Remarkable Report From
Navy MP Who Saw Too Much!

From Ben Field
From "
UFO UpDates - Toronto"
Note: We cannot verify the validity of this report but found it of sufficient interest to post.
First name: Identity Secret
Surname: Identity Secret
Age: 29
Occupation: US Naval MP
Day: Monday Month: November Year: 1997 Time: 1:30 AM
Country: USA Nearest town: Grand Prairie
Information of surrounding area: In Grand Prairie Texas. Hills and several military compounds. On guard duty during the night shift at G.P. Naval Air Station, No power lines, Convoy.
Event took place for [ ] minutes: 30
Information of the sighting: I along with two Naval Air Station buddies were manning our posts this evening. It was a clear night and almost every star could be seen in the sky. We were enjoying some chit chatting when we heard the distant rumblings of vehicles that were approcahing the S.W. gate.
We immediately manned our positions just in case. It was strange to have anything come down this road especially at 1:00 in the morning. As the noise approcahed a deafening roar, we saw the details of a Caravan coming around the road ahead of us.
We just looked at each other because there was no guest roster in our hands detailing any official visitation.
the Caravan stopped just short of the gate and to military officers approached us from the leading Jeep.
I immediately rang the relay station and the control center.
After talking for a brief 10 seconds with the control officer in the control center, another voice took hold of the mic.
Identifying himself as a Naval Commander which I wrote down but cannot remember, he informed me to open the gates and to ignore the visit.
I then received a call from the relay station where my commander informed me of the same. I will not list his name here for possible repurcussions.
The two men that approached us wore cams with no insignias. Their M16's were not muffed so we knew they had live rounds.
They took the Roster I had filled in with the number of trucks, jeeps, motorcycles and Commander Instructions.
I remember the number of vehicles...12 in all. The convoy consisted of two large 18 wheeled trucks, 4 Large Flatbeds with something tarped on them, 2 Jeeps, a Motorcycle and 3 Troop Transport Trucks.
They looked like army issued but painted black except for the tarps. We are trained to hold some attention to detail. No Identification of any kind were given verbally or on the vehicles.
We were scared at this point. Apparantly, we were not supposed to know about this convoy.
There are at least 4 Large hangers where we house some of the military aircraft that land.
They commandeered two of these hangers as we saw them drive towards them and release the troops that were in the transport trucks.
I must have counted at least 45 to 55 men taking up various points around the hanger.
As we looked through our binoculars, it was clear to me that what they were unloading was nothing I had ever seen before.
My buddies just stood there with there jaws hanging open. It was an egg splt down the middle. Both were caged in what looked to me a metal scafolding.
Each split of the egg shaped object was on each flatbed. If you put them would look just like an egg. There were no doorways, no landing gear, no nothing! Just a smooth half egg shaped looking thing.
One very strange thing besides it shape was that it had a mirror reflection that made it look like it was almost transparent until you realized it was mirroring what was around it. Med in lab coats and clean suits began to unload many crates from the 18 wheelers.
I saw no other personel besides what looked to be lab coated technicians, and the clean suited men.
All three of us were called at home later that evening by our commander who informed us that we were relieved of duty beginning the next day and that anything we saw would be denied by him and any other military personel. I was really ticked off..this was my livelihood yanked from me.
I called my buddies to confirm that they received the same message. I wrote various letters to the Naval Air Station and my commander because I thought I knew him personally...hell he's been to my house!
I keep getting the run-around and now the tell me that there is ni commander with that name at the facility.
I have made it my goal to continue this research until I get to the bottom of it. You don't know my name now, but you will hear it soon. I have managed to acquire many documents concerning this convoy that "never happened" and plan on going public with it in the near future.
I just want everyone to know my name when I do to keep them from doing anything to me or my family.
There exists a video of the events mentioned due to the fact that all exits and entrances to the bases are monitored.
The UFO Changed Colour: on
Estimated height of craft: 25 Feet High 50 feet Long
Information of noises around at the time: Convoy, trucks, motorcycle, and miltary personnel
Were there any witnesses: Yes, 2.
Relationship of witness 1: Quartermaster Relationship of witness 2: Private
Was there any photogrphic evidence: Yes, Camera
(Weather and Conditions) - Clear: on (Weather and Conditions) - Dry: on (Weather and Conditions) - Darkness: on
The UFO was sighted near or in a Military Airfield Establishment: on

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