The Walthamstow Sightings -
Strange Golden Orbs Seen
From Roy Hale <>
Hi, my name is Tony Golbourn, one of the group members of 'ELUFON', alongside Roy Hale and the rest of the gang.
I would like to tell you about some recent sightings witnessed by myself and another group investigator, Brian Jessop.
On Sunday 11th October 1998, whilst standing in my back garden at approx 1900 hrs, I spotted what I could only describe as a gold orb traveling in a north easterly direction at an approximate altitude of 2000ft.
It is usual to see aircraft stacking above my home, as it is located in one of the main flight paths for Heathrow Airport. Whilst observing this object, I also noticed a satellite passing over which due to the visible differences, convinced me that this was not a satellite, because (for instance) it was brighter, bolder and moving a lot faster.
A few minutes later, I noticed two additional orbs white in color traveling northwards. As they approached me, the one on the right turned in a north easterly direction and the other carried straight on north.
Being as there was so much activity in the sky, I decided to set my camcorder up. And surprise surprise all activity ceased.
On the following evening on the 12th, at approx 1845hrs I noticed as with the following evening, the gold orb had returned, traveling the same route. I rushed in and grabbed my camcorder, called Roy on the phone and went back to the garden.
I then noticed another white orb which whilst traveling became brighter. The size was similar to the end of a pencil but gradually expanded to the size of a tennis ball and then seemed to implode inwards and disappear altogether.
This happened so quickly, that I was unable to get it on film.I was so taken with this event, that I decided to try and project a message directly to the orb and ask, that if this was who I thought it was, then to please show me the gold orb again as a form of confirmation.
The gold orb re-appeared.
Later that evening, I called another group member 'Brian'. I relayed the events and my experience of that night. Brian stopped me mid-sentence and told me that he was coming round. When he arrived he was pretty excited, as when he was traveling home along a road which leads to my home, he had spotted a bright white light, this would be at approximately 1855 hrs.
Brian who describes himself as a pretty cautious driver, could not help but be distracted by this light, as as it got closer he realized that it was a triangle shaped object.
My wife Lynne also had a sighting last week(detailed below) although she cannot be specific of the date and time.
She was also in the garden, when she noticed a bright light approaching, it was not a circular object but looked like three balls of light linked together, the middle light being slightly larger.
As the object approached, it became so bright that she had to avert her eyes. It passed over some thin cloud but could still be seen, it then came back into full view. It then passed over a smaller, cloud and just disappeared. Just after this, she heard and saw a plane pass over, which made her realise, that the object she had seen before, hadn't made a sound.
Myself and Brian have been studying sightings in the Walthamstow/Chingford area, and we would welcome any extra information anybody might have about this sighting or indeed others. You can contact us via e-mail on all reports will be published in our new face lifted Magazine "Down to Earth" and updates will be kept fully informed of our progress.
Tony Golbourn East London Investigator for the Essex & London UFO Network
All the best
Quote of the night: Learn to be quiet enough to here the sound of the genuine within yourself, so that you can hear it in others:
Marian Wright Edelman (1939) American Writer