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From Gearge A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #34-1998
Senator Barry M. Goldwater (R Arizona), Republican presidential candidate in 1964. In a letter to researcher Shlomo Amon, dated March 28, 1975 stated:
"The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten or twelve years ago, I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied the request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan under way to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. Iím just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait too much longer." From Timothy Good's, Above Top Secret, New York Quill William Morrow 1988.
PACIFIC OCEAN NEAR 180 DEGREES EAST - First Officer Arturo E. Buenaventura reports that in 1992, at 3:00 AM we were flying at 31,000 feet westbound for Manila when we saw two exceptionally bright lights like an incoming aircraft. It then disappeared. After a while, a huge UFO appeared on the left side of our aircraft flying formation. It was enormous and had numerous lights and 'antenna.' The closest description I can give is that it was similar to the UFO in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I was the First Officer on that particular flight. We never saw it approach us, it simply appeared off our wing. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared like it had gone into another dimension. This incident was witnessed by four aircraft at that time. One was a Military Airlift Command's aircraft, a Continental Airlines jet, and two 747 aircraft Philippine Airlines Flights that had a stopover in Honolulu. We were about 1& 1/2 hours away from Honolulu bound for Manila. Phone: Phil 7252268, Address: 653A East St. Mandaluyong City, Greater Manila, Philippines, 1501 Other Philippine Airline Pilots' names are: Capt. Ben Hur Gomez (retired from PAL), Capt Romeo Montenegro (c/o ALPAP Airline Pilots' Association of the Phil.), Capt Eric Dulay (engineer at that time now currently A340 Check pilot, PAL), Capt Adriano (now retired) Thanks to: John Thompson, ISUR, and Arturo E. Buenaventura at
PLAINVIEW - Edward M. states he had a UFO sighting on August 13, 1998. "My name is Ed. I'm sixteen and from Long Island. Myself and seven others saw what we believe to be a UFO at 8:20 PM. I have been waiting my whole life for something like this to happen to me, and I thought it never would, but I saw one! We were all just hanging out outside playing and I was sitting down watching the sky. I thought I saw a star moving when I realized it was not a star. It was too high to be a plane and to close to be a star. It moved at medium speed across the sky. First I pointed it out to my friend Greg since we're both fascinated by space, then to everybody. Everyone was watching when it started to zigzag. We really freaked. It appeared to be get bigger and smaller, probably because its whitish yellow light, then a faint blue was turning off and on. It got further away and hard to see. We then saw a very faint small blue light inside a cloud where it proceeded to Ping-Pong at an incredible speed for about five seconds at a time. It did this two or three times. It then flashed a few more times before disappearing for good. Thanks to Ed and Larry Clark
PINE BUSH - On the evening of August 19, 1998, two men, R.D. and his son-in- law, Chris, visited Pine Bush, a notorious UFO hotspot. They were there about three hours when they observed a UFO that was so bright they couldn't look at it through their binoculars. It was about a 100 feet high and two miles away. The UFO "flew quickly towards us, passing within one-eighth of a mile at outrageous speeds. It seemed to float in the air rather than fly." "Then, just as it was almost over our shoulders, it turned red, sped up at 45 degrees above the horizon and disappeared. There was no engine sound or trailing vapor. Less than two minutes later, two fast moving jet fighters flew over chasing the UFO." The men watched the jets with their binoculars until they passed out of view. Thanks to Rev. Billy Dee of UFOSSI and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #34, 8/20/98 editor Tom Trainor.
PIFFARD - MUFON's Catherine Laughlan reports that on August 20, 1998, at a group breakfast, one man asked if anyone knew if the government launches 'experimental stuff' in the area? He said, At 2:00 AM, he was out walking on a clear night and saw the 'strangest object' in the sky. It was a very bright star like object, but it could not have been a star or satellite because he had watched it zigzag around the sky. When asked what he thought it was, the man replied he didn't know, but maybe the government was testing something. Thanks to Cathy Laughlan and Larry Clark
Ray Fowler, MUFON Director of Investigations, writes, "The August 3, sighting report (if the witnesses got their direction wrong) is a dead ringer for Jupiter and it's four largest moons especially when they saw it again in roughly the same area. It reminds me of a large crowd that had gathered to watch a UFO at a local college campus. Autokinesis and cloud movement made it appear to be moving (in addition to the earth's rotation). A policeman called on the seen using binoculars reported a white round object with 4 little ones around it. When I told the crowd that it was Jupiter, I was laughed at. You might get back to the witnesses and ask them if they see it each night in a slightly different place, but in the same direction. Jupiter is at its brightest now as it has just gone through opposition. Thanks to Ray Fowler, MUFON Director of Investigations. Editorís note: Investigator Tom McFarland also feels the sighting was probably a star, possibly Cappella. Jupiter will be very bright over the next few weeks and rise in the east shortly after sunset.
FORT MEYERS - Astronomer Linda S. Jacobson reports, "We have had several flying triangle craft reports here in Southwest, Florida -- the latest was caught on video. Since our local news stations will not work with me it looks like I'm going to be handing out the $50.00 to their video repository to even get a look at the video -- The sighting was made on August 21, 1998, at 3:30 AM. During the last three months, triangle UFO sightings were occurring around 10:00 to 11:00 PM. Again as in the other cases the direction of movement was from the South, toward the North. The Triangle that was observed on the 21st was *entirely lit from below* that is similar to Bob's reports. There was no "constellation effect" of rippling or pulsating lights just a steady glow from the underbelly. I teach Astronomy over the winter months at a branch campus of Edison Community College. Thanks to Linda Jacobson CE Astronomy educator, visit her at;
MISSOULA - Santide and two associates from work were traveling along I-90 going west from, Montana through Idaho to Spokane, Washington. For more than an hour we witnessed to the south multiple UFOs zigzagging, circling, splitting from one into two, combining three into one, and shooting across the sky and then back. It was so strange, we stopped three different times to make sure they were not reflections or the bumpiness of the vehicle. . I was told by the UFO group out of Seattle that there was a potential FAA report from a flight out of Spokane the same night. I just want answers. I had never been to any of these three states and was freaked out by what I witnessed. Please help me to tell this story. Thanks to ISUR,, and John Thompson.
MARLETTE - Jeff Westover reports on August 24, 1998, he saw several bright stationary lights between 22:30 and 23:15 PM. High altitude air traffic was unusually heavy. One Marlette, MI woman, 'Norma W.' age 53, was also a witness to the strange lights. Jeff personally witnessed two aircraft in the same area of the sky turn on and off their landing lights as if to warn nearby air traffic at 2230 EST. One of the aircraft, flying in a west-southwest direction, flashed its light at an anomalous hovering whitish-pink light.
This anomalous light may have been another aircraft, although no FAA-compliant lighting could be discerned after its bright light was extinguished. Five minutes later, I witnessed an amazing display. Three orange balls of light fanned out from a single point in the sky to the north-northeast of my position. They appeared in rapid succession one after another from the same point in the sky and disappeared within a few seconds. They were much brighter than an aircraft's landing lights. The lights could not have been flares as they moved quickly horizontally, and there was no aircraft above to have released them. All three disappeared simultaneously. At 2240 EST, a single brilliant orange light appear in the northern skies at a 30 degree elevation. It was stationary and disappeared within five seconds. This was as bright as an aircraft's landing lights. At 2300 EST, my mother and I witnessed a second display of orange lights appear in a group to the north of Marlette. It was at an elevation of 15 to 20 degrees. There were at least three orange lights sitting in the sky before they disappeared. Five minutes later, my mother watched an orangish-white ball of light travelling in a zigzagging fashion towards the east. This light would alternatively appear and extinguish as it moved across the sky. They contacted Sanilac County Sheriff's Dispatcher (810/648-2000) who had not received any UFO reports. Thanks to Jeffrey S. Westover.
ELBERT COUNTY - Bob Hetsko says he was talking to the mother of a boy who had seen a "triangle" floating about during the night from his window near Elizabeth. The parents did not see the triangle, but the witness is a very sharp and truthful 6th grader. Bob conversed briefly with the boy who impressed him with his maturity and intelligent responses before they discussed UFOs. As we parted, I handed them a business card for UFO investigation and the mother was shaken up and her cheerful demeanor changed. She told her son to describe to me what he saw last night, August 24, 1998. He said, He saw a triangle floating in the air, and was not able to explain it. I asked him how large it was? It was two to three inches long at arm's length." I asked him to estimate a distance, and he pointed to a tower almost two miles away. This would have to be a huge craft. I believe that the boy was telling the truth. Evidently, the parents had to console their son as he was very upset and worried about being harmed. I informed him that there have never been any credible cases of humans being hurt by these UFOs. Hopefully, this is true :-). Thanks to Bob Hetsko Jefferson County Colorado
PATHFINDER LAKE - On August 15, 1998, in Natrona County at 9:00 AM., two witnesses were sitting on the shore fishing. We heard what sounded like a jet coming from the south. As it approached I said: "boy he is low." We tried to see the what sounded like a jet fighter but as it passed over us, but nothing could be seen. It was invisible! I am a student pilot I know where to look when you hear a jet. Especially one that is low. It was invisible? It might be that new military aircraft Popular Science magazine spoke about where the paint and lighting changes to make the jet totally camouflaged. Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR and!
MANITOBA - Paul Anderson's reports preliminary information on large crop circle formations being found on August 26, 1998, from Chris Rutkowski (Ufology Research of Manitoba) and Gordon Sopczak (CPR-Canada-Alberta and CCCS). They reported "massive" formations in a field of oats south of Winnipeg. Pictograms consisting of multiple "circles, triangles and crosses" were observed. Chris is hoping to fly over later today. Further details will be sent when available. We will also have aerial shots of an Esterhazy, Saskatchewan dumbbell within next few days, plus additional photos of Conquest and Outlook, Saskatchewan. Esterhazy formation has been sampled, and the samples being sent to Levengood. Thanks to Paul Anderson.
MILTON KEYENS - On August 24, 1998, Adrian Tully saw a transparent triangle with a pink/red light at each corner. The object flew overhead heading north. The triangle filled a large portion of the sky without making any noise. I don't know if it was huge or just low in the sky. The lights were bigger than the stars. Phone #0956 265867 Their Address: 8 Adams Court Woughton on the Green Milton Keynes Bucks Adrian Tully at
EAST LANCASHIRE - Tim Mathews reports that his colleague Sandra Grundy informed me today that several intriguing sightings of 'anomalous lights' had been reported in the Earby area on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border in recent weeks. Sandra visited the witnesses and learned that on consecutive Saturdays (15th and 22nd August '98) a most peculiar 'plasma-like' orange light was seen by a number of witnesses. The objects were said to be up to 30 feet in length and appeared to have an 'undulating' and 'skipping' motion. They performed sharp turns and eventually disappeared into a valley. Given that this area is known for sightings of so-called 'earth lights' there is a possibility that we may be on the verge of a new outbreak. However, Sandra and the small Lancashire UFO Society investigations team is trying to get hold of as much information as possible. Thanks to Tim Matthews
CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES - Thierry Wathelet of UFOCOM, a French UFO researcher reports that French TV stations (TF1 - France 2 - France 3) "have shown an amateur video about a triangle shaped object over the country on the night of August 10-11, 1998. Some 250 witnesses have seen the strange craft with big white lights at the extremities and a rolling red light in the center." Wathelet says an apparently identical object was reported by a family on June 27, 1998, in the town of Quaregnon, Belgium. These giant black triangles are regularly reported over the United Kingdom. If witness reports are correct, these objects take a number of different forms, from perfect equilateral triangles to extremely wide boomerangs. Huge size is almost always emphasized. Usually these craft make a low-pitched hum. The craft hover and make amazing sudden turns. They are often sighted over highly populated areas, as if intending to be seen. But they almost always fly at night, so structural details are difficult to see. The numerous reports indicate something very strange is flying in our skies! Thanks to Thierry Wathelet( Peter Gersten of CAUS
Glennys Mackay reports things seem to be heating up here in Australia. I am the Continental Director for Australia/ New Zealand. During the past two years I have promoted and bought speakers from various parts of the world to Brisbane, Australia to share their research with the public here in Australia. Our country has a great climate for UFO's, underground bases etc., - I was told once that there over 18 US bases here (how much truth is in this info I do not know?) but, certainly weíve had some interesting sightings in our nights skies over the past few years. The triangles have been sighted so have the cigar shapes and round silver disk shaped craft. I have had several reports of unmarked dark helicopters in the vicinity of these sightings. More recently I have been contacted by farmers whose cattle disappeared and were mutilated in very remote areas with UFO landing on their properties. UFOs have been seen near open-cut coal mines by a number of night shift workers. I will put together some interesting reports and forward them to you. Thanks to: Glennys Mackay J.P. (Justice of the Peace) MUFON (Queensland)Brisbane Australia QUFON (Queensland UFO Network)
Graham M. Wilson reports a NATO 'Firefly' Black Budget Stealth exists? The craft is an equilateral-shaped triangle, each edge, from tip to tip, is approximately 184 feet. The 'Firefly' is one of the current generation of super-stealth aircraft, still part of the black-budget program. This is not the alleged 'HALO' product, which is a smokescreen designed to lure inquisitive researchers away from the 'Firefly. Near silent in operational flight, near silent hover capabilities.
The underside lighting configuration is so designed as to give conflicting eyewitness accounts of the lighting and indeed shape of the craft, the three large circular red lights in each point can converge in the center to form one very large red or white light. The craft is fitted with various psychotronic devices, including certain beam weapons that can induce psychological and physiological effects on humans and animals alike, including pulsed phased lighting effects that can induce a fit, convulsions, or merely varied hallucinogenic states. The disrupters, the sound weapons, can disorientate individuals, this can then go on to cause physical displacement, and if the signals are strong enough, prove fatal.
I am informed that there are two of these craft in Europe in current operation, one is based at Boscombe Down, England and shares flight operations with Macrihanish, Scotland. The other craft is based in Germany. The USA have two craft, of slightly different configuration. The craft is manned or crewed by NATO personnel, it is believed all participating NATO countries supply flight crew. Flight simulators are located in the UK, Germany and the USA. Thanks to Graham M. Wilson (Chairman & Director of Investigations) Society for Paranormal & UFO Research
Sue Fincher writes: "Many thanks for printing my note in #31 Filer's Files about the grid of dots I have observed on patients. This is just a note to clarify two details. The dots I have found are scars, not actual holes. And the pattern is three to four spots in a grid formation, that is one row below the other, like this ... ... ... I hope this clarifies my previous note to you. I really hope someone else has noticed this, and I will be sure to stay tuned to your site, as I find it very informative. Thanks again, Sue Fincher
Kentucky MUFON reports they received a "dots" report and photo in December of 1996. These markings, which appeared in the skin of a man's upper arm, were arranged in three's, although in the formation of "boxcars," lined up diagonally, rather than as a straight line, as the nurse reported. Dr. Roger Leir is said to have noted these dot like markings and might have encountered something more along the line of what was seen on the elderly patients. Thumbs up on Filer's Files. Thanks to Kentucky MUFON.
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