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Filer's Files #47-1998
PAULDING COUNTY -- Sheriff's Department scanner reported a possible UFO over a mountain on November 17, 1998. Don Edward's reports, " At 8:30 PM I was listening to Kim Peterson on WGST (105.7). To my surprise the entire show was dedicated to reports of green fireballs and UFO's in Northern Georgia and in Roswell north of Atlanta. Around 11:00 PM, a women saw an emerald green ball moving from east to west at low altitude. Another car was in the oncoming lane and braked hard to avoid the object. Later, another person called the station claiming that early Sunday morning he was driving south from North Georgia on Highway 400 and found his car surrounded by small silver cylindrical objects pacing and dodging his car. Other cars on the road braked and slowed down to around 30 MPH. All were apparently observing the same objects. He also noticed a large series of 'swirling' lights and an object in the sky above him with lights shooting in and out of main object. Thanks to Jeannie Paradise
ALPHARETTA--A Marietta business woman and an associate were driving down a Cherokee County Road at 10:23 PM near Highway 140 on November 17, 1998. She noticed a brilliant green diamond shaped object hovering over the treetops on the left side of the road. She stated that it appeared to be about the size of a Volkswagen and the color or surface seemed to be undulating, sometimes displaying a sort of lime green. It seemed to sort of 'shake,' then quickly dropped down behind the trees out of sight. She got a clear view of this object for about five seconds, then pulled off the road, but lost sight of it. This witness was found to have a technical and scientific background with a major oil company.
LITHIA SPRINGS--I received an e-mail from GA Manor, who had an important sighting on September 15, 1998. She wrote, "I had slowed and noticed lights through the trees and thought to myself how odd that the lights would be on the field so early in the morning at 5:30 AM. A break occurred in the trees. I could see a little clearer and my first impression was that a helicopter had landed. Quickly I realized it wasn't a hovering helicopter. This thing was huge, approximately 60+ feet in diameter and about two stories tall and brightly lit with rotating red, green and white lights. I sat there amazed for a few seconds and became afraid once I realized what was happening especially since my grandson was with me. The very next second 'it' was gone. No sound, no wind, no nothing. This park complex is in a heavily populated area only about 15 miles west of Downtown Atlanta. Several days later, I returned and the entire grassy area of the baseball field and the dirt diamond were scorched black. Just two days ago I went back to the field. The grass is just beginning to grow back though it remains crunchy under foot. No soot marks remain, since we've had several days of rain as of late, but my white tennis shoes were covered with black soot. Thanks to GA Manor.
MOULTRIE--On a clear still April night of 1998, one of the most bizarre UFO close-encounters took place. An elderly woman living on the Moultrie-Culbertson Road in rural Colquitt County said that at around two in the morning her dog awakened her. Opening her front door she took her dog outside. On reaching the end of her short driveway, at the edge of Moultrie Road, she saw at slightly above eye-level a UFO hovered silently only twenty feet away. In a large field the bluish-gray, 'V'-shaped craft displayed no lights and wavered not in the least. Having a tail in its back and only a front set of narrow, but thick swept-backed wings, she said the UFO appeared similar to a giant glider. No canopy, glass or landing gear, however, could be seen on the craft. The witness said the craft, in her opinion, was definitely not man-made. "Transfixed," she watched the craft for over five minutes before flying car-like "headlights" emerged from the UFO. Eventually six self-contained "headlight beams" slowly floated around the dark hovering UFO and flew up to above tree level. The beams turned and twisted as they moved quietly and shone around the UFO. After fifteen minutes the flying lights floated back down and reentered through an unseen opening in the UFO. Her dog was at her side but acted "indifferent" and never barked at the craft. Upon returning inside her home she watched through the window and saw the UFO was still there. Scared, but still intensely curious, she walked outside and watched for an additional twenty minutes. The UFO never moved and while she saw no occupant, she said she felt she "was being watched" from inside the craft. Returning to her isolated farm house, where she lives alone, she uneasily tried to sleep. The next morning the metal-skinned UFO was gone. In the pasture across the road she found no evidence that anything was amiss. She called her daughter, who put her mother in touch with us. Thanks to MUFON's John Thompson
TENNESSEE--On November 18, 1998, a couple enroute to work at 9:00 AM on Highway 60 near the Georgia State line observed an elongated cigar type craft. The witnesses described it as being about 50 feet long, and more of an elongated rectangle than a classic cigar shape traveling NW at about 55 mph. It was low at about twice tree top altitude and only several hundred feet away. It appeared to be white or shinny colored. There were no wings, but a brownish or dark coloration was in the area where wings would normally be expected. There was a brown or dark 'box' like structure at the back of the craft. The craft disappeared behind the trees and wooded areas nearby. Thanks to Tom Sheets, MUFON State Director.
My husband was driving, I was in the passenger seat and our friend was in the back seat. My husband spotted a very low flying object hovering over a house. I saw it too, and asked him what he thought it might be? He replied, "It's a UFO!" We stopped the car and the three of us got out and walked back down the road about 20 feet. We were staring at this thing, which by then had started to move toward the road where we were standing. It was rather large, about the size of the pictures I have seen of Stealth planes. It made no sound, but it did have funny colored lights blinking or pulsating from it. I served for 8 years in the Navy and never saw anything like it. The craft was so low, it was right above the pine trees. It could not have been more than 100 feet in the air, as it flew slowly right above us. We stood there looking at it for about five minutes. The object was hovering right over top of us. Then it started to move very slowly over a field on our side of the road. The trees had been cut from this part of the pine forest, so we could watch as it flew away. Three months later, the same exact object flew right over us again above the trees like before. We stopped the car, and this time our two daughters were with us. We watched it fly slowly across the interstate and out of sight. This happened one night in late August 1994, at midnight.. Thanks to
TAMPA--On November 17, 1998, at about 4:30 AM a flying V, was spotted by numerous people on the night of the meteor shower. The V, craft was described as being about 500 feet wide and traveling very fast at an altitude of 10,000 feet. "It looked almost as if it was translucent and made absolutely no sound" said one witness who supposedly took photos of the craft. Sources say the V, craft had no lights on it. Therefore, most people would not have noticed it, if they had not been watching the meteor shower that night. If I can find anybody with pictures of the craft, I will post them on my Website at, that is still under construction. Thanks to Jason Overholser
CANKTON--Ross and Sandra Ellender report that on November 12, 1998, we were sleeping when a blinding light began shinning in our bedroom window. The light awoke us at 3:00 AM. We saw a large round light moving at rapid speeds, then suddenly the light disappeared. We will contact you if there are any further sightings. Thanks to Ross and Sandra Ellender, (318)984-4421, 506 Woodvale Ave. Lafayette, LA 70503,
On November 23, 1998, a bright flashing light heading north by north west was observed descending near US Highway 131 over central Michigan. It was traveling very rapidly and appeared to crash at 7:12 PM. The estimated crash site is in the vicinity of US 131 and US 10. We observed numerous airplanes, jets, and helicopters that seemed to be searching the area. Thanks to ISUR Sighting Reports and John Thompson.
SMITH RESERVOIR -- Chris O'Brien, the CAUS Director of Investigations, reports from the San Luis Valley, that the vacation is over. Anomalous aerial craft sighting reports continue into November. Strange how "UFO" sightings seem to cluster around obvious heightened training activity by the Air Force; especially when they are contemplating conducting aerial sorties against Iraq. On November 14, 1998, Junne Walkley saw a great big silver 'V' hovering over the Smith Reservoir area-west of Blanca. She stopped the car at 9:15 AM and watched for a minute. She estimated the craft was ten miles away to the east and the size of a quarter held at arm's length. She watched the huge craft for a minute, when the object flew straight up and out of sight in "a couple of seconds. Junne and Virgil Walkley have had several sightings and are observant Skywatchers
GREENIE MOUNTAIN--Multiple objects were observed at sunset on November 17, 1998, in Rio Grande County. A relative of the Walkleys, "a strong skeptic," witnessed three objects hovering over the San Juan Mountains. The UFOs were sitting still and reflecting the setting sun. The witness "was amazed" when the objects disappeared instantly. Thanks to Chris O,Brien;
BILLINGS--Peter Davenport reports that the National Reporting Center has received an unusually heavy number of UFO reports in recent months particularly in the West. These include a semi truck that was stopped on the highway by UFO near Billings. The UFO circled the truck before it decided to leave.
ORANGE COUNTY--Guy Menton indicates he saw some strange blue flashes in the sky at about 2:30 AM, early Sunday morning on November 15, 1998. My friend, Chris Turk, and I were traveling south on Interstate 55 near the Orange County Airport when we observed a sudden brilliant flash of blue light along the horizon ahead of us. The sky was almost clear with some low fog layers, so we did not think it could be a natural occurrence such as lightning. This brilliant flash was spread over a wide area and low along the horizon, it lasted maybe two seconds, and there was no noise present. About two minutes later, the flash occurred again as we continued traveling south. This time, the flash was to our immediate left and much brighter, indicating that it must have stayed in the same general area and that we had moved closer to it. We thought it might be a plane crash, because we were near the airport. So we drove towards the general direction, where we last saw the flash. We did not encounter anything unusual or any further flashes. I am not saying this is UFO-related but I just thought I would report it to you since you have collected so many sightings. I was wondering if you had any similar reports of unexplained anomalous flashes in the sky. Thanks to Guy Menton.
TELFORD--Adam reports that he had a twenty minute sighting on November 11, 1998, starting at 12:15 AM. It was a star-like object, but bigger and brighter, that was almost motionless. It had three colored lights that were blue, red and white. The lights did not flicker or strobe but shimmered over the West Midlands of England. I watched this object for 20 minutes through binoculars. A helicopter appeared to the lower left, then climbed higher than the UFO, went across the top, then headed towards and over me. At first, I couldn't discern if it was a plane or helicopter which was strange, because it was very close compared to the UFO. A few minutes later the helicopter returned. When I turned back to look at the UFO it was gone. I found out that a friend saw the same object, at the same time. Adam.
EAST ANGLIA An amazing new video shows anomalous of lights over East Anglia in eastern England. Both the RAF and the Coastguard are investigating! Despite horrific winds over the sea, the Yarmouth Coastguard was surprised that their own people reported that the lights stayed in the same position for over seven hours in a wing shaped formation similar to what we saw over Phoenix, AZ! Thanks to Bill Knell
CORNWALL--Skywatch International reports two cigar shaped craft were observed November 19, 1998, at 5:37 PM. Tony Watson a Madron Village resident witnessed two cylinder shaped sliver craft pursued by a military jet in the same area of his last sighting on October 6, 1998, at 7:30. The craft kept their distance a quarter mile in front of the military jet. The cylindrical craft were roughly twice the length of the jet. Editors note: The average fighter is fifty to sixty feet long making the cigars over 100 feet long. This summer, I saw a similar craft flying west in from the Atlantic Ocean over the coast at Barnegat Light, NJ.
HESSDALEN--Erling P. Strand reports they are obtaining a steady stream of unidentified lights from their automatic field station. Photographic and video equipment has been set up in a field station overlooking Finnsåhøgda Mountain looking towards the west and southwest. There is very little if any aircraft traffic over this area. Yet unidentified lights are photographed virtually weekly. A series of interesting photographs of anomalous lights are located on the web site at: Thanks to Editor's Note: To help solve the UFO phenomenon, I suggest automatic field stations be established near known UFO sites.
Some fifty people claim to have observed alien material not of this world, or at the least very strange in 1947. Lets face it people's memories can be faulty after fifty years. But the evidence found in photographs and documents remains fresh. Fifty-one years ago flying discs or saucers were being reported in 44 of the 48 states. This was front page news, and there was a growing hysteria that the Russians, aliens, perhaps even the Nazis were over flying the country with these strange saucers. Often a dozen or more were reported by pilots and high quality witnesses. On July 8, 1947, Colonel Blanchard, commander of the 509 Bomb Group announced that the Army Air Force had captured a "Flying Saucer On a Ranch Near Roswell." The article went on to say that Major Marcel and a detail from his department had gone to the ranch and recovered the disk. After the intelligence office had inspected the instrument it was being flown to higher headquarters. The intelligence office stated that no details of the construction or its appearance were revealed. While this material was flown to 8th Air Force Headquarters, newspapers all over the country published the story.
I recently interviewed Fort Worth Star Newspaper reporter J. Bond Johnson, who was asked to report to the Commander 8th Air Force, General Ramey,s office on Carswell Air Force Base on July 8, 1947. Upon arrival around 4:00 PM, Johnson was ushered into the office by Colonel Dubose, the General's Chief of Staff. Laying on the floor were packages that had just been flown in from Roswell. J. Bond Johnson remembers that he and Colonel Dubose unwrapped the debris and displayed it on the floor to prepare for photographs. Fifteen minutes later, the General came into the room and kneeled in front of the debris holding a folded message in his hand. After taking his picture J. Bond Johnson suggested Colonel Dubose also get into the photo. The General apparently then read the message, and hurriedly folded it, so the writing now became visible to the camera. According to Colonel DuBose General Ramey was ordered by higher headquarters to squash the story. The message apparently contains the his orders to identify the debris as a weather balloon and a Rawin Radar Reflector. It also seems to contain the words victims,, 2nd site near Magdalena.,
Later in the day, weather officer Warrent Officer Irving Newton was photographed with a much smaller amount of debris in the General's office. Apparently, some of the critical debris was removed for the second series of photographs. The Roswell Photo Interpreter Team made up of Ron Regehr, Niel Morris, Ben Field and Marilyn Ruben using powerful computer enhancement claim they are able to see various strange symbols in the debris. One appears to be a lion head. It is unlikely that the Rawin Reflectors were designed with what appear to be strange symbols. In his July 21, 1994, sworn testimony to the Air Force, Newton identified the material as a balloon and a Rawin target used for reflecting radar returns. Newton states, "While I was examining the debris, Major Marcel was picking up pieces of the target sticks and trying to convince me that some notations on the sticks were alien writing!" There were figures on the sticks lavender or pink in color, appeared to be weather faded markings, with no rhyme or reason. He did not convince me these were alien writings." Editor's Note: Perhaps intelligence officer Major Marcel was correct that these are alien writings?
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