In Black".
And there is another "force" at work influencing people to act against FIGU: the "impuls-telepathic negative activities of the Gizeh-Intelligences".
And again and again, Mr. Meier claims to have forgotten all what "Ptaah" had told him about faked photographs - a real amnesia. And at the end of the article Mr. Meier asks "Ptaah" why he has not explained the whole affair to Mr. Meier later again because if he would have known that the photographs are fakes, he never would have sold them and would have withdrawn them from publishing.
"Ptaah" answers: "Throughout the years, we didn't know that you have forgotten our explanations regarding this affair, otherwise we would have informed you again at a certain time, of course."
So far the contents of Mr. Meiers latest contact report of May 14th, 1998. I'lI try my best to prepare a complete English translation of the German text up to Monday, May 25. It will be published at: (were you also can see the photographs) and on my own homepage at:
You can find the German text at:
Well. Despite all the differences one or another might have with Mr. Korff, if we are fair, we have to acknowledge that Korff with the video of the Dean-Martin-Show has found the smoking gun of the Meier case. We have to acknowledge that the research of the team Korff/Buergin was successful.
The knowledge that the real origin of the 'Asket' photographs was revealed and published worldwide must have had a deep impact into the "Semjase Silver Star Center" so that no one else than Mr. Meier himself felt compelled to release such a weird statement to try to save his face.
And now, let's help the ones who were betrayed, the ones who followed Mr. Meier. Don't blame them, don't sneer at them. It is always hard to say good bye to a dream. Let's help them to re-integrate, to live again among us.
Joachim Koch, Hans-Juergen Kyborg International Roswell Initiative, Germany
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