The "Best" Canadian
UFO Cases of 1997
From Bill Oliver UFO*BC
January 13: Abbotsford, BC A woman was driving to work when she saw a single cloud in an otherwise clear sky. As she watched, it "burst downwards" and dissipated, revealing a "black bar" floating in the sky. After 5 minutes, a beam of light shot out from the first object and a second object appeared.
February 22: Aklavik, NWT Five people were followed along a road by two silver-grey objects which hovered over the highway then "glided smoothly down to the snow" behind them. The objects had rows of "windows" with bright blue light shining through them. After 15 minutes, the objects were lost to view as the witnesses turned along an ice road.
March 30: Whitehorse, YK On Easter Day, a mother and her three children were chased along a highway by an object "like a small satellite dish." At one point, the object was directly above the witnesses' car at about treetop level.
June 8: Treherne, MB As he was driving, a former police officer saw a turquoise object which seemed to land in a field near the highway. The object seemed to remain on the ground for 10 to 15 minutes and appeared to have a light on its "front" and "back." The witness said he had "never been so scared" in his life.
June 28: Blind River, ON Four witnesses watched the flight of a red, triangular object with jagged edges and a "square forward section." Within seconds of its disappearance, an egg-shaped object appeared in the same location and flew along a similar path, "flaring" every 2 seconds into a bright white from a dull grey.
July, n.d.: Sault Ste. Marie, ON A "square of eight lights" was seen in the sky by witnesses, one of whom is an Air Force and Coast Guard veteran. Fifteen minutes later, a completely silent, "boomerang-shaped" object glided over the witnesses "like a huge bat" at low altitude. Its underside was covered with hundreds of small, dim, rectangular lights.
July 3: Nojack, AB Two witnesses driving along Highway 16 saw in the air a "black ring" with faint lines hanging down to a "big puff of smoke" that was motionless in the sky. It was in view for about 5 minutes.
August 4: Hadashville, MB Two forest rangers in different towers simultaneously observed a "silver ball" which hovered over the trees some distance away from them. A second identical object approached the first and the two travelled away together.
November 13: Lac la Biche, AB Two witnesses were driving home at night and saw a "diamond-shaped object," consisting of "3 white lights in the front and 1 red light in the rear," suddenly "turn on." It hovered over trees an estimated 300 metres away and the witnesses could see the "belly" of the object.
November 17: Winnipeg, MB As a mother was tucking her child into bed, she looked out a window and saw "an inverted triangular object with no wings." It had many rows of lights across its surface and was "lavender and steel grey" on one side which was "illuminated."
December 8: Surrey, BC After watching two brightly-lit objects fly across the sky, a "granddaddy" object, disc-shaped and "pewter-coloured," like "out of a fifties movie," spinning and bobbing in the night sky. The witnesses gave chase in their car, but lost sight of it after a short time.
December 14: Vancouver, BC Seven witnesses saw an object shaped like an "@" sign. It zoomed into view and stopped in midflight. It was a "flattened silver pyramid" and hovered for a few seconds, bobbed up and down and acted like a "wimpy yo-yo" before disappearing suddenly.
December 22: Halifax, NS An object described as an "airplane wing cross-sectioned" was seen by a witness familiar with aircraft. It had a "solid appearance" and was very slow-moving, moving out of sight after eight minutes.

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