AF Academy Taught Future Officers About ETs - Also Latest Sightings
George A. Filer <>
MUFON Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #49-1998
In the former Physics Academy textbook, the last chapter is entitled, "Unidentified Flying Objects." It states "From available information, the UFO phenomenon appears to have been global in nature for almost 50,000 years. . . .This leaves us with the unpleasant possibility of alien visitors to our planet or at least alien controlled UFOs. ...what questionable data their are appears suggest the existence of at least three and maybe four different groups of aliens. Editor's Note: This textbook implies the government has hard evidence of UFO's, knows it cannot do anything about them, and, rather than admit that they cannot protect us from them, they deny they exist. This may be a realistic approach under the circumstances.
William Potter and son reported to New York's MUFON Director Dana Schmidt that: My son and I witnessed four objects in the sky from 8:15 to 8:45 PM on December 4, 1998. They could have been about 70,000 feet high and moving about 4,000 miles an hour. We live near Newark Airport, which enabled us to make an estimate on the height and speed, by watching incoming jets. We saw them twice. The first time we saw four circular lights, the two in the middle were crisscrossing and playing with each other. The two on the outside were jolting back and forth and all were moving rapidly. They came zipping by again 15 minutes later. This time they sped past side by side. Each occurrence lasted only several seconds. We thought it was pretty amazing. Thanks to and Dana Schmidt.
WASHINGTON COUNTY - Stan Gordon reports a large triangular object was reported by motorists October 20, 1998. A woman and a young child were driving through a rural area when they noticed what looked like a large amber star. The "star" crossed over the road in front of them and moved to their left. The woman pulled her car over and put her glasses on to observe the light better. When she turned on a light in the car, the object moved off displaying various colored lights. A short distance down the road, they again observed a large amber light. The driver pulled the car over again. She had a small camera and took two shots that seemed to cause the amber light split into two silver balls. They "began dancing around, one leaping in an arc over the other." The spheres moved to the left and over the horizon.
ARMSTRONG COUNTY - On October 30, 1998, a Ford City person was outside when he noticed a bright orange ball of light. During the observation, the light moved straight across the sky from the north. It then shot straight up and continued moving. Then the light stopped, and went straight down. He ran inside and awoke his wife to come outside to look. His wife told me it was unlike anything she had seen before and that the object was much brighter and bigger than the stars. The light moved across the sky then stop. "Then it just took off faster than anything I ever saw. It left a streak of light in the sky after 3 minutes."
WESTMORELAND COUNTY - On November 11, 1998, a witness observed a white fireball with a tail moving from west at 9:30 PM between Greensburg and Jeannette. Debris and white sparks were falling as the object passed over for several seconds. On November 15, a Youngstown resident sighted a UFO along the Chestnut Ridge at 8:15 PM. Several people saw a bright orange fireball with an orange tail moving east in the direction of Ligonier.
ALLEGHENY COUNTY - On November 16, 1998, the National UFO Reporting Center reported a UFO sighting at Penn Hills. A motorist observed four objects over about a 10 to 15 minute period. The objects were at a low altitude and square shaped. It displayed red flashing lights and three round lights. One object hovered close to the witness before moving off without making any sound. On November 24, 1998, a Wilmerding man while driving and looking towards the southwest noticed two contrails in the sky that crossed like an X. He pulled his car over at about 3:00 PM after noticing a silver-gray object with a fuselage like a helicopter. It rose straight up from below the contrails, and moved quickly upwards through the sky above them. It then shot straight down through the contrails and then it was gone.
LEHIGH COUNTY - On November 22, 1998, Allentown through the National UFO Reporting Center a daylight observation by a family was reported. The family saw five silver disc-shaped objects moving at a high rate of speed from west to east. The observation lasted about 25 seconds. Thanks to Stan Gordon, for the Pennsylvania reports.
SUSSEX COUNTY - On December 1, 1998, started out in a routine manner for Dan Gafney, the popular talk-show host on radio station WGMD, 92.7 FM, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. But at 7:00 AM, the telephone rang and the first caller reported a UFO. According to Gafney, before the show ended, he had received "over 50 calls" from listeners throughout Sussex County reporting unidentified flying objects. The UFOs were seen on Monday night, November 30, 1998, "all over southern Delaware." Gafney said, callers described "a bright blue/white light also some said green." The UFOs were described as "large and round." "People are still talking about it," he added. UFOs were seen over a large area between Milford to Bethany Beach. One man reported "what appeared to be a large blue light that was moving all over erratically," adding that "the smaller lights appeared to be coming from the larger lights. Another caller reported seeing "a strange blue-green rain that was coming down from them." Local researcher Jane Segal received a phone call from friends saying that, during the WGMD broadcast, "fighters were flying all over the region. Gray planes were flying low as far north as Middletown near the Pennsylvania State line. Thanks to Dan Gafney and Jane Segal and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #49 on 12/7/98 Editor: Joseph Trainor
CHESTER - Joe Hosey of The Herald Rock Hill published on December 7, 1998, states: Photograph brings back memories of alien sighting. Hours after strange lights hovered above her back yard in November, Carla Alford stared at a face from her past -- a frightening face she found hidden in a Polaroid photograph taken more than a year before. She thinks it's the face of an extraterrestrial. "All that scares me are the eyes," Alford, 24, said. "The eyes are so big." They're eyes Alford says she has seen before -- on a figure standing in the door of a spaceship 21 years ago. "When I was 3 and I was living in Rock Hill, I was crossing the road from my grandma's house to my aunt's house," Alford said, recalling how she cut through a field in Lesslie one night long ago. "All I can remember is stairs and a big head, and it was going like this," she murmured, crooking her index finger and beckoning with it. "I started screaming then. That's all I remember." Alford is not alone in her experiences and apprehensions. From 1947 to 1969, the Air Force checked out about 12,000 reports of UFO sightings. Today, the National UFO Reporting Center has a database tracking UFO reports as long ago as 1954. It reports 639 sightings this year, 12 of which were in South Carolina. Alford's mother, Wanda, recalled her daughter's reaction to what she saw as a child. "She was screaming her head off," Wanda Alford said. "I asked her what it looked like -- she said it had big eyes." The lights floating above Alford's Grants Lake Circle home returned again in the evenings after she found the alien in the picture. Her brother, Donnie, also has seen them. "It was weird," he said. "It was in the shape of like a triangle, and it was a green light." "It went straight across," he said. "It was much faster than a plane." Air Traffic Controller Jim Koon reported no record of anything unusual flitting about Chester around the time of Alford's first sighting following the appearance of the spaceman in the photograph. He conceded, however, that peculiar craft can elude detection. "Air traffic radars filter out things they're not designed to track," he explained, noting non-moving objects such as buildings and other "clutter" slip past the radar's sweep without being seen. "There's conceivably something out there that we didn't track," he said. If "something" is out there, it has been shadowing Alford for nearly her entire life. Now Alford spends sleepless nights and tearful days trying not to think about why the extraterrestrials have returned. "I want to move out of this house," she said. "I'm scared." Thanks to The Herald Rock Hill, Copyright © 1998
KENNESAW - On December 5, 1998, the night supervisor of a local health care facility paged me and stated that about 1:00 AM several employees had observed unusual lights in the clouds overhead. She went out to look and observed 4 to 6 bright white lights circling in partial cloud cover overhead. She thought they might be from a grand opening spotlight but there was none. The lights were white, round, and about the size of a basketball held at arm,s length. They were moving fast and would come together, separate and continue to circle. She stated that all the TVs in the facility went out during this period. A call to the local police found no other reports of unusual lights. However, the Desk Sergeant stated that several transformers had blown out around the city, and traffic lights were out. MUFON GA's Carl and Helen Thim are investigating.
DOUGLASVILLE/HIRAM - On December 4, 1998, MUFON GA's William Lester and David Brown interviewed the witnesses that have been reporting the anomalous lights or objects and a triangle. The witnesses' observations had been made every night since November 28. After conducting their interviews, Lester and Brown remained on site to survey the area. During this time they observed the same type of activity described by the witnesses. These included: A-- Cone shaped object, blue on top and yellowish on bottom, moving quickly out of the field of vision of a telescope within 5 seconds. B-- Round object with a blue coloration rotating around a black core. C-- Glowing red object transiting the sky from horizon to horizon. A skywatch with video cameras is being planned for this area in the near future. Lester and Brown are compiling detailed reports of these events and the above info is just preliminary.
ATLANTA - On November 17, 1998, about 1:00 AM, a local beverage delivery driver was turning onto Highway 92 from South Fulton Parkway just southwest of College Park. He observed a large hovering object about 30 feet above the tree tops next to the roadway. It was partially obscured by the fog, but close enough that he could tell it was a distinct hovering object at least the 70 feet long and thick vehicle. It had a red light on top, green on the sides, and white on the bottom, about 50 total non-blinking. His initial thought was a new cell phone tower, but there were none. A truck driver also seemed to be looking at the UFO.
LAWRENCEVILLE - During recent weeks, MUFON GA's David Brown of Norcross has observed unusual light configurations in the skies. On December 4, 1998, at about 4:25 AM, he was returning from Snellville by way of Arcado and Killian Road. The weather was mild and clear except for some patchy areas of low fog. While driving he noticed a bright light approaching from the distance, traveling toward the southeast. He stopped at a traffic light and the UFO traveled overhead at about 150 feet. David saw the object was diamond shaped with a white light on each point with a larger red turning light in the center. It moved at an estimated speed of 30-35 mph and was silent. It appeared to be about the size of a pack of cigarettes held at arm,s length and estimated its true size of a compact car. He maneuvered to keep it in sight and retrieved binoculars for a closer look. No further details could be made out under magnification. David's background in aviation and archaeology make him a good witness. A similar size diamond shaped craft was reported in Alpharetta on November 18. Dobbins Air Base is in nearby Marietta, a recent conversation with authorities there about these events proved less than enlightening. Thanks to MUFON State Director Tom Sheets.
MIAMI BEACH - Mary Margaret Zimmer reports that I received reports of at least three people who saw objects moving erratically. They were pulsating blue, green white, red, and yellow lights and "throwing" lights off of themselves on November 30, 1998. A number of people saw a light in the sky that expanded and contracted and at times appeared translucent. A blue circular flame seemed to surround it. A video was taken from WTVJ's "Tower Cam" facing east and shown on Channel 6 on December 1, 1998.
MARGATE/HOLLYWOOD - November 29, 1998, in an apparently different sighting a blue light was reported to radio station Y-100, that had many calls and broadcast hourly updates.
TAMPA - November 17, 1998, at about 4:30 AM a flying V was spotted by numerous people on the night of the meteor shower. It was described as being about 500 feet wide, traveling very fast at about 10,000 feet. "It looked almost as if it were translucent and made absolutely no sound," said one witness who took photos of the craft. It had no lights on it and it would not have been seen if so many people had not been watching the meteor shower that night. Thanks to Jason Overholser and Mary M. Zimmer
VAN HORN - J.W. Ronshausen reports he was part of a group of eight men who were hunting Mule Deer in the desert thirty miles west of Van Horn. At 7:00 PM on December 5, 1998, we noticed a victrola shaped white cloud in the southwestern sky. A tiny white light was at the head of the object. All eight of us watched with binoculars the cone shaped object and belled out at the big end. The cloud looked like charged particles. There were no clouds in the sky at all at the time of the sighting, there are no lights in the area. We estimated the cloud was 25 miles or more away that would put it just across the border into Mexico. Phone 512-990-9921, 2215 Terradyne, Pflugerville, TX 78660. We have had in the past reports of "cloud" like UFOs; in September in LaGrange, Georgia. Thanks to John C. Thompson.
LAKE CHAPALA - Jalisco. Karen Herrtwich reports that on December 5, 1998 at 7:00 PM a large bright light (white) with smoky trail, not moving fast (west to north/east), then the light got smaller then disappeared. Many people in this area saw the unknown light. There were no sounds and the sky was clear! Thanks to ISUR and Karen Herrtwich, (376) 54800 Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. Editors Note: Numerous UFO reports have been recorded over the last couple years. Air traffic controllers at the main airport in Mexico City, who are equipped with advanced radar equipment, report they received a radar echo from a spherical green light moving close to an airliner on approach, and which was being observed by the plane's pilots and ground staff.
EDMONTON - On November 17, 1998, north of London a triangular shaped craft was sighted flowing low over just after midnight. Observers of the Leonid meteor shower reported seeing a low flying craft with triangular shape. There were a dozen amber lights coming from the craft that appeared to flying at a high altitude.
General Exon told investigators that somewhere in the buildings at Wright Patterson Air Force Base the debris was tested and may still be housed. It is unlikely the Air Force will show us what crashed, so we are stuck with examining the last known photographs taken in General Ramey's office on July 8, 1947. The world was amazed when Roswell Base Commander Colonel Blanchard and his intelligence officer, Major Marcel announced to the world that the Army Air Force had captured a flying saucer early in the day. Major Marcel and some of the debris was flown at high speed to Eighth Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas for examination. James Bond Johnson was ordered by his Fort Worth Star Newspaper to cover the story. Bond raced to the General's office and helped Colonel Dubose unwrap the debris. When General Ramey clutching a message arrived 15 minutes later, Bond took several photographs of the debris with the General, Colonel Dubose, and Major Marcel. Several hours later, Weather Officer Irving Newton was ordered to rush to General Ramey,s office and identify the debris. Irving testifies that the General told him to get to his office immediately, and if he didn't have a car he was ordered to take the first one with a key in it. This infers there was still a question on the identity of the debris. Weather officer Newton was introduced to the higher ranking Major Marcel who kept on telling him the writing on the beams was alien. More photos were taken by an unknown photographer of the debris and Warrant Officer Irving Newton. Now in effect the world waited for his decision. A comparatively low ranking Warrant Officer would make the critical identification of the debris. Newton examined the evidence as the world waited and stated simply it was a weather balloon and a RAWIN reflector. But wait, the photos of the debris taken earlier in the day appears different from the debris taken in Newton's photos. Almost a third to a half of the critical debris is missing. What happened to the wider beams and materials that do not to meet the specifications of the RAWIN reflector? Why was so much of the debris missing? This is the only evidence we have and the evidence has been tampered with and some has been removed. I should point out, it is possible that the photo is cropped in such a way that the bulk of the material was pushed away from the camera. Most of the debris seems to be in its same place, but key material is missing. Could parts of the missing craft be mixed with a relatively mundane RAWIN radar reflector? Attached is a comparison of the debris with Newton's knee showing and the earlier photos taken by Dr. J. Bond Johnson.
University of Manchester physicist Neil Morris writes, "At first the photographs taken in General Ramey's appear to be a RAWIN Radar target reflector until you look a little closer. In the original radar reflector specifications the support "beam/sticks struts for the foil backed reflectors were shown as being wooden (balsa) and of square section. Square, rectangular and "I" sections can all be found in the photographs, some of these are also found to be "hollow" sections. These are NOT in the specifications for the radar assemblies. One other feature places at least some of the debris outside the specification of radar reflectors, that is the point that a number of the beam structures show surface markings in the form of characters. Website at:
The key to this case is the interpretation of the debris and message. Stan Friedman is offering a CD of the debris and message for $25.00. You can review the CD and decide for yourself by e-mailing Stan at:
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