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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #41-1998
LYNDONVILLE: MUFON Vermont State Director Thomas McFarland reports that there has been a series of Flying Triangle sightings during August and September. Strange craft were seen almost nightly flying over Vermont either east to west or from west to east. Apparently two very short video segments were taken of the craft. They were shot with a rather old (1988) video cam that requires 7 lux so the most we can establish with the video is that the lights on the craft are exceptionally bright. When I receive DK's report I will forward it as well. There were six witnesses to one sighting. There has been a couple of other witnesses that have not been interviewed yet. Some of the craft appeared to be diamond shaped. Thanks to Thomas McFarland RR 2 Box 170C Lyndonville, VT 05851
Brian Paul Calabrese writes that in the fall of 1995, I was driving west bound on New Jersey Route 70, around 1:00 AM. I was driving when I noticed that the forest seemed to be on fire. I looked in the direction of the light, and saw something coming down at a reasonably slow pace. It was bright orange, almost like the color of a campfire, and was lighting up the entire area. Realizing, this was a UFO, I pulled over and got out of the car and watched it land. When it got around twenty feet off the ground, the light changed to blue, and then the light went out. I looked around for any ET's, then got in my car and went home. I regret not having stayed. Thanks to Larry Clark, and Brian Paul Calabrese Editor's Note: We have frequent reports of UFOs along this highway that happens to mark the southern edge of the huge Fort Dix Army Base.
John Thompson writes that he and several others are investigating a September sighting where the two separate witnesses have drawn pictures of a UFO. A LaGrange woman and her daughter moved to Norcrosse just north of Atlanta and saw a UFO. They had also been witnesses to UFOs in the past when they lived in La Grange about 60 miles to the southwest. Both witnesses drew a sketch. I've compared the two witness drawings. WOW! Pretty close match, I'd say. The witness' description of shape as drawn is similar, but the drawings are slightly different in terms of the angle of the "arms" of the boomerang. This could be a simple result of the angle of viewing relative to the object's trajectory. The UFO was generally level and flew directly away from their position. This would make the shape logical for a boomerang-shaped object. The apparent size was five inches at about 30 degrees above horizon. The craft was lost behind some trees. The sighting occurred at 8:00 PM, the sky was dark, and object was translucent, with "distorted" edges that distorted stars but did not block them. The size and distance to the object was difficult for the witness to estimate, but the overall impression was that it was low, big, and not too distant. Thanks to MUFON investigators David Brown, Jim Clifford, Ralph and John Thompson.
AKRON: MUFON Photoanalyst Jeff Sainio writes, "I am currently analyzing a very interesting video case, and was wondering if anybody has investigated a case of a hovering inverted Tupperware bowl with a lighted bottom rim July 11, 1998, over the Akron area?" It was observed for ten minutes in a populated area, so there is a good possibility of other witnesses." If any one has additional evidence or knowledge of this case please contact Jeff. Thanks to: Jeff Sainio MUFON Staff Photoanalyst.
LAKE ERIE: On October 12, 1998, three UFOs were seen over Lake Erie. There is video footage available from Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio. The footage was aired by its affiliate in Detroit at 11:30 PM on 10/12/98. Apparently there were three glowing objects hovering above the lake. Thanks to S., 38388 St. Joe Ave. Westland, MI 48186 and Larry Clark
DENVER: On September 3, 1998, in South West Denver, Cherry Hills Village a UFO was sighted around 10:20 AM. It was domed-shaped, a silver color with no lights, it did not make a sound when it moved. It had a small "spike" coming out of the top, and it hovered relatively close to the ground, maybe 200 feet. It left so quickly, just sped up until I could not see it anymore. I could not believe it. Their Phone Number: 303-773-3839, 2139 Franklin Street, Denver, Colorado. Thanks to Bounty Hunter:
Michael Curta Colorado State MUFON director states, "We will follow up on this as we had a couple of other sighting in that same area." A couple of thoughts that pop to mind right off the bat. Cherry Hills Village [CHV] is SE Denver and not SW. Their address is no where near that area of the reported sighting. CHV is a heavily populated area with million dollar plus homes. One would think that we would have more reports if we had an object 200' feet off the ground in that area. We'll check it out and let you all know. Thanks to John Thompson, ISUR and Mike Curta.
MINTURN: Robert Kelly-Goss reports: An intense red light sitting in the sky suddenly bolted across the sky at an incredible speed on October 8, 1998, at 9:30 PM. Shortly after, a jet with flashing lights followed at a much lesser speed (but moving fast). The red light stopped over Battle Mountain about 8 miles from my house. It stayed there for about 30 seconds and then disappeared. Their Phone Number: 970-827-9480, Address: PO Box 606 Minturn, CO 81645
SANDY BEACH: An American just returned from Mexico has suggested that there is a Mexican "Gulf Breeze." While at "Sandy Beach" and "Rocky Point," 25 miles from Puerto Vallarta, he and many others saw three anomalous lights for nearly an hour. On September 26, 1998, between 9 and 10 PM local time, three bright white lights were observed to linger one-third above the horizon over the Pacific Ocean. The lights, except for a few brief seconds of flashing, were otherwise non-blinking and stationary for nearly 35 minutes before flying away. On leaving, they moved laterally with the Mexican coastline and took about five minutes to move out of sight. Within a few minutes the three lights "streaked" back to near where they had originally be seen at and began lingering again. According to the a witness in one of the American retirement communities there, the strange lights are seen frequently in the summer months of the year. Frequency of sightings varies from "4 to 6 times" in summer to only once or twice in the winter. Local newspapers, he said, have done at least two articles on the lights that no one can currently explain. A retired American college astronomer who has often seen the lights, said they are not heavenly bodies or planes and he is at a lost to explain what they are. The Mexican lights are capable of great speeds and linger for long periods of time. The 9/26/98 lights had an apparent size of slightly less than Jupiter. Thanks to John C. Thompson Copyright, 1998, All rights reserved.
On Saturday evening, October 3, 1998, a policeman in Rieti, a city in Italy's Lazio province, spotted a metallic discoidal object. It had a diameter of five meters (16 feet) flying at a low altitude over the valley of the River Tevere." Rieti is 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Rome. The UFO descended to the river, "brushed the top of the water," and took off in a southwesterly direction. The object was later seen flying over the Ponte Marconi bridge in Rome. (See the newspaper Il Giornale for October 4, 1998. Grazie a Simone Luccarini, Massimiliano Teso e Edoardo Russo di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questo rapporto.) Thanks to UFO Roundup #41, 10/11/98 Joe Trainor editor.
John Quinn writes, "Here where I live in Northern California, in the past week an incredible number of wild animals--mostly deer--have been killed on the areas roads and highways. Obviously their survival instincts are not functioning at high level or are being overridden. This could be because some other of the creatures' fundamental connections or patterns are off-kilter, or perhaps some stronger impulse emanating from HAARP operations, is causing these effects. My feeling is that it may be related to some disruption of some very elemental, basic instinctual connection the animals have with the earth, which could very well be tied to magnetic and/or electromagnetic grid lines, patterns and fields. Recently owners of pigeons in Pennsylvania have also complained that their birds are confused and unable to find their way home. In fact, some 2,400 homing pigeons disappeared during two long-distance races on the same day, a nearly unheard-of loss in the little-known sport of pigeon racing. About 1,800 pigeons vanished out of 2,000 competing in a 200-mile race from Virginia to Allentown on October 12. And 600 out of 800 birds were still missing from a separate 150-mile race from western PA to Philadelphia. A 90 percent loss rate is very unusual and indicates some kind of interference with the birds homing instincts. Thanks to Ron Hannivig, Simpson PA USA .
Ronald Regehr reports things move too swiftly sometimes for me to keep up. As you might be aware, several of us have deciphered much of the note General Ramey is holding in his hand in the infamous "Ramey/DuBose" photo taken by James Bond Johnson over 51 years ago. The "translation" was performed independently at at least two locations and achieved an outstanding degree of correlation. Each team member worked from a 16 x 20 print made from the original negatives available from the UTA archives. The file from which I worked is a scanned image of solely the message and is 821 megabytes (this from an approximate 1" x 3/8" image size!). Because of the differing image intensities we were required to vary the brightness and contrast of different areas of the image to best resolve the individual characters. Translation took three to four hours. Several factors assisted us. First, it was a nonproportional type, meaning each character and space occupied the same amount of space (unlike today's ever-popular proportional type); Second, all the letters are upper-case; third we had large-format images. Third, today's equipment is sufficiently capable to enable us to perform this task. Bond and I presented the preliminary results to an excited audience at MUFON Orange County's monthly meeting. The highlight of the presentation was enabling the audience to actually READ some elements of this hithertofore "hidden" message. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that had Gen. Ramey read this note BEFORE Johnson took his photos. We do have this vital clue to enable us to solve one more element in the "Mystery of the Century" The message, as best we can determine to date, is:
Cradle Telephone or Liberty Bell Symbol
[ Large Underlined Header ]
[Top Left ]
[ Official Crest ] handwritten numerals 15 33 time of receipt ? 1) ....................................................... AS THE ?? 2) ........ 4 HRS THE VICTIMS OF.THE.YOU FORWARDED TO THE 3) ...... AT FORT WORTH, TEX. 4) ...... THE "DISK" ? ...............................L.......AT 0984 ACKNOWLEDGES. 5) EMERGENCY POWERS ARE NEEDED SITE TWO S.W. MAGDALENA, N.MEX 6) **D** SAFE TALK .....FOR MEANING OF STORY AND MISSION. 7) BALLOON STORY. SHOW "STUFF" OF WEATHER BALLOONS SENT ON THE 8) **** AND LAND L****VER CREWS. 9) [blank] 10) TEMPLE
Editors Note: I have the large 16 x 20 photographs and writing can clearly be seen on the message. This interpretation indicates the Army captured an unidentified disc in 1947.
The Thirty Fifth Annual National UFO Conference will be held at the Days Inn in Bordentown, NJ on November 7 and 8. Jim Moseley the editor of Saucer Smear is the master of Ceremonies. Speakers include Antonio Huneeus on UFOs in Chile, Karl Pflock on the Florida Scout Master Case, Pat Marcattilio on the Physical evidence for UFOs, Peter Jordan- Cattle Mutilations, Bob Durant- Roswell Yes, Tom Benson- One good case is enough and George Hansen-Remote Viewing, Anna Hayes Voyagers, Richard Sauder- Underground bases and tunnels, Rick Hilberg- UFOs the first three decades, David Huggins-abductions, Curt Sutherly author of Strange Encounters. The Days Inn is located on Route 206 just off exit 7 of the NJ Turnpike. Many of these speakers are the best researchers in Ufology.
Bruce Widaman, MUFON State Director of Missouri is hosting a regional U.F.O./I.A.C Conference on the known government connections with Ufology. Scheduled speakers include: Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and UFO researcher; Robert Swiatek, FUFOR; Chris O'Brien, author; Lt. Col. Gerald Rowles MUFON State Director for Washington and Major George Filer, MUFON Eastern Regional Director. The conference will be held at the Comfort Inn, located at Page Avenue and Highway 270. The conference will be hosted by Ted Phillips, Marvin Czarnik and Bruce Widaman. This will be one of best conferences of the year.
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