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Filer's Files #28
Professor Herman Oberth, the German rocket expert considered the father of the space age stated in the American Weekly, October 24, 1954: "It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are space ships from another solar system. I think that they possibly are manned by intelligent observers who are members of a race that may have been investigating our earth for centuries."
A New York Police helicopter and a Plasma UFO were photographed by Alex Cavallari near J. F. Kennedy Airport on July 3, 1998. Alex was outside barbecuing dinner at 5:30 PM when he heard the roar of a helicopter at low altitude heading his way. Alex said, "I had the camera ready, when the helicopter approached heading west over exit # 9 of the Belt Parkway. As I waited for the helicopter to enter my field of view, I noticed flashes and what looked like a big muffin shaped light form. I took pictures as fast as the camera would take them.
The helicopter circled around and came back to about the same location as before. I spotted some spherical shaped Plasma objects near or in the cloud height of 7,000 to 10,000 feet. The Orbs all appear to be of the "Standard White Plasma Orb Craft" design but some of the brightest I have observed. They all appeared to be illuminated from within and emitting some form of white optical energy. The intensity of the white color was greater then any other object in the area. There was no glare or light haze seen around the Orbs, but they were emitting light. The appearance of the white Plasma Orbs and craft are distinct and very different from any other light or illumination known making them easy to identify. They have a special "look" all there own. This is not ball lightning or any other known form of lightning discharge.
The photograph clearly shows a "Plasma Muffin" craft which has angular and or curved sides. There is a dark area in the middle and a funnel shaped area under the craft. This "conductive path" appears to lead to an area in the middle of and on top of the plasma muffin. This outline appears to be a formation of electrical pressure that makes a noticeable path through the sky. The plasma technology appears to use a form of electricity as a means to enter and exit our "time and space. Thanks to Alex Cavallari.
Editors Note: When the craft enter our atmosphere they appear to be surrounded by a bubble of Electromagnetic energy or plasma. This energy does not appear to be hot, but balanced in negative and positive charges. This bubble of energy makes photography difficult, but Alex is to be commended for his ability to photograph these UFOs on a regular basis. New scientific theories such as those proposed by Princetonís physicists J. Richard Gott and Li-Xin Li in the U.S. News and World Reportís July 20, 1998, article Is Ours the Only Universe?, may help explain what we are photographing in our skies. The article statesí "From the eternal mother universe could spring universes such as ours, with expanding frontiers and a one-way arrow of time. Each "normal" cosmos would have other normal universes branching off from it, generated by black holes or inflation or whatever the bang mechanism is ultimately proved to be. If a time traveler could follow the chain of genesis backward, eventually the mother universe would be found. But from that point there would be nowhere to go."
On July 10, 1998, Ed P was walking near his home in Brick, NJ when he spotted an object approaching in the sky. It moved slowly, and never changed speed or direction. It seemed to be about 1000 feet in altitude and moved over me traveling toward the South East around 8PM. Ed states, "I watched for more than a minute and it appeared larger than a marble, but smaller than a golf ball at arms length. It had no wings or fins. It was saucer shaped and somewhat rounded or spherical. One side was very dark, perhaps black. The other side was brightly lit. The sun had set but it was still very light out. The UFO rotated so the bright side and the dark side became visible during each rotation. Each rotation was about 2 seconds. It did not rotate on any axis you might normally think of. It just tumbled along. The light it gave off was very bright but not as bright as looking at a 75 watt light bulb. The light was white but as it rotated, sometimes I could see a bit of red. I called the local police and the Asbury Park Press to see if anyone else reported it and the answers were negative. This was a very unusual object.
Last summer, I and a neighbor, saw a blinking object go from horizon to horizon in 3 to 5 seconds. Since then, he said he saw it three more times. The blinks were elongated into streaks. Now I am wondering it these sightings were of the same object. The July object if traveling fast could have appeared to streak, because the light was in motion like a rotating beacon. It caused many little spots in my vision to dance around. I looked away and saw from the object into the clear sky and little spots were dancing all over my eyes. I continued to watch the object until it was out of sight. A short time later, I realized that the little spots were all gone. I had never seen spots or little dots before or since. I am a 55 year old Electrical Engineer and I work for the government. This object just defied gravity as it floated along, slowly rotating. I wonder who it belongs to and what it is doing. Our Government knows a lot more than me and I know what I saw so I am wondering what the Government knows. I am wondering why they are so quite on this subject. I am inclined to think this was not part of a black project. I got a good look at this UFO and it was a solid object. I don't mind talking about this, but I want to remain anonymous. Thanks to Ed P.
Stan Gordon reports, "I have received information on yet another UFO sighting which was reported on July 12, 1998 at about 8:45P.M. from Suttersville, PA in Westmoreland County, about 25 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The witness owns a telescope and is familiar with the planets. He was watching some aircraft when he noticed a bright star like source of light approximately WSW of his location in the generally clear sky. After a short time he went inside to get his telescope to take a better look at it. Through the telescope he saw a solid white globe, but the center was more transparent. Just above the globe was another smaller sphere that was making a continuous back and forth motion, in a somewhat circular fashion over it. The smaller white sphere would move from a 10 o'clock to a 2 o'clock position, then would reverse this motion. It would take about one second to move right, then another second to reverse back. This continued for over two minutes. The globe itself appeared stationary while under observation. The object remained in the telescope eyepiece, and he did not have to move the scope such as when he is observing planets or stars. He tried to have a neighbor look at the object but was unsuccessful. Thanks to Stan Gordon contact information: PA UFO Hotline (24 hrs.) 724-838-7768 snail mail: P.O. Box 936, Greensburg, PA 15601
MUFON's John Thompson reports that many of the best UFO sightings in Georgia have been on water near the Chattahoochee River and West Point Lake. The car size plasma UFO of June 16, 1998, was in my best estimation, real. I have now talked to several other people who have seen this phenomenon of "fireballs" being generated by intense storms. One gentlemen I talked to claims that during Hurricane Opal that a Z strip of three feet wide by about 100 feet long was "burned into his turnup-greens by the fire of Opal." This occurred near the same spot that the fireball was seen on Colquitte street in LaGrange. He says the soil was not burned, just a huge brown Z made into his turnup-green patch. To this day--three years later--he says crops do not grow as tall or good if planted in this Z. Another fellow I talked to said he had seen fireballs generated by a lightning strike that "holds on." This appears more of a ball lightning nature that is powered with a lightning "capacitor." The balls generated by the huge discharge of electricity go shooting across the ground he said. There is also a report of a huge rolling fireball during Hurricane Opal that was seen in Cannonville. There seems to be a pattern where the storms track and how UFOs track. On a SW to NE line from Cannonville through LaGrange at Colquitte street and onto Ragland street in east LaGrange, there is an high occurrence of storm "edge-points" and UFO sightings. Could there be some relationship between how severe storms repeatedly track and where UFOs fly? Is there less electrical resistance along these routes? Thanks to John Thompson, MUFON State Section Director.
On Friday July 10, 1998 at 3:49 pm EST, a woman driving north on US-127 near Leslie, Michigan (15 miles south of Lansing) noticed "the glint of a silvery object" near a small cumulous cloud. She described the object as the size of a Cessna-type aircraft, but "perfectly round like a steel BB". She further noticed "a shiny band around the middle" of the object. The object seemed to "slide up against the edge of the cumulous cloud, rolled down so that the top reflected a shine and then it rolled up so that the bottom then reflected the shine". She noted that the "shiny band" stayed in the middle of the object which enabled her to determine which side that the reflection came off of. She noted that the object then "slid/flew into the edge" of the cloud from which it never reappeared.
On July 3, 1998, around 3 PM EST, a 14 year old boy had a sighting of a "flashlight UFO" at Blue Lake Fine Arts Music Camp in Twin Lake, ten miles east of Lake Michigan. The boy was in an outdoor pavilion rehearsing on the violin with other orchestra students when he looked up. He saw a strange object that resembled a "metal gray flashlight with a nose bigger than the back end". He could see no windows or lights on it. It was flying in a "straight horizontal line" west towards Lake Michigan. The object was at a high altitude, and at arm's length was as big as his index finger. He saw it for ten seconds before it flew into a very large cloud. When asked if he pointed out the object to any of the others in the orchestra he replied, "No, because the teacher would've said I was disturbing the rehearsal". Thanks to Marilyn Ruben from AAER at and Jeff S. Westover.
Emerald Lake, Yukon Bill Oliver reports that on July 2, 1998, A man with two or three other co-workers was constructing a log house overlooking Emerald Lake. He paused to look up at a mountainside across the highway to see if he could spot any sheep at 9:45 AM. In a draw or gully running up the mountainside, he noticed an extremely bright reflective object flying around, perhaps 20 feet above the tree tops. When he spotted the UFO, it swooped down the mountainside and zoomed over the worker's heads. In those few seconds all he could say was "look, look, look" and it was gone. The others didn't look up fast enough to see it. It was the size of a softball, highly reflective, almost blinding, and appeared to have a metallic finish. Understandably, the fact that his buddies didn't see the object made him upset. What was worse, a few of the guys made fun of him. So much so that a fight almost ensued. The witness never had an interest in UFOs before this but was convinced that there was some form of intelligence guiding this object. On his drive home to Whitehorse, he shook his fist out the window up at the sky and yelled "come back here!" The witness spent an hour relating his story repeatedly to Lorraine Bretlyn, a Whitehorse UFO investigator. Thanks to Bill Oliver at
Apparently the Clemontine Navy Spacecraft has just released photographs of spectacular spires or monoliths on the Moon. These spires were first discovered in the mid-1960s, on photographs acquired by both Russia's Luna 9 and America's Orbiter-2 spacecraft. They are grouped together at two widely separated locations on the Moon. Irene McDonald first sent me photographs many years ago of these rather spectacular anomalies. The newer just released photos create more wonder and excitement because they just seem too tall and smooth to be natural phenomena. When first discovered, the Soviet press theorized that they were "stone markers" or alien pillars. A NASA geologist claims that the measurements of the shadows of the spires indicate they are taller than the tallest buildings on Earth. The shadows on my NASA photograph casts huge thin shadows for thousands of feet across the landscape of the moon. I always wonder why there is so little interest in these anomalies, that seem to infer an ancient civilization on the moon.
Port Washington, Wisconsin Jackie Shanti reports that on July 10, 1998, strange markings were found in a wheat field. Three large circles approximately 90 feet across and connected by a slightly curved line were discovered. There was no sign of an entrance or exit to the field. Their Phone Number: 414-962-9517, Address: 3400 N Frederick Milwaukee WI 53211. Thanks to Jackie Shanti.

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