Multiple Florida And
Arizona UFO Sightings

From Tim Edwards
From George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director, Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #5-1998
Ray Pollock reports that he and Elise had a 25 minute sighting, while standing in their driveway January 31, 1998, starting at 6:22 and lasting until 6:47 p.m. in Pensacola. Ray states: It was the typical red light "Bubba" of old. It appeared approximately half way between the horizon and the moon at that time in the evening. It gradually moved north and rising until it was approximately the same elevation in the sky as the moon from our vantage point. It moved perhaps 15-20 degrees to the north and then changed direction to an east/southeast movement until it was around five degrees shy of directly overhead and then faded out. There was a dimming and brightening more or less constantly during all this time, though it remained various intensities of red. It did not go through the white phase, we have seen periodically in the past. There was no sound associated with the sighting other than small planes in the sky that were all moving in directions away from the object. Thought you might like to know. There was another sighting reported in a different location by Carole Baker. Still another group reported a sighting from a different location, which was apparently the same object which we saw - based on their description.
As an aside, Whitley Strieber has been here for the last couple of days doing an article for Life Magazine and was present for another sighting in the Gulf Breeze area. See Carol's web site: later in February for a more detailed report on these sightings.
First, for those who think we saw an airliner. We live in an area bounded by a very busy commercial airport (about 1 & 1/2 miles away). At times when using the east-west runway, they come in low only a few hundred yards from our back patio doors. We are quite aware of what airliners can and do look like as well as small private aircraft. Add to that the fact our boundaries include a busy Naval Air Station and one of the largest Air Force facilities in the U.S. Do we know what all of these aircraft look like? You bet. We have been studying them for years, just so we can recognize a UFO for what it is, rather than being an airliner, military jet, C-130' s, etc. I forgot that you have no idea about "bubba" since none of you are apparently familiar with this area. The phenomena that has been on going here for the past 50 years.
The object was a rather brilliant at times red light -- it pulses from very bright to moderately bright and occasionally will disappear completely. Pulse rate is around 7.5 times per second (earth frequency for the uninitiated). (This has been pretty carefully checked a number of times on sequential video frames.) For the brilliant white phase it goes through at times (this particular sighting did not) the frequency is generally 30 times per second. It changes intensities between video frames at 1/30 second. There is no possibility of mistaking it for something else, we have witnessed these objects hundreds of times. We've even had up close and personal sightings. This includes a sighting of the what we call the Gulf Breeze craft where the port holes, etc., were quite visible. It hovered stationary and silently over the Shoreline Park area no more than a few hundred feet away. These are not imaginary, they are real. When you have had as many sightings of these craft as we have, there will no room in your minds for even considering the possibilities of mistaken identities or other mundane explanations to explain these objects away. Believe me, it would be much simpler to ignore these objects or even the possibility that there are such objects and get on with the more mundane aspects of everyday life. However, for those of you who have had abduction experiences, for example, you know very well, that that is no longer possible.
PENSACOLA BEACH: I quote exactly from Anne Morrison's report of the January 30, 1998, sightings."Hi everyone, I wrote a brief description of the sightings we had this weekend, thought you might like to read them. Since, we did not use a compass and inclinometer the elevation and azimuths are just rough estimates. We were at Pensacola Beach, at water's edge, the Dunes Hotel at 6:27 p.m., looking to the north to north west at approximately 30 to 40 degrees elevation, we saw a stationary red light which varied slowly in intensity. As we watched, some witnesses had binoculars, it very slowly moved higher in the sky pulsing randomly as it moved. It was slowly moving toward the witnesses and took 8 to10 minutes to come directly over our heads. Then it moved to the east of us an slowly faded to white, then disappeared. Almost immediately, someone spotted another steady red light due east, but only 5 to7 degrees above the horizon and over the Gulf. It remained in that position for about 3 minutes then disappeared. There were several small planes in the sky at the same time and were easily recognized as same. There were twelve witnesses, eight of whom have a great deal of experience seeing the Gulf Breeze red light. The sky was completely clear with a very light wind from the south-southeast, the red object moved into the wind. The sighting lasted approximately 8 to 10 minutes.
On Saturday evening, January 31, 1998, we went to the last public parking lot and boardwalk on Fort Pickens Road before you go into Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach. We had barely arrived when we saw a steady red light to the north-north west at about 7 degrees above the horizon. The red light was a long way from us as it was not as bright as the night before. It was so dim at times that it was difficult to see without the aid of binoculars. The light appeared at about 6:27 p.m., and remained in view for 22 minutes. It moved very slowly appearing higher in the sky and going more east. Because it was so far away it is difficult to assess its exact path from our location. At no time did any of us see any strobe lights, white or green with the red light. It was a single red light that varied randomly in intensity. There were some thin clouds in the distance. The sky over head was clear, the wind was light and from the south at 5 mph according to the weather report. There were 11 witnesses. Just a side note, one of my more "sensitive friends" says that the sightings will be increasing to an almost every night occurrence by Spring. Thanks to Ray Pollock and Ann Morrison.. Editor's Note: If you want to know more details about the Gulf Breeze sightings; I investigated in the late 80s and early 90s and wrote the foreword to Dr. Bruce Maccabee's and Ed Walter's excellent book: "UFOs Are Real, Here's the Proof" with are excellent photographs.
Hello, My name is John Spicola and I believe I saw something about two weeks ago above Tampa, but the funny thing is no one wants to talk to me about it! I called two TV stations and all the media seems to be thinking about is the President's affairs! I am not the only one who saw lights that night. There were other reports by a TV station here in Tampa, WTVT Fox about the lights. I learned of the other people who saw them also. Here is my story. "It was 12:30 AM on a cool, but very clear Florida night, there were no clouds, no lighting that is very rare for a Florida evening. It was the middle of January, and it's beautiful here in the winter. I was walking my dog on the sidewalk next to my neighbor's house and all of a sudden there was this intense light. So stunning was this light that I cowered expecting to be hit by something falling. So fast and bright was this light it left me stunned for a couple of seconds. There was no noise, car, airplane, helicopter anywhere that I could hear. As my eyes adjusted to this brightness, the light turned into about twenty spotlights; shining on the street, the sidewalk, my dog, and me. I started to get mad. I said, to myself what helicopter, plane, could make these lights appear straight above me. I then instinctively looked over my right shoulder, and as I started to turn around the lights swirled to the right as if the object was spinning away. Again there was no sound. The whole thing took less that a minute and it was over. My little dog and I were just left there as he did not whince or bark the whole time. I had to ask my self what happened? I nervously walked back to my house and sat on my sofa. I had just been watching TV so I knew the exact time, only five minutes had past. I questioned my sanity for about a minute and said to myself something was out there, but what? Then there was nothing but clear bright sky and many stars. Thanks to John Spicola &Fl IUFOG-
Arizona's new UFO flap swept into its second week with hundreds of sightings reported in and around Phoenix and the city of Casa Grande. My position was North of Casa Grande looking towards Phoenix, 30 miles away and looking in the NE direction. This was only one formation of the four formations I observed on January 18, 1998. This formation stayed basically fixed in this pattern for a solid thirty minutes while #4 moved around in the formation. At one point #4 gotten so bright I almost had to put the binoculars down. I had the impression in the back of my mind that it was going to land. A few seconds later, it dimmed to the intensity of the other three orange globe lights in this formation. There was constant activity in the other 3 formations off to the west, east and directly north of my position. I had a difficult time trying to watch all four formations, since these lights would wink out then back on in same position and then move close in and then out again. I could make out structure with the binoculars when the lights would dim on some of these orange globes. As I said, this activity was going on in the other formations of two and three white to orange lights but this formation really stood out. Then #4 really got bright. Brighter than I've ever seen on any video so far.. Thanks to Robert Michael C.
Victor Kean reports there were hundreds of reports of large Flying Triangles (FT) over southeastern England last year. The Flying Triangles have, on occasion, been first observed in the North Sea off the Suffolk coast. They then generally visit one or more of the three coastal Nuclear Power Stations. Project FT' is fortunate to have a stable team of experienced observers in each of the main areas surrounding the Nuclear Power Stations (NPS). These began from the chance sighting of a FT by an avid ornothologist (bird watcher) who armed with binoculars and notepad began to record her sightings back in 1993. The idea spread from county to county--Suffolk, Essex, Kent and so on. Now our 'teams' work to a 'duty roster' and each FT sighting is 'confirmed' by the observer telephoning his fellow observers in the same area and getting them to look at the object. The three main observation groups are *not* in contact with each other, but channel they're observations into a central well- established UFO research group who collate all the reports. These in turn are checked and transmitted 'down the line' for entry into the project's database. Additional sighting reports from independent sources are verified by an experienced researcher before acceptance.
Tell those skeptics that no aircraft would hover for 2 to 25 minutes over a N.P. station...Just think of the consequences if it fell out of the sky due to some 'malfunction'. The first 100 FT 'Work Periods' (WP) of 1997 has now been entered into my Basic "FT Analysis" program. All these are from the UK's Nuclear Power Stations. Looking at the 'Elapsed Times' i.e. The time computed between the 'First' and 'Last" visit of each WP there is a noticeable decrease in these when the Full Moon is above the horizon. I do take your point that these are very small numbers i.e. only three (3) Full Moons but nevertheless the pattern holds for those first three. As you will appreciate, it will take time to enter the remaining WPs of the year. The sudden step down in recorded times after 02:00hrs on March 30th 1997 is also noticeable though these do climb back up over the following WPs. It is almost as if the FT 'controllers' realize from their NPS surveillance that a change has occurred in the routine of the NP plant. (Perhaps some particular exercise/ change occurs around 'Midnight' by the clock and this has now shifted by one hour. I shall try to find out from my sources if this is so.) There is a question of why should the FT be wary of being seen? We all thought they could make itself invisible. So, why doesn't it do so? More food for thought. Thanks to Victor J. Kean and Project FT.
Information from the Australia, NZ. National UFO Hotline February 1. "Respondents report sighting two bright white triangular objects ripping through the night sky over Devenport, Tasmania at 11.55 PM. The first object sped passed at an incredible speed, a low altitude on a westerly heading. A few seconds later, another white triangular object flew past on the same course and bearing, however this object appeared to have a bright green light or glow following it. The objects appeared to be identical in shape and color, there was no sound. The objects were a definite right angle triangle shape, "they appeared to be like the broad swept back wing of a stealth or delta winged American spy craft". IPP has a new American World Radio Monitoring Centre direct at 0416 305 889. Thanks to: Ross Dowe (
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- NASA officials unveiled a photograph February 2, 1998, that proves for the first time that there was once a flowing river meandering across the planet. Vice President Al Gore, who was on hand for the unveiling, joked that scientists can now say "a river ran through it." NASA scientists say the photograph does not confirm when the river existed. But they estimate that it was about 1 billion years ago. A second photo also unveiled Monday revealed evidence of horizontal layers on the surface of Mars -- which could prove Mars has something similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Gore and NASA officials showed the pictures at a briefing on the research and development portions of President Clinton's proposed 1999 budget. The administration has proposed increasing spending for research and development to $78.2 billion. Gore described the discoveries about Mars as the "kinds of new facts that are so exciting to people in all fields." Gore said Clinton is earmarking $170 billion over five years for research and development, the largest commitment to "key civilian research" in U.S. history. " (CNN)
MUFON's John Thompson writes. "By pure coincidence after getting CSETI's e- mail this morning, urging all to contact their federal representatives to ask for congressional hearings on UFOs, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former moon walker, was on the United Broadcasting Network (UBN) Radio today. Knowing that he was involved in Dr. Steven Greer's CSETI effort, I called UBN and was able to talk to him. He said, Many think that efforts for Congressional UFO Hearings have gone no where, but the real news is that behind the scenes many congressional leaders have been agreeing, that they should take place. It is Mitchell's belief that Congressional Hearings will take place and they may be started relatively soon. It was encouraging to hear this from him and it is clear that he thinks momentum is still building. P.S.: I just received another e-mail from Tony Craddock of CSETI who says "committee chairs" should be contacted and not "local representatives. Draft up a letter or fax, and send now." Thanks to John Thompson our former Georgia Director who always does a great job. He is now our State Section Director.
There are indications that our government for the first time in thirty years is starting to take UFOs more seriously. This may be in part caused by MUFON, the Fund for UFO Research, CUFOS, Skywatch International, ISUR, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy and particularly CESTI all campaigning for a Congressional Hearings into the matter. The White House has apparently directed specific questions about UFOs to various branches of government. Astronauts Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper and many former military personnel have spoken out on what they know. The D.C. briefing to Congressional staff personnel that I participated in on April 9th may be bearing fruit. Also, these Files your reading are being sent to several congressman. Meanwhile, new technology is beginning to explain the flight characteristics of UFOs.
Extensive wind tunnel tests at comparitively slow speeds indicated the disc shape was not an effective airfoil for flight. Further, tests indicated the disc unstable in flight. However, new data from Mach 25 shock wind tunnel tests indicate the shape is ideal at high speeds. In an Aviation Week & Space Technology,(5/15/95, pages 66 & 67), article entitled 'Air Spike' Could Ease Hypersonic Flight Problems." The article discuses means of creating a plasma sheath around an air vehicle to prevent overheating at hypersonic speeds. The research was done at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "With this capability, traditional hypersonic design rules would change, and ultra-light, blunt-bodied, lens-shaped or saucer-shaped single-stage-to-orbit vehicles could emerge." Steven J. Dunn of Current Encounters states, "If you follow the descriptions of the test vehicles used in the Mach 25 shock tunnel, you will find configurations that match common the photographs of UFOs. The shock tunnel studies have proved that the disc shaped objects are ideally suited for travelling at 25 times the speed of sound or roughly 15,000 mph. These speeds are ideal for getting a craft into orbit around the Earth. These studies prove what Ufologists have known for years. UFOs have an excellent design for high speed travel.
My speculation is that White House and Ufologist pressure has created a need for our intelligence satellites to scan the heavens for potential alien invaders. Some of our intelligence satellites are not only scanning the Earth for a possible enemy threat, but piggy backed on these satellites are sensors looking out an scanning deep space. The sensors have recently been programmed to pick up fast moving objects known as 'Fast Walkers' as far out in space as the asteroid belt. Early indications are that UFO 'Fast Walkers' are now being tracked in deep space. Our sensors and computers at NORAD keep track of all known objects in Earth orbit. These are called, 'Correlated Targets.' Unconfirmed reports are that at least once a week, an unidentified or 'Uncorrelated Target' is tracked entering the atmosphere. "These unidentified returns not in our computer data banks, may be alien space craft." Some unidentified or Uncorrelated Targets also leave the Earth's atmosphere. The organization now responsible for keeping track of the unidentified objects is the new Imagery and Mapping Agency, (IMA). If craft are reaching us from space, they appear to be in very small numbers. Further, the speculation is that the craft may be entering and leaving the oceans or secret bases. The possibility that underwater bases are being used is gaining support.

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