New Details Of Secret Military
Disks Revealed By
Tim Matthews
Note - The truth about the terrestrial/military origin of many UFOs is beginning to make itself known through the efforts of several dedicated researchers who are carefully assembling details of top secret military technological achievements which apparently have generated many, BUT NOT ALL, UFO sightings during the past 50 years. Controversial British researcher and aviation expert, Tim Matthews, has been in the forefront of bringing this material to the public. The following are several recent net postings by Tim which illustrate the direction and depth of the research currently underway. This is important information which will be discussed in detail when Tim Matthews joins Jeff this Sunday evening, September 27, from 8-11 pm Pacific.
Sightings Radio Show - New evidence revealed!!
Just a few hours ago I finished speaking live with Jeff Rense, host of the very popular US "Sightings" talk radio show. This was an important programme because it revealed new evidence about the construction of US built flying discs at Papoose Lake from the mid-late 1950s. One of these saucers had the designation XD-3A and apparently utilized a radial-flow propulsion system similar to that developed in Germany by the Project Saucer team at Breslau during the latter days of WW2.
I was quick to point out that our research into German technologies has nothing to do with politics and that we were all appalled by the war crimes committed by those involved in Third Reich technology development programmes. Nevertheless, if these were the genesis of some modern day "UFOs" then the truth must be told.
One caller from Portland noted the work of Eugene Sanger, who worked for Skoda in Czechoslovakia during the war (no, not on third-rate cars!!) and whose pioneering work into hypersonic stratospheric aircraft only worked it's way into US technology much later on. The level of knowledge that callers to Jeffs' programme displayed was indeed impressive. Another caller agreed with my analysis regarding US-built discs but still claimed that there was an ET element involved - even if the evidence for this was tenuous....
The XD-3A disc was developed by a joint USAF-Wright-Patterson-AVRO team and although the focus was on Canada the work went on at "The Facility" south of Groom Lake - opened just a couple of years before ostensibly to test fly the U-2 spyplane. Increased Soviet threats to US airspace from the late 1940s appear to have prompted the CIA, Air Force and US Navy to re-evaluate their approach to sightings of flying disc and flying wing-type aircraft and it is likely that the Soviet threat was made a focal point in order the ensure maximum funding for these advanced technology programmes. Several documents now available show an interest from several branches of the military-intelligence community in this area and resulted in the implementation of Air Force Regulation 200-2 in 1954. All of these were quoted in detail on the programme last night......
Nobody from the UFO community has yet been able to provide me with a sensible answer as to why the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson AFB - the focal point for official 'UFO' investigations including 'Project Blue Book' from 1951 - denied all knowledge of the nature or origins of flying discs whilst at the same time working to perfect the technology from, specifically, 1947 through the development of the early plans re; AVRO in 1951 to the final "Technical Report" on "Project Silver Bug" in Feb. 1955..........
The Jack Pickett revelations about US discs at MacDill AFB, Florida, in 1967 were also presented for the first time to a large American audience as were details of other classified programmes. I briefly touched on sightings and construction of discs at China Lake NOTS at Ridgecrest, California mainly in the hope that local people or former workers might be able to furnish me with new leads.
(No doubt this will give the spooks at the Office for Naval Intelligence (ONI) something to squirm about)
Undoubtedly there were people listening who knew EXACTLY what I was talking about......
I praised the work of Jan Aldrich and his commendable efforts to approach the 'UFO' subject through the publication and investigation of previously classified US intelligence documents and I also noted the open-minded and supportive attitude of Peter Gersten of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy.
I also noted the continued work of Italian UFO researcher Maurizio Verga; Check out their respective sites:
In fact, all were agreed that now is the time for the Pentagon to open the Pandoras Box of US military 'UFO' secrecy and to present the public with some much-needed truth about these and similar programmes. How can the information on 50 years old jet-powered discs be a National Security risk? As Jack Pickett points out, some of these were discovered in a salvage yard in 1967 and were actually built by Bell and Vought before 1962!!
No doubt this new and factual angle on the 'UFO' subject will have acted as both a reality check and shock to the system for some listeners although I was quick NOT to rule out a possible "ET/non-human intelligence" angle.
If YOU have any information on these programmes contact me, in confidence, today.
Congratulations to Jeff Rense, an excellent advocate for truth and freedom of information, for allowing me to present three hours of new material to a big audience. We still have a couple of shows worth of information to present!!
Please add the 'Sightings' web site to your Internet Explorer today! Its' up to date reporting gives you a wealth of information on a variety of subjects censored by the mainstream media; from close encounters to strange animal deaths to fluoride in water to Y2K to military technology.........
Contact me for further information and in future please take advantage of the "Real Audio" links available!
Tim Matthews - for freedom of information.
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September 20, 1998
Dear All,
Over the last few months I have been working with several people in order to bring out the truth behind sightings of flying discs in the 1950s and 1960s particularly. Two of these are journalist David Windle and aviation and photographic expert Bill Rose. 'Focus' magazine, a widely read UK popular science publication, features on pp.56-9 of it's October issue sensational revelations about US-built flying discs written by the men.
Bill Rose, by far the most knowledgeable researcher into these classified aircraft, has now gone public with some of what he knows.
Points in the article of interest to 'Updates' readers;
- The existence of jet-powered pancakes built by Vought and Bell in the 1950s. I spoke to Thomas C. Smith who, as a Chance-Vought engineer, worked until 1946 on circular wing aircraft including the jet version.
- The testimony of former combat veteran and Air Force journalist Jack Pickett who saw and investigated four older USAF discs at MacDill AFB in 1967. He was allowed access to documents and photographs both of older discs and information about more radical contemporary designs. He was initially tasked to reveal the truth about the nature and origins of these earlier discs in official AF publications - said by AF experts to have been responsible for the early saucer flap.
- Despite initial openness with Pickett and his team, evidence of a change of thinking at the highest levels regarding flying discs in 1967and the subsequent decision to maintain the cover-up at that time. The crash of a disc operating out of Avon Park AFB was said to be a critical factor in maintaining secrecy.
- Evidence that the Pentagon did nothing to discourage alien stories from 1951 when a team of aviation experts, including Germans recruited under 'Operation Paperclip', visited A.V Rose in Canada to start an advanced disc construction programme. 'Contactee' stories were no doubt encouraged to cover-up these classified programmes and to divert attention away from the reality of flying disc technologies.
- Further evidence to substantiate the German-American origins of flying discs.
- The first known photograph of Dr. Walter Richard Miethe, the man most responsible for postwar flying disc sightings.
In addition, I have further revelations about disc construction at Papoose Lake and the role of the USAF and US Navy in the flying saucer story. FOIA documents and witness testimony have provided vital new leads.
Order you copy of 'Focus' magazine today!
A big thank you to Bill Rose and David Windle for having the guts to tell the truth at last!
Tim Matthews - British UFO Studies Centre
September 20, 1998
Dear All,
Amongst other positive responses to the article in the October article of 'Focus' magazine come various enquiries. It has not escaped people's attention that the Germans were toying with remote-controlled rocket planes that were to be launched at allied bomber formations. Not only that, but a version of the Messerschmidt Me-163 was remote-controlled and operated by a primitive but workable TV link!!
Thinking about 'foo fighters' for some time whilst writing the first book - which could now be added to and significantly rewritten given incoming information - certain things are clear from some of the reports and I emphasize that probably no one explanation is viable for all of them:
- the foo fighters ascended from Nazi held territory.
- appeared to be under intelligent (remote) control.
- they were seen by experience pilots and were unlikely to have been simply examples of 'St. Elmos Fire' or similar natural phenomena.
- were seen descending into Nazi-held territory in areas where underground facilities were known to be located.
Again it would seem that terrestrial technology was responsible for these early 'UFO' reports. perhaps even more interesting is one report that some remote-controlled Me-163 craft were shipped to Japan for use. Maybe that type of arrangement explains some sightings in the Far-Eastern theater of war??
These were certainly constructed and were certainly responsible for many sightings in the late 1940s and early 1950s. I spoke to Thomas C. Smith of Pennsylvania about his work with Chance-Vought in the war and up to '46. As a engineer he worked on both the XF5U1 and subsequent jet-powered versions. This is not surprising given the change from props to jets after the war. Perhaps not coincidentally, Chance-Vought moved to Texas in 1947/8. The letters on the side of the discs stored at MacDill AFB in 1967 and seen by former combat veteran and USAF reporter Jack Pickett read "U L" which indicate construction before 1962 by the Vought and Bell companies - the letters indicated the manufacturer.
This is going to get very interesting because the only thing that proponents of the aliens in saucers myth can come up with is that the aliens, although massively advanced and whose technology was akin to magic, used similar flying discs!! I think not and now we can explain cases like McMinnville and Rouen with greater ease and certainty. I think we also can make a strong case that these were the craft captured on film by William Rhoads (or is it Rhodes? I've seen various spellings in books and Intel' docs...) in Arizona in 1947.
Even more interesting is the claim from both Pickett and another remarkable source, whose information I shall be presenting on US Talk Radio soon, that the Pentagon did nothing to discourage the belief in aliens. Speaking to my colleague Jenny Randles, one of the best researchers and writers around, I understand that she has concluded - through recent research - that the early 'Contactee' stories were deliberately planted.... Exactly who was a spook (was it Adamski?) is anyone's guess but perhaps our subscribers know something?????
I'll tell you something even more coincidental. In 1951 it was decided at Wright-Pat to go ahead with a very advanced saucer project involving Dr. Walter Richard Miethe and AVRO Canada. The alien contact stories took off at that time didn't they? Hmmm.......
On a separate note there is a big debate raging in the UK about the use of hypnosis and 'recovered' memories of close encounters. Does anybody have an informed view about the link between hypnosis and 'abductions'? On a personal note I have to say I am quite interested in this and at this stage I see no reliable medical or scientific evidence to indicate that hypnosis is an effective way of finding out about the objective reality of events.
I could be wrong - convince me otherwise....
In coming months it is likely that a small-scale MIT abduction conference will be held in the UK and I should like to hear your views on this very important subject. I am particularly interested to hear from US researchers and experiencers. Your experiences and information are, as ever, held in the strictest confidence!
Tim Matthews - British UFO Studies Centre
September 23, 1998
Dear All,
In response to recent comments about the real flying discs - those designed, built and flown by the US Navy and USAF from 1946 UK aviation, astronomy and photographic expert Bill Rose had this to say:
"Judging by the email you sent me, there seems to be a fair bit of confusion about supersonic flight prior to Chuck Yeager.
I've personally never suggested that discs with supersonic performance were operational prior to 1947 - but who knows? The Germans flew the first winged vehicle beyond Mach One in 1945 which was an unmanned A-4b rocket. They were going to fly these second generation V-2s with pilots had the war lasted longer. (As I recall, the design wasn't right and the wings came off the second prototype!!)
Arnold said the craft he sighted were boomerang shaped, which strongly suggests a top secret development of Horten or Lippisch work - maybe by Jack Northrop.
The (significant) F-6 Douglas 'Skyray' (followed the XF5-U1) was heavily Lippisch and featured transonic performance with reheat. As a low aspect ratio design, it looked very saucerish with its manta-ray shape and reflects 1940s thinking. The key element to pre-Yeager supersonics is undoubtedly afterburner design (rather than rocket power) and the British and Germans knew all about this long before the Americans. After all, they built their postwar aerospace industry on a lot of UK and Nazi technology.
I doubt if Arnold was that accurate on his estimates of performance, but I think it is quite possible that a few US high performance prototypes were flown in secret which fell between the Horten lX and the 'Skyray'. Because of Yeager's flight, they will never be revealed. But who knows?"
I fully concur and might add that I spoke to a man who wishes to remain anonymous who conducted the first tests on the Horten lX in 1947 and who strongly suggested that these and similar advanced aircraft were up and flying at the time. What is more, the Americans were testing all sorts of stuff back then and were starting to use their German assets. Even more traditional histories of this, including Phil Butlers' important "War Prizes" (Midland Publishing Company, 1994) give some examples. David Myhra's acclaimed new book on the Horten Brothers is also worthy of study.
For some further information I suggest the following sites: the "Luft 46" German Secret Weapons site and finally Maurizio Vergas' similar and useful page at:
Tim Matthews - British UFO Studies Centre
September 24, 1998
Dear All,
Exciting new information - again from the Matthews camp.
US Air Intelligence Report 100-203-79, only recently declassified, makes a number of intriguing comments about flying saucer-type aircraft and notes that some of the sightings in 1947/8 might have related to 'experimental flying wing aircraft'. It also talks about 'jet-equipped aircraft with pancake or flying wing configurations'.
beyond the obvious conclusion that these were responsible for sightings - and despite the obvious later change in policy after Soviet discs and similar low aspect ratio aircraft attempted to penetrate the DEW line from the late 1940s onwards we have always suspected that the heel-shaped objects were in fact evidence that the XF5U-1 Chance Vought 'flying pancake' had flown in relation especially to the Muroc Field 'unknowns' of July 1947 which to this day remains a core case within the field of UFO research.
Despite the obvious conclusions, researchers still intend to play their silly games and live up to the expectations of their belief systems. Fine - may their God go with them.....
But AIR 100-203-79 should dispel any doubts that the XF5U-1 flew. What is so important about this you may ask.....Quite simply that all the official histories claim that the aircraft never did more than 'taxiing tests'. Of course one wouldn't build an advanced aircraft and then just attempt taxiing tests (!) but that has been the lie.
Paragraph 8 (2) of the document in question says;
"Among those which have been operational in recent years are the XF5U-1 "Flying Flapjack"".
This was a US Navy aircraft and I suggest that the 'Operation Mainbrace' sightings of 1952 related to a Navy disc.........
Need we say more?
On the one hand belief and evidence for strange natural phenomena and on the other classified aviation research.
Tim Matthews - British UFO Studies Centre
Wednesday October 7th 1998 at 7.30pm. Function Room, W.D Suttons' Pub, Scarisbrick New Road, Southport.
"The Final Truth About Flying Discs!"
Big screen overhead and overhead projection, new edition of UFO NEWS, books and information.
Admission just £2.50.
Possibly the most important UFO lecture ever??


September 25, 1998
(Note - The following is an excerpt from a widely circulated email response by Tim Matthews to comments of two others interested in this subject. For the sake of clarity and due to the truncated version of the conversation, the two others are only identified here as Person 1 and Person 2. We are posting this to give you an idea of the tempo of inquiry and data flow in this subject area.)
Person 1: I was not aware the scope of development of US built saucer-shaped craft during the 1940's. Since there now appears to be evidence that the Vought XF5U-1 flew, are there any other documents of informants that follow up on the future of that program? Looking at the grand scheme of things, I'm assuming there was a natural progression of this technology.
Person 2: The XF5U-1 flew in 1942. In 1947 Chance-Vought placed it on railroad car and carted it down to an air show here in Connecticut and it flew for a short time then.
Tim Matthews: WRONG AGAIN!
It was not designated XF5U-1 in 1942 but rather the V-173. Designed by Zimmerman the V-173 was a smaller and less powerful STOL aircraft using 80 hp engines that flew over 50 times showing the truly remarkable handling qualities of the design. Great interest, as well as substantial funding was forthcoming from the US Navy.
The official history books, Angelucci/Bowers or Art Schoeni (Aeroplane Monthly November 1975, pp.566-571 and December 1975 pp.624-627) indicates that the XF5U-1, although much more adavnced than it's competitors (even jet designs) only underwent taxi tests....although it occasionally lifted off during these.
The designation XF5U-1 emerged officially after the award of contract on July 15th 1944.
Schoeni writes: "Vought requested the Navy for permission to transport the XF5U-1 flight test vehicle to Muroc Dry Lake bed, where unlimited emergency landing space and few observers would make testing easier".
MUROC FIELD - SITE OF THE JULY 1947 SIGHTINGS OF A REMARKABLY SIMILAR AIRCRAFT - of 'ET' origin according to some idiots....
He adds, pp.626;
"The predicted speed range of the big Pancake was amazing. Whereas other designers could not better a one to four ratio in landing speed to top speed, the Vought machine was expected to achieve a range of 40-425 mph with the original engines, 20 to 460 mph with water injection engines AND 0-550 MPH WITH GAS TURBINE POWERPLANTS."
Sounds like the kind of aircraft, of entirely terrestrial origins, reported by numerous observers, some of them credible, from the early days of the postwar saucer flap. Sounds like such an aircraft, the product of human acheivement, would fit the bill nicely for reports of those 'flying saucers' or so-called UFOs able to travel at very low speed and appear to hover (an area of some contention) and whihc were of metallic/light/silver colour.
Person 2: Other than that, if you can find records of it zooming around the skies, then you have something indeed.
Tim Matthews: Aren't the reports records and what about the 'records' that we know exist in the archives and which have NOT been released? And what about that 23rd July 1948 document (again!) noting the existence of an X-plane built by Vought (who were involved in the construction of the saucers that Jack Pickett saw, touched and photographed back at MacDill in 1967) and postwar Navy tests into low aspect ratio aircraft?????
Person 2: Official and press records only indicate this one flight in 1947 until the time of its destruction. It would indeed be interesting to see any evidence of other flights. Supposedly there was 3/4 model of the V-173 in Chicago that was flown from time to time. Again, lets see the evidence of: 1) the esistance of the model and 2) this thing zooming around the skies.
Person 1: Does anyone know what events took place after this program and what craft today, if any, is a descendant of that program?
Tim Matthews: Probably the flying triangles....
Person 1: I'm also curious about the informant who had worked on the Horten designs. I know I have asked this question before, but did the informant mention where the ideas behind the designs or the technology come from? I guess I'm trying to figure out if Bob Lazar's and others' claims of back-engineering of alien craft is really happening.
Tim Matthews: Lazars' claims about alines technology are b.s. - pure and simple.
Person 1: And if so, how long ago did this begin? Could the private sector have been working on their own designs at the same time the gov't was working on the real stuff?
Tim Matthews: Of course!
Person 2: Several firms/agencies tried out the Hortens' aircraft designs. Northrop used a postwar advertisement of one Horten's flying wing to recruit employees.
Tim Mattews: You're getting there....
Person 2: Lazar is a teller of tall-tales
Tim Matthews: Yep.....
Person 2: ..and has the kind of television presence that UFO "documentary" makers love. ("Who cares if it's BS, it sure looks good!") Proof of anything that Lazar has claimed is completely lacking. If there is proof of Lazar's claims, let see it!
Tim Matthews: Still waiting.....
New Details Of Secret
Military Disks Revealed
By Tim Matthews
October 7, 1998
The 'flying pancake' flew; the very advanced circular aircraft built by the Chance-Vought company was designed by William Horton Zimmerman whose influence extended into wartime Germany - and to the Special Projects Group at Breslau.
An article written by A.R Weyl, an aviation expert, for Aeroplane Magazine, dated March 19th 1948 states;
" 'The Real Flying Saucer?'
Since this experimental type [the XF5U-1l 'flying flapjack' TM] was produced, further progress has been made in the development. It seems that axial-flow gas turbines HAVE BEEN INSTALLED, and it is quite possible that a combined propulsion with thermal jets and airscrew rotor is already under test. With this, for slow flight take-off and landing the rotors are driven by the gas turbines, while at high speed the rotors are declutched and feathered and pure jet propulsion is used. This would, incidentally, explain the extraordinary ability of the reported 'Flying Saucers' to be able to fly very fast and high, and also to hover, descend and ascend with virtually no forward speed....For operation with gas turbines a speed range from zero (ie' hovering flight) to more than 500 mph has been claimed for the Chance-Vought Zimmerman helicopter-airplane."
So, there you are and yet more evidence to support my case that:
1) Most early "unexplained" UFO/flying saucer reports relate to jet-powered flying pancakes operated by the US Navy from 1946/7.
2) The Muroc Field sightings of July 1947 were of this aircraft.
3) The military has sought to hide these subsequently behind an alien smokescreen.
4) Disinformation is largely encouraged and the UFO community is most responsible for aiding the cover-up.
Not to mention that, to my certain knowledge, there are newly-emerging documents PROVING that the US Navy had such an aircraft and that it flew from various locations throughout the USA from 1946/7.
Furthermore, this article appeared along with dozens of pages of 'Project Sign' documents...
It is perhaps to humanity that we can look for the answers...
Tim Matthews.