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UFO Sightings From UFO*BC
From Bill Oliver <>
13-June-98, Nakusp: (9:45 pm) While lounging in the Nakusp Hot Springs pool, the witness and his brother were looking toward the southwest. It was late dusk and only 3 or 4 of the brightest stars were visible in that portion of the sky. They then noticed one of the "stars" was moving! It would move erratically, pause, then move in a different direction. At one point, all 12 to 15 people in the pool were watching it move around. After about 10 minutes, all the people were asked to vacate the pool as it was closing for the night (10:00 pm). The witness went back to his trailer to change while his brother got his binoculars to continue watching the light. About 10:10, the brother came in to say that he had been watching it with binoculars when he suddenly saw two bright flashes, about 2 seconds apart, further to the right (west). After the distraction of the flashes he could no longer locate the moving light. It was a clear night with excellent viewing conditions.
26-July-1998, Terrace: (11:30 pm) "I was camping with three other friends at Red Sand Lake, a campground located 20 km northwest of Terrace. At approximately 11:30 pm, we began observing the sky looking for satellites and shooting stars. Suddenly, we noticed a bright white light moving jaggedly in the sky. It appeared to mildly pulsate with a green and red tint. It did not make any noise and moved in very intricate zigzag-like patterns. It manoeuvred unlike any aircraft I know of. The object hovered predominantly over mountains to the south, causing a faint blue glow over the mountains. The object remained visible for about an half an hour to an hour. During this time, we also saw another similar object in the sky. However, unlike the first object, its movements were concentrated across the entire night sky. It moved jaggedly from west to east at stunning speed for an object at that distance. Again, there was no sound. Both objects eventually disappeared within the hour. At approximately 2:30 am, two star-sized objects were moving side-by-side simultaneously far in the sky. Then they broke the pattern and descended, becoming bright like the two objects we had seen earlier. One streaked the sky and disappeared. The other hovered around for about ten to twenty minutes, travelling in the fast, zigzag manner. It then faded and disappeared quickly." e-mail report by Sam Schachner
3-Aug-98, Surrey: (2:30 pm) Ken was a passenger in a car travelling west on Fraser Highway approaching 88th Avenue. He observed a metallic disc-shaped object slowly travelling southeast, and appeared to be over the power lines around 72nd Avenue. It appeared to be the size of a small jet, but had no discernible wings or tail and was travelling so slowly that if it had been a plane "it would have fallen out of the sky". After about 30 seconds he lost sight of it behind some trees. The sky was clear and blue.
3-Aug-98, White Rock: (11:00 pm) On a lovely clear evening, before retiring for the night, the witness was laying on his deck, staring up at the sky looking for satellites. He noticed two objects travelling from the northeast to the southeast. They were travelling in an offset formation, one object ahead and off to one side of the other object. The objects were a faint orangey-brown colour, slightly translucent ("like a Klingon vessel de-cloaking") and about the size of a pea held at arm,s length. The witness described the objects as "dove shaped", or like the Foremost milk logo [his description sounded very similar to the famous Kennneth Arnold sighting]. The total viewing time was about 10 seconds and there was no noise.
4-Aug-1998, Terrace: (9:30 pm) "I was taking pictures of the Terrace sunset on Kalum Lake Drive, a stretch of road that heads north. It was 9:30 pm. After taking some photographs around the Deep Creek area, I noticed three bright white lights located to the left of the sunset. Excited, I snapped three photographs before the lights shot away and disappeared. I then returned to the main road in my car and noticed a red and white light pattern from the northeast that seemed to move parallel to my vehicle. I grabbed two photos before it faded off in the sky. I returned to town to discuss the incident with my friends who had seen the lights at Red Sand Lake. [see 26-July sighting] During this time, the back of my camera accidently popped open, briefly exposing the film to light. It is likely that the film was damaged. I will be developing the photographs within the week." - e-mail report by Sam Schachner
6-Aug-98, Pitt Lake: (11:00 pm) "At 11:pm, I stepped outside to have a cigarette(I do not smoke in the house)and looked up to see the full moon, all of a sudden an object with rotating light around the edge and dark inner circle with yet another bright light in the centre, came flying out of the light being cast from the Moon. This object flew almost directly overhead at a speed of at least twice that of a fighter jet. It was going south to north, and when it got to a point near Pitt Lake it stopped dead for about 5 seconds, then made a wide zigzag movement before taking off in it's original direction. I have seen many meteors, planes, satellites and have owned a telescope for years, but I have never seen anything like this before!...It was truly amazing!!!"
13-Aug-98, Prince George: (10:00 pm) The observor was on his sun deck with a telescope to look at the stars. He saw a starlike object moving in a westerly direction similar to a satellite. The object was then observed to stop, then move north, then south, then north again, and then headed west at a very great speed. He could discern no size or shape, other than a white star-like appearance.
13-Aug-98, Surrey: (11:30 pm) The witness was driving west on #1 Highway when he observed a large bright disc of white light "drop out of the sky" and hover over the junction of 176th Street and the Highway, about 600 meters away. The light appeared to be the size of a 747 aircraft! He, and many others pulled off the Highway. Rolling his window down and turning his motor off, he could hear no sound from the object. After about 30 seconds the light took off at a rapid pace into the clear sky. A call to the Surrey RCMP the following day elicited confirmation from others who phoned in.