The New NAZI ET Lie
By Tim Matthews <>

Perhaps the most dangerous and insidious development in modern-day UFO research are the attempts currently being undertaken by a small group of researchers to shore up the extra-terrestrial hypothesis by invoking a number of dangerous right-wing and occult theories.
These relate to the supposed activities of the "Vril" society who, it is claimed, were responsible for imparting secret and magical knowledge to the Nazis from the late 1930s onwards. This made its' way into a number of secret technologies including the flying saucer. The occultists also appear to be claiming that extra-terrestrial knowledge was imparted to this group of Nazi losers...a worrying claim to say the least...
A forthcoming edition of 'UFO Magazine' (UK) is set to present 'evidence' that an ET craft crashed in Poland and was subsequently recovered by the Nazis and back-engineered no doubt into 'foo fighters' and hypersonic saucers. There appears to be no substantiation at all to support any of this evidence whereas both myself and other researchers approaching this question from an entirely factual and documentary basis have discovered the actual truth of the matter;
- German circular wing aircraft were under development although not advanced in any accepted meaning of the word by 1945.
- They were tested and flown at a BMW facility near Breslau in early 1945 (the date 14th Feb is often give but there seems to be little evidence to support this claim) and film was taken of the test flight where the 'saucer' lifted off the ground and flew for a few minutes before landing safely.
- It was flown by Flugkapitan Rudolph Schriever who subsequently claimed in newspaper interviews to have been involved in this fledgling German project. Schriever worked for the Heinkel company and developed an interest in Vertical Take-Off and Landing technology from 1940. The first test-flight, of the "V3" was in 1943.
- The designation "V" refers to "Versuchs" which translates into "experimental". V has NOTHING to do with Vril!
- The most intriguing part of this project was the development of the radial-flow engine featured in the USAF-ATIC-WADC Technical Document dated 15th Feb.1955 relating to 'Project Silver Bug' - the real AVRO disc and not to be confused with the miserable Avrocar.
(We have at least two other schematics of this disc in its' earlier version - 1951 and 1952.)
- Dr. Richard Walter Miethe and many other German technical specialists - whose work was entirely unrelated to any supposed 'occult' nonsense - were transported to the USA under the terms of Operation Paperclip in 1945/6. Secretary to the USAF Alexander Flax admitted that Miethe had worked in the USA.
- The discs that Miethe subsequently worked on and influenced used muffled jet engines and were able to hover as well as reach high speeds.
- Although much of the contractor work was undertaken in Canada at AV Roe and Company the testing and evaluation was undertaken at Papoose Lake until at least the 1970s. There is little evidence to suggest that the work continued at this facility although we understand that the programme was also situated at Holloman AFB for a while.
- The construction of this new Nazi-ET myth is ultimately impossible to disprove because there is no evidence - if you see what I mean. A writer, one Robert Konstanty (does anyone know who this is) is making totally unverifiable claims.
- Most interestingly, one version of this nazi-ET myth featured in an article written by a Mr. Bolnar for 'Alien Encounters' magazine provided no evidence beyond unnamed sources and speculation.
He and other seem to be claiming that the 'alien craft' (?) 'crashed' in Poland in 1938. The Germans didn't invade until 1939 so why and how did they have the good fortune to get hold of it....?
What does this tell us about some elements of the UFO community?
- they will believe almost anything as long as it supports their ET contact beliefs and wishes.
- they are propping up a dangerous Nazi occult myth most likely to encourage right-wing extremism within Ufology (Ernst Zundel alias 'Christof/Mattern Friedrich' is the obvious example of a Nazi who made a great deal of money from the sales of this nazi saucer book in the late 1970s and early 1980s).
- it says something about the 'death of Roswell' and the many questions and problems related to it that pretty much rule out an ET crash retrieval - and look how 'witnesses' suddenly appeared (and remembered what they were doing in July 1947 in great detail) on the scene when the media became interested....
I suggest that we must try and expose this kind of propaganda for that is what it is - at all costs.
My colleague Bill Rose spoke to people formerly involved in the German disc programme and there is no suggestion that any high performance craft was built or flown even though there were tremendous advances in all manner of aviation made by German scientists.
(It was not until much later on that a German influence was felt in terms of advanced technology aircraft which is what we might expect. One of the reasons that we cannot learn more about Miethe and co is not, as one UK skeptic has suggested , because they 'didn't exist' but entirely because they did and that certain of them had been involved in horrific war crimes.....This dirty little secret has yet to be realised by the public and their governments appear to want to do very little to educate them on the subject of the wheeling and dealing that took place in order to gain Nazi technological assets after 1945....)
In the USA at the time the V-173 that became the XF5U-1 was apparently more successful than its' German counterparts and in fact Schriever was influence by Zimmerman (not an alien nor an occultists!!) who worked closely with the US Navy and Chance-Vought during the war to get his advanced STOL 'flying pancake' in the air - with much success.
All the evidence that I have got strongly suggests to both myself and the others associated with our research that it was indeed the US Navy (Engineering Division) who were most responsible for the early postwar sightings of metallic discs which, in most cases, were operating well within the boundaries of terrestrial technology. A gas turbine powered XF5U-1, that US AIR 100-203-79 suggest was operational in 1947/8, would, according to several aviation writers have been able to fly at very low speeds and would have had a flight envelope of between 0-550mph....
A 'Project Sign' document in my possession indicates that the USAF Intelligence people knew about tests of low aspect ratio aircraft involved in 'boundary layer experiments' and that the aircraft as built by none other than Chance-Vought.
Occasionally, new information on classified aircraft forces the UFO community to look again at it's underlying raison d'être - the theory of ET-human contact.
In order to shore this theory up some researchers have reached and are reaching into the depths of Twentieth Century horror to create a nazi-ET lie.......
For a much more factual version of flying disc reality please see Jeff Rense's site; or download the real audio archived interview with me that went out live to the USA on Sunday 27th September - again available at that site.
Tim Matthews
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