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Chopper; Gigantic
Craft Reported
Submitted by Ross Dowe
Director of Research
Aus/NZ/Pacific UFO Reporting Center
On Sunday morning, 9-28-97, 0030Hrs, the crew of LSL Westpac Bank (Australia), Search and Rescue chopper encountered some odd lights above them during an emergency flight. The pilot of LSL said that the "orange illuminations" beamed lights at the chopper, and "they lighted us up like a candle."
Yesterday, 10-1-97, a second event caused concern from Brisbane's flight control centre. Pilot Wayne Fisher stated to Flight Control that, "a large light, illuminated the chopper; it lighted up the area around the chopper and nowhere else." He stated that the light seemed to come "from behind and above us". The crew consisted of 4 personnel including the on duty Doctor. All said they were frightened by the event.
Ross Dowe from Australia's National UFO Hotline in Melbourne (some 1100 miles away from the event) said, "We had monitored the transmission and I can advise that we have been placed on an alert status ".
Information is currently coming into the centre and it appears there has been a third event in the Lismore area on Monday, 10-29, at 4.30 am.
A pilot from the national broadcast ABC News service sighted a large black object flying over the Lismore area flying about 30,000 feet, heading East from the West on 110 degs. This huge black object reportedly left behind "the biggest trail" he had ever seen. He added that, "it was bigger than 10 747's" and had a speed beyond (the capability) something of that size."
The National UFO Hotline wishes to hear from anyone who feels they could help in uncovering the causes of these events.

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