Numerous Recent Graphic UFO Sightings In Pennsylvania
From Stan Gordon <>
PA UFO Hotline (24 hours) 724-838-7768
Reports of alleged UFO sightings, as well as other unusual events from PA , have been reported throughout 1998. Many of the incidents have been determined to be natural or man-made in origin. Some reports however are quite interesting and will continue to be investigated. The following are some recent reports which have come to my attention.
September or October, 1998 - Coumbia ,PA (Lancaster County) I was recently made aware of this report. The witness is interested in knowing if other people in the area witnessed this phenomena, or if there were any similar reports in other areas. The witness states that he was on the Wrightsville-Columbia bridge around 8:30 P.M., "As I was looking out over the Susquehanna river, I saw an unusual sphere appear. This sphere appeared to be about 3 times bigger than the full moon as was present that night. The location of this was about 5 to 10 miles south-southeast between the Columbia-Washington boro area. I'm not sure exactly how long this illuminated though I watched a few minutes and was stationary. This sphere had a light orange-white pale appearance and was left of the full moon adjacent to the river hillside."
October 4, 1998 - (Crawford and Indiana Counties.) Large triangular object reported by motorists. Information on these cases are still be gathered.
October 20, 1998 - (Washington County) A woman and a young child were driving through a rural area when they noticed what looked like a large amber star. The "star" crossed over the road in front of them and moved to their left. The woman pulled her car over and put her glasses on to observe the light better. When she turned on a light in the car, the object displayed various colored lights and moved off. A short distance down the road, they again observed a large amber light which they felt was the same object as was previously seen.
The driver pulled the car over again. She had a small camera with her and attempted to photograph the light. She took two shots, and the witness claims that after the flashes went off, the amber light split into two silver balls that "began dancing around, one leaping in an arc over the other." The spheres moved to the left and over the horizon. I am awaiting the development of the pictures.
October 30,1998 - Ford City (Armstrong County) Man was outside when he noticed a bright orange ball of light. During the observation, the light moved in a straight across the sky from the north. It then shot straight up and continued moving to his left. Then the light stopped, and went straight down. He ran inside and awoke his wife to come outside to look as well. His wife told me it was unlike anything she had seen before and that the object was much brighter and bigger than the stars appeared. She observed the light moving across the sky then stop. "Then it just took off faster than anything I ever saw before. It left a streak of light in the sky." Total observation time was about 3 minutes.
November 11, 1998 - Between Greensburg and Jeannette (Westmoreland County) The witness observed a white fireball with a trail moving from east to west at about 9:30 P.M.. Debris and white sparks were falling as the object passed through the sky. Observed for several seconds.
November 15, 1998 - Youngstown, PA (Westmoreland) Sighted about 8:15 P.M. along the Chestnut Ridge, several people observed a bright orange fireball with an orange tail moving west to east in the direction of Ligonier.
November 16, 1998 - Penn Hills, PA (Allegheny County) via the National UFO Reporting Center. Motorist observed 4 objects over about a 10 to 15 minute period. The objects wer reportedly square shaped, were at a low altitude, and displayed red flashing lights and three round lights. One object reportedly hovered close to the witness before moving off, and no sound could be heard from any of the objects.
November 22, 1998 - Allentown,PA (Lehigh County) via the National UFO Reporting Center. Daylight observation by a family who reported seeing 5 silver disc-shaped objects moving at a high rate of speed from west to east. The observation lasted about 25 seconds.
November 24, 1998 - Wilmerding (Allegheny County) Man driving at about 3 P.M. looking towards the southwest, he noticed two contrails in the sky that crossed like an X. He pulled his car over after noticing a silver-gray object (like the fuselage of a helicopter) that rose straight up from below the contrails amd moved quickly upwards through the sky above them. It then shot straight down through the contrails and then it was gone from sight. This object displayed no contrail.
If you have any additional information pertaining to these reports or other PA cases please contact me.
Stan Gordon