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Flying Saucer Patents
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"Cook, Roger D. (US), Flying Saucers U.S. Patents List - Dec 1998, (10 Kb)
(Abstract) This report results from an extensive survey of various Patents
Databases, searching for all patents relating to the Flying Saucers
Aerospacecraft (i.e. circular-winged, V.T.O.L. by design). Lists over 90
Original-from: (Roger D. Cook)
Last-modified: 30 Dec 1998
Archive-name: Man-Made Flying Saucers Patents: USA Only
Abstract: This report results from an extensive survey of
various U.S. Patents Databases, searching for all
patents relating to flying saucer type aerospacecraft
(i.e. circular-winged and V.T.O.L. by design).
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United States (US)
5,730,391 Miller, John A., Jr., et al (03/24/98) Universal
fluid-dynamic body for aircraft and watercraft
5,503,351 Vass, Gabor I. (O4/O2/96) Circular wing aircraft
5,351,911 Neumayr, George A. (1O/O4/94) Vertical takeoff
and landing (VTOL) flying disc
5,344,100 Jaikaram, Allan (O9/O6/94) Vertical lift aircraft
5,318,248 Zielonka, Richard H. (O6/O7/94) Vertical lift aircraft
5,303,879 Bucher, Franz (O4/19/94) Aircraft with a ducted fan
in a circular wing
5,213,284 Webster, Steven N. (O5/25/93) Disc planform aircraft
having vertical flight capability
5,203,521 Day, Terrence R. (O4/2O/93) Annular body aircraft
5,178,344 Dlouhy, Vaclav (O1/12/93) VTOL aircraft
5,170,963 Beck, August H., Jr. (12/15/92) VTOL aircraft
5,149,012 Valverde, Rene L. (O9/22/92) Turbocraft
5,102,066 Daniel, Wm. H. (O4/O7/92) Vertical take-off and
landing aircraft
5,054,713 Langley, L. W., et al (1O/O8/91) Circular airplane
5,046,685 Bose, Phillip R. (O9/1O/91) Fixed circular wing
5,039,031 Valverde, Rene L. (O8/13/91) Turbocraft
4,976,395 von Kozierowski, J. (12/11/9O) Heavier-than-air
disk-type aircraft
4,824,048 Kim, Kyusik (O4/25/89) Induction lift flying saucer
4,804,156 Harmon, Rodney D. (O2/14/89) Circular aircraft
4,795,111 Moller, Paul S. (O1/O3/89) Robotic or remotely
controlled flying platform
4,778,128 Wright, Herbert H., et al (1O/18/88) Flying disc
4,773,618 Ow, Gordon J. (O9/27/88) High speed vertical
take-off and landing aircraft
4,685,640 Warrington, John E. (O8/11/87) Air vehicle
4,651,953 Kim, Kyusik (O3/24/87) Induction Lift Aircraft
4,519,562 Willis, Wm. M. (O5/28/85) Aircraft
4,457,476 Andresevitz, Frank (O7/O3/84) Wingless aircraft
4,452,410 Everett, Robert A. (O6/O5/84) In-line gyro type
4,433,819 Carrington, Alfred C. (O2/28/84) Aerodynamic Device
4,387,867 Jordan, Heinz (06/14/83) Flying craft
4,326,681 Eshoo, Frederick (04/27/82) Non-rigid airship
4,312,483 Bostan, Nicolae (O1/26/82) Aircraft With Circular
4,214,720 DeSautel, Edwin R. (O7/29/8O) Flying Disc
4,196,877 Mutrux, Jean L. (04/08/80) Aircraft
4,193,568 Heuvel, Norman L. (O3/18/8O) Disc-type airborne
vehicle and radial flow gas turbine engine used
4,165,848 Bizzarri, Alfredo (08/28/79 Rotary thrust device
including axially elongated rotor rotatable in
casting having elongated fluid intake and
discharge slots
4,117,992 Vrana, Charles K. (10/03/78) Vertical lift device
4,050,652 DeToia, Vincent D. (O9/27/77) Gryo Foil
4,023,751 Richard, Walter A. (O5/17/77) Flying Ship
4,014,483 MacNeil, Roderick M. (O3/29/77) Lighter-than-air
3,933,325 Kaelin, Joseph R. (O1/2O/76) Disc-Shaped Aerospacecraft
3,871,602 Kissinger, Curtis D. (03/18/75) Circular wing aircraft
3,774,865 Pinto, Olympio F. (11/27/73) Flying Saucer
3,75O,98O Edwards, Samuel L. (O8/O7/73) Aircraft with vertical
take off and landing capability
3,697,020 Thompson, Raymond V. (1O/1O/72) Vertical lift machine
3,690,597 Di Martino, Renato (O9/12/72) Vertical take-off
landing aircraft having a pair of coaxial
counter-rotating rotors etc.
3,640,489 Jaeger, Karl (O2/O8/72) Vertical takeoff and landing
3,630,470 Elliot, Frederick Thomas (12/28/71) VERTICAL TAKEOFF
3,614,O3O Moller, Paul S. (1O/19/71) Aircraft
3,612,445 Phillips, Duan A. (1O/12/71) LIFT ACTUATOR DISC
3,599,9O2 Thomley, John W. (O8/17/71) Aircraft
3,5O3,573 Modesti, James N. (O3/31/7O) Disk Flying Craft
3,469,802 Roberts, J. R., et al (09/30/69) Transport
3,437,29O Norman, Francis A. (O4/O8/69) Vertical lift aircraft
3,432,120 Guerrero, E. (04/11/69) Aircraft
3,41O,5O7 Moller, Paul S. (11/12/68) Aircraft
3,395,876 Green, Jacob B. (O8/O6/68) Aircraft With Housed
Counter Rotating Propellors
3,387,8O1 Kelsey, C. W. (O6/11/68) Vertical takeoff aircraft
3,321,156 McMasters, Douglas Q. (O5/23/67) Universally manuverable
3,312,425 Lennon, C. D., et al (04/04/67) Aircraft
3,243,146 Clover, P. B. (03/29/66) Vertical-takeoff-landing aircraft
3,237,888 Willis, William M. (O3/O1/66) Aircraft
3,199,8O9 Modesti, James N. (O8/1O/65) Circular wing flying craft
3,177,654 Gradecak, Vjekoslav (O4/13/65) Electric Aerospace
Propulsion System
3,124,323 Frost, John C. M. (O3/1O/64) Aircraft Propulsion And
3,123,320 Slaughter, E. E. (04/03/64) Vertical rise aircraft
3,103,324 Price, N. C. (09/10/63) High velocity high altitude
V.T.O.L. aircraft
3,O9O,58O Kehlet, Alan B., et al (O5/21/63) Space And Atmospheric
Re-Entry Vehicle
3,O72,366 Freeland, Leonor Z. (O1/O8/63) Fluid sustained aircraft
3,067,967 Barr, I. R. (12/11/62) Flying machine
3,066,890 Price, Nathan C. (12/04/62) Supersonic Aircraft
3,O65,935 Dubbury, J., et al (11/27/62) Vertical take-off aircraft
3,O62,482 Frost, John C. M. (11/O6/62) Gas turbine engined aircraft
3,O51,417 Frost, John C. M., et al (O8/28/62) Aircraft control systems
3,O51,415 Frost, John C. M. (O8/28/62) Fluid sustained aircraft
3,O51,414 Frost, John C. M. (O8/28/62) Aircraft with jet fluid
control ring
3,O24,966 Frost, John C. M. (O3/13/62) Radial flow gas turbine
engine rotor bearing
3,O22,963 Frost. John C. M., et al (O2/27/62) Disc-type aircraft
with peripheral jet control
3,O2O,OO3 Frost, John C. M., et al (O2/O6/62) Disc aircraft with gas
turbine and ram jet engines
3,O2O,OO2 Frost, John C. M. (O2/O6/62) Vertical take-off aircraft
3,O18,O68 Frost, John C. M., et al (O1/23/62) Disc Aircraft With
Multiple Radially Disposed gas turbine engines
2,997,254 Mulgrave, Thomas P., et al (O8/22/61) Gyro stabilized
vertical rising vehicle (discoid)
2,953,32O Parry, Robert D. (O9/2O/6O) Aircraft with ducted lifting fan
2,939,648 Fleissner, H. (6/7/60) Rotating Jet Aircraft with Lifting Disc
Wing and Centrifuging Tanks
2,918,23O Lippisch, Alexander M. (12/22/59) Fluid Sustained And Fluid
Propelled Aircraft
2,927,746 Mellen, Walter R. (O3/O8/6O) Torodial aircraft
2,912,244 Carr, Otis T. (11/1O/59) Amusment Device
2,876,965 Streib, Homer F. (O3/1O/59) Circular wing aircraft with
universally tiltable ducted powerplant
2,863,621 Davis, John W. (12/O9/58) Vertical and Horizontal Flight
2,8O7,428 Wibault, Michael (O9/24/57) Aircraft With Enclosed Rotor
2,8O1,O58 Lent, Constantin P. (O7/3O/57) Saucer-Shaped Aircraft
2,73O,311 Doak, Edmond R. (O1/1O/56) Impeller Propelled
Aerodynamic Body
2,772,057 Fischer, John C. (11/27/56) Circular Aircraft and Control
System Therefor
2,619,302 Loedding, Alfred C. (11/25/52) Low Aspect Ratio
2,432,775 Lennon, C. D. (12/16/47) Rotating disc type aircraft
2,431,293 Zimmermann, Charles H. (11/18/47) Airplane Of Low
Aspect Ratio