'Rods' - The Latest On Jose
Escamilla's Amazing Discovery
By Jose Escamilla <>
Well, it's 1999 and we are in pursuit of getting the Rods phenomenon finally known among the general audiences as much as Kal Korff's Fox Show about hoaxes garnered a few minds from the gene pool.
It has been a very trying four years to get the Rods phenomenon to where it is today and I must state that we have made great strides with this case.
First of all it took time to get the Rods phenomenon into certain media circles including the web, print media and television / radio talk shows. I appeared on anything from Sightings to "People Who Have Sex With Aliens" on the LEEZA Show, in order to present our case. Kal Korff was on Leeza with me along with another skeptic who said the clip he saw looked like a bird flying past the camera.
Of course he was wrong, as Kal Korff and Bob Shell have been wrong about the common mis-interpretation that all we have been presenting were mis-filmed insects or birds. I sent Bob a video and he never responded.
In the upcoming series "STRANGE SCIENCE" to air on The Learning Channel (TLC) the first week of February everyone will get to see Rods as we've been investigating them for the past four years. The nine minute segment covers my presentation at the June 98 - International MUFON UFO Symposium, where I, along with Jim Peters, presented Rods - The Smoking Gun Evidence video to a packed house of 300 attendees from all fields of study: UFOlogists, Scientists and the grand daddy of all skeptics Mr. Philip Klass.
This was a unique presentation in that I finally, after four years of trying, was allowed to present the Rods case in front of a very skeptical and well known group of individuals that have "heard" about Rods but that never had seen what we have been talking about all these years.
Philip Klass sat front row and center during my presentation with his pocket recorder in hand. He listened and recorded everything Jim Peters and I stated prior to the running of the video and afterwards during the question and answers session of the lecture.
The TLC cameras ran during the complete presentation and Karen Taylor, who produced the segment, made certain that Philip Klass would be interviewed for the show.
After the lecture I approached Mr. Klass about what he thought. He didn't call it a hoax or mis-filmed insects, jets, or the planet Venus zipping around, because in the presentation we prove that Rods are "not" any of these mis-construed claims made by most skeptics and critics. In fact, Philip Klass felt that he would like to see better imagery of these "things" as he put it. He felt that they "may be" artifacts caused by CCD electronics in the camcorders used to videotape them.
The camera man for TLC quickly said, "This guy's full of it." I on the other hand have been inclined to dispell as many myths about the Rods as I can with the resources we currently have.
So, in our quest to further this investigation, Jim Peters, Ken Swartz (a new associate and team member), set out to see "if in fact" Rods or fast objects traveling distances from the camera would create a "blur" because of the electronics involved in CCD photography - or videography.
We videotaped an 16 1/2"arrow (bolt) using Jim's crossbow that shoots these bolts at approximately 136 mph. We wanted to see what the bolt would look like at distances from 10 feet to 100 feet away from a ribbon that was stretched across two poles. The poles were 24 feet apart and the yellow ribbon had segments with six foot long markers. We used the Sony VX-1000 digital camcorder that most of the current Rod shots have been captured on in New Jersey, South Dakota and The cave in Mexico.
We we found was that using the optical lens setting at 1/10,000 shutter setting, the bolt - or arrow, appears as it really is: a 16 1/2" arrow. And it appears in two to three frame of video shot at 30fps.
Then came the big test. Videotaping the arrow with the digital zoom set at full capacity. We had the camera 100 feet away from the target test area and I "zoomed in" all the way to a point where the central section of the six foot long marker at the center of the target section was in the frame. Jim shot the arrow and guess what. Even using the electronic digital zoom on the camcorder we were able to see that the arrow maintained it's correct length on video! You could see that it's integrety in size was not blurred at all. The only artifact that was created with digital zoom was that the arrow was slightly out of focus. In otherwords, it still looked like a 16 1/2" bolt, but it was slightly blurred. Not an elongated blur, but a blurred object. This revealed to us that using the Sony VX-1000 camcorder as has been used in all the cave footage, what you see is what you get.
This puts a clam into Philip Klass and his CCD electronic artifact theory, which we know is all he had to go on.
All thoughts aside, we know we have the genuine thing here. Rods are very real and no matter how many other claims can be put into the mix, we know that we can disprove all of them. It just takes time and testing in order to prove that what we have been reporting are simple things known to man.
I ask that everyone on this forum tunes in to the TLC program which will air at 8:00 pm for five days the first week of February. I don't know which day the Rods segment will air, but it will be during that week. (Feb 1-5,1999).
For those of you inclined to do so, check out our Rods web site and send the URL to your contacts:
To all our supporters out there we thank you for sticking to our "smoking guns." For all of our skeptics and critics out there...well...without you guys we wouldn't have proven our case.
Thanks to all.
Jose Escamilla