Kal Korff Receives Alleged
Russian TNT/KGB
UFO Fragments
Note - Mr. Korff has been kind enough to have pledged that we will be the first to receive, and be given permission to post, photographs of the alleged UFO fragments. We will be following up on the extensive scientific analysis they will be subjected to and will post new data as it becomes available.
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- TotalResearch announced today, that their President and CEO, critically-acclaimed investigative journalist and author, Kal K. Korff, has received, for analysis, five purported fragments from an alleged UFO "crash" near Berezovsky, Russia, in 1969.
"After careful research and investigation, I am pleased to announce that I have received for analysis, five fragments from an alleged UFO crash that we are told took place in 1969 in Russia. This case first came to international prominence recently when the TNT network aired just a few weeks ago, a 90-minute, made for television, primetime special claiming that this event took place, the source of which purportedly comes from previously-classified Soviet KGB intelligence files on the subject of UFOs." Korff said in a short statement while visiting one of his offices in San Jose, California.
"Before I send these fragments in for analysis, I intend to follow up first on the background and provenance of these samples, and then it is my intention to have them analyzed both at a private university laboratory and at a U.S. government laboratory. I believe in using both civilian and government facilities as controls, and that this is the proper and responsible way to handle having these samples analyzed."
While Kal Korff has already investigated and exposed several of the claims in the TNT KGB-UFO television special as being "inaccurate, and outright erroneous," he remains intrigued by the samples.
"The metal samples are of interest to me, because they are tangibles that can be tested, measured, quantified and analyzed. We should be able to tell exactly what these pieces of metal represent, and most importantly, whether or not they were manufactured on this Earth by human technology. I look forward to learning the results of the analyses, whatever they reveal."
When Korff was asked whether he thought the fragments were from a "real" UFO, he declined to speculate, saying, "How would I know? Right now, I have no opinion one way or another. I remain, for now, neutral in this matter and will make sure these samples get analyzed properly. That's the best I can do, and this is the responsible thing to do.

"The metal fragment is worn and partially decayed, etc. There is also a fairly strong fibrous substance around the end of the piece which was either sheared off or blown off. This fibrous substance was clearly embedded into the metal due to some sort of impact or via a competent hoaxer. In other words, it does NOT look like someone "added" this fibrous substance AFTER the fact. The dirt and other particulate matter indicates the piece has been out in a harsh outside environment and subjected to a wide range of temperatures (both hot and cold) and is the worse for wear accordingly.
This sample alone has everything needed to settle many anaytical issues forensically. But of course, the objective is to have the whole collection of
debris analyzed. -- KK"
"As soon as the lab results are in, I shall immediately make them public, and then it is my intention to contact the producers of the KGB-UFO TNT special and have a conversation with them about this whole affair.
"That conversation should prove interesting." Korff said with a smile.
Kal Korff will be discussing his receipt of the fragments over the next few weeks via postings on Glen Campbell's UFOMind web site, and on his regular, syndicated bi-weekly radio show, "Counterpoint," which broadcasts out of radio station CKTB in Ontario, Canada.
Kal Korff is available for interviews by calling: Prometheus Books at 1 800 853 7545 or contacting TotalResearch at