Montana UFO Sighting Update - Weather Clears...It's Still There
By Robert A.M. Stephens <>
ST IGNATIUS, MONTANA --The ongoing UFO sightings have continued into the 11-10-1998 time frame. Cloud cover broke for this night and the UFO, alone, was there as it had been only lower in altitude and slightly further south toward the town of St. Ignatius, Montana, itself roughly 10 miles south of Ronan along the southern edge of the sprawling Mission Valley.
Due to nearly 100% cloud cover with snow and storm over the last several nights viewing has been null from 11-6-1998 to current.
Observation was made by local law enforcement as well as workers at the manufacturing facility mentioned in previous posts and other civilians who happened to notice the craft and reported same. Total on witnesses as of this writing has exceeded 600 area wide.
There has been no further reporting by outside news sources other than that posted already. Lake county sheriff office personnel have continued to look into the matter with no availing information over and above what visual observation has provided. Local law enforcement in the towns of Ronan, St. Ignatius, and Polson have done the same. They too have garnered no conclusive data on this sighting.
Reporter has yet to successfully witness UFO firsthand but is making arrangements to attempt this in forthcoming nights when conditions abide for such. In so doing two Navy SEAL high resolution digital compasses will be set up four miles apart along the north south route of highway 93, thus providing for triangulation, distance from the center of highway 93---a logical azimuth anchor point to the observed craft, size of craft, altitude, and if detected movement can be attained, thus, inherent speed in relation to observed location.
The viewing time and conditions for this latest sighting was from 1:27AM to 3:34 AM when cloud cover obliterated the viewing window. During this time of clearing the sky was cloudless, exceptionally clear, stars in abundance, temperature in the 5 degree F range, no moon as it had set over the mountains to the west, no wind at surface. However, at 20,000 feet ASL the west to east winds are a steady 120 MPH over the Rocky Mountain Front complex coming from WWS blowing toward the EEN in a direct line. Witnesses reported the conditions were clear enough to single out a defined shape behind the previously described lighting of the craft but it was too vague to accurately describe. Several witnesses used hunting type binoculars for observation but they have yet to be interviewed by this reporter.
Craft was 8 nautical miles distant from viewing locale at manufacturing facility and at altitude of approximately 14,000 feet ASL, and 4 miles further south than previous sightings since 10-16-1998.
Numerous emails to reporter have suggested this sighting is everything from ours, balloons, holograms. From experience over 19 years with NASA at various test sites around the country and overseas as well as a Navy SEAL active until 1990 and Reserve Status since that date to current, reporter can testify this sighting studied from interviews and reports from law enforcement, witnesses, and the NORAD/Fence database program, anomaly is nothing in our paucity for understanding. It is not of our technology. It is not an apparition. It is a physical vehicle with mass of unknown origin.
It is an unknown and in Aerospace/military vernacular, listed as a 'GRAY'.
The only remotely close related vehicle that could exhibit anything related to this anomaly is the Aurora high propulsion VTOL capable aircraft. However, tests and performance of this vehicle precludes the following:
1. It is and has been grounded for further structural tests at Area 51, Edwards Air Force Base, [Dryden], and at parent contractors test facilities at Palmdale, CA, at Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, and Northrop. Aurora has not flown since 1-9-1998. Its only known public observation was during test flights over Area 51 on the afternoon of June 21, 1992, and video taped by cameramen from NBC News. Subsequent tape was shown and narrated on the NBC Nightly News the following night with narration by Mr. Brokaw, the nightly news anchor.
2. Aurora cannot hover in air at that altitude, temperature differential, present cross wind, nor can it evade F16F class aircraft.
3. Aurora is a small craft in size comparison to the F-117
4. Montana anomaly is guessed (by witness account) to be somewhere at 600 feet on a side and triangular in shape. Aurora is of the shape of a June bug, 1/700th this size.
5. Aurora could not be seen with unaided eye at this distance of observation as reported under any conditions.
Thus, this UFO is not Aurora
The 'Fence' protocol at NORAD is a remarkable program made up of many technicians monitoring a series of interleaved grids coming from Geostationary high orbit satellites. The office tracks all 9,653 man made objects in space orbiting Earth. These include a pair of gloves from Gemini 6 and
some dozen washers dropped on a repair mission on STS-51A on a shuttle mission and every other orbiting object of artificial origin along with the occasional meteorite that may remain in Earth's space for some overly long seconds.. If something untoward enters into the tracking field (the fence) it then begins a series of tracking logarithms to track speed, location, altitude, departure angle, mass, heat, and inherent velocity. From there it runs a test for itself to confirm that whatever
it is is not something we have in space. From there a management program kicks in called, 'Intruder Assessment'. If a series of democratic protocols weigh out then the next step is to start a series of visual confirmations with our own air assets. Stealth 117A and or SR-71 are dispatched to attempt intercept. From there the 'Fence' protocols go through a series of 'what is' formats until the intruding element is either confirmed to be something from us or an unknown. Unknowns are called a 'Gray'.
This is because the unknown is there in space but is not ours. It is not a 'target white' (friend) nor a 'target black' (foe).
Thus far the Montana UFO is a 'Gray' as listed. It is also the 117,443 unknown to be catalogued at the 'Fence' office at NORAD or SAC since 1966, globally. It is suspected they (NORAD) have moved any one of three Keyhole deep-look satellites into position in high Earth Orbit to watch this bogey when it appears since conventional ground based air assets have failed to acquire craft for confirmation due to vehicle exhibiting phasing or some other type of eluding of recon aircraft.
UFOs are not referred to as such in the military/NASA parlance. They are either a 't-white' (target white) if friend, 't-black' (target black) if a foe. Unknowns are a 't-gray' or sometimes a 'tg' for an acronym if not of Earth origin. The Montana UFO is not of Earth origin.
Reported by:
Robert A.M. Stephens
Contractor, NASA
Shuttle Documentation Program
St. Ignatius, Montana