Criteria For The Privatization Of
Disclosure Of Information
Related To UFOs and ETI
By Steven M. Greer M.D. c.1998

A number of people have asked for clarification of plans and criteria related to the disclosure of top-secret government witness testimony and other evidence related to the UFO/ETI matter.
The privatization of this process, which would by-pass the currently non-responsive US government, requires a carefully planned and executed strategy in order for this disclosure to be effective, safe and meaningful. Clearly, there is no justification in exposing multiple top-secret government witnesses and sources unless the risk of doing so is surpassed by a reasonable expectation of benefit.
The expected goals and benefits of such a privatized (civilian led) disclosure are:
To establish for the international community- including mainstream scientists, politicians, religious leaders, media and others- the reality of the UFO/ETI matter, thus altering the current status quo which largely dismisses the subject as fictional ;
By achieving the above, engaging the international community in a serious discussion regarding the evidence related to the ETI matter, its implications and what actions should be taken to further study the issue. This would also end the exclusive covert management of the subject which has been on-going for over 50 years and which is a threat to world and national security;
Effect this disclosure in a manner which will avoid unnecessary panic, anxiety and xenophobia by conducting the disclosure strategy in a manner which is hopeful, scientific and neutral.
Components of the disclosure are:
A multi-part prime time major network documentary series which would present the best available scientific evidence and top-secret witness testimony to a global audience; this series will be restricted to major mainstream media and will not be available to the minor and tabloid media
Compendium books and other educational materials to the documentaries
A well-organized, main-stream press conference and briefing to coincide with the release of the materials mentioned above
A global scientific conference to be convened following the disclosures which would look at all of the evidence and make recommendations for further study and action
Criteria of evidence to be included in the documentaries, books and other materials listed above:
Top-secret government witnesses and aerospace witnesses to unambiguous UFO/ETI events and programs. These witnesses will be vetted and include ONLY first-hand witnesses with documented involvement with the military or government and who have a clean legal/criminal record;
High-quality government documents which demonstrate the reality of the UFO /ETI matter and which demonstrate the reality of long-standing covert interest in the matter;
Independently analyzed photographic, video and movie images of unambiguous UFO/ETI objects;
Objects of Extraterrestrial Origin (OEO) which have been independently analyzed by qualified scientists who have no financial interest in the verification of the OEO.
Other cases and evidence which are not anecdotal and which have multiple points of corroboration
Audio tape, radar tapes and other electronic evidence which has been independently verified.
Exclusion Criteria: The following types of cases will not appear in the disclosure materials:
Anecdotal cases such as idiosyncratic personal sightings and experiences, alleged contactee/abductee cases and rumors of events;
Second hand government witnesses unless extremely compelling and of VERY high rank and credibility
Unverified and non-analyzed images, documents, tapes, OEO etc.
Wildly speculative cases, theories and belief systems
Features of the international press conference and briefing:
To be held contemporaneous to the airing of the disclosure documentaries
To be held at a suitable venue with adequate credibility and gravitas commensurate with the importance of the event, in Washington DC
Participants restricted to : * First-hand top secret government and military witnesses to UFO/ETI events
*Respected aerospace and aeronautics figures *Mainstream and credentialed scientists *Noteworthy political figures and leaders
All others will be observers
Invited media restricted to : *Major mainstream media (print, radio, TV etc) *Science and political reporters for specialty areas (astronomy, geo-politics etc) *Major International media
Tabloid and minor media will not be invited
The Global Scientific Conference on UFO/ET Phenomena will include the presentation of the best scientific evidence and top-secret first-hand government witness testimony. Participants are restricted to the following:
Scientists and researchers with Ph.D. or minimum Masters degrees Top-secret government UFO / ETI witnesses Select Scientific leaders Select Think-Tank leaders and officials Science reporters from mainstream and specialty media and journals
Proceedings will focus on:
The presentation of evidence and testimony Analysis and Discussion of same Recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Board to scientific, academic and governmental leaders
The above plans are contingent on the identification of sufficient funding to properly fulfill these plans. Inadequate funding and/or attempts to diminish the disclosure by identifying it with tabloid and fringe venues and media outlets will result in non-disclosure and/or postponement of the disclosure process. We see no point in putting forth important and top-secret witness testimony and other critical evidence in a venue (or through a process) which would be obviously ineffectual from the outset.
The maintenance of these high standards is critical to the success of the disclosure process.

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