Huge UFOs Overfly
Big Argentina City

From Luis Augusto Reggiardo
From Todd Jumper
Note: This story has been edited for smooth reading but none of the pertinent information has been changed. Thanks to Todd Jumper for the original translation.

The following was taken from an important newspapaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina, called "Conica"
Yesterday, a number of UFOs appeared over the city of Bariloche, a sky center at the south of Argentina.
First, the city electricity mysteriously went off at 7:45 pm. The power was restored by the electric company by 10:14, but after three minutes, it went off again.
Then, at 10:30 pm, some people reported they watched two objects, bigger than a 747 airplane, in the sky: one with red, yellow, green and white lights, and another, bigger object with red and yellow lights.
The two objects flew over the city and sometimes disappeared behind a mountain called "Carbon" (to the east of the city), and then appeared again very quickly.
At 11:45 pm, the two UFOs vanished and a third gigantic UFO (like a mother starship) then appeared. The two 'smaller' UFOs then returned and joined up with this new, huge third craft.
When that happened, a flash of lighting (like an electric discharge) occured and, immediately, the city lights went off again, for the last time. The electric company could not explain why the city's power had been lost.

Is common to find UFO activity in this area (Bariloche). In 1995, a commercial airliner (with 103 passengers and crew) was followed by a big UFO as it made it's landing approach. (This story was covered in the US program "Sightings").
There are NO rumors of any underground base or any military installation near the city.
Feel free to write me with questions or comments.
Luis Augusto Reggiardo

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