Huge Cigar Shaped
By Graham Sims
First of all can I say that this is not a hoax and me and my mother are not mad. This morning my mother said to me that she had seen a strange object in the sky, it was cigar shaped, was big, was moving slowly, had no wings and had a very long trail at the back of it, she also said it was like a vapour trail. It also was sort of metalic colour.
My mother doesn't believe in ufo's, so I looked on the internet to see if I could see any other sightings that were similar, and I came across a web page and on it is an exact match to what she saw. (here)
We live in Lincoln in the UK, we have RAF Waddington and Scampton close to where we live, I rang Waddington, and they said there was a report of a simular sighting 2 days ago, and also stated that there were no aircraft flying at that time.
Could anyone inform me if anyone else has seen anything like this recently or is there any diagrams that I can show my mother to see if it is what she saw.

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