Big UFO Ground Sighting
In France - Craft Videotaped -
Multiple Witnesses
PARIS (Reuters) - France's National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) said on Friday it was investigating a reported sighting of an unidentified flying object in the Alpine village of Voreppe after a witness videotaped the phenomenon. The videotape shows ``a dark form that looks like it is floating and then moves away in a curious way,'' CNES expert Jean-Jacques Velasco told Reuters after viewing the videotape and conducting initial interviews with witnesses. He said four individuals in three different groups had reported seeing the object over a period of several minutes. They said they initially sighted it perched on the top of a tree at dusk on September 8. Two of the individuals were quite near the tree while a third, about 50 metres (yards) away, had the presence of mind to quickly run into his house, grab a video camera, and film the mysterious object as it flew off, he said. Based on the videotape and preliminary witness accounts, Velasco said the object appeared to be ``a round disc, four to five metres across, with a few protuberances coming out of it and a red ring around its base.'' The space centre said in a statement it was beginning its investigation by attempting to verify that the tape was genuine. It was also trying to check out the witnesses and examine the tree where the object was said to have perched, whose leaves would be tested for signs of elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation. Asked how many UFO probes opened by the CNES had been closed without an explanation, he responded, ``You could count them on the fingers of one hand.''