The Ultimate Roswell
Revelation Book?
By Jim Kippenberg
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Merciful heavens, it's the story that won't die, and never mind what they say.
Roswell, we mean, celebrating its 50th anniversary this weekend. Remember? In 1947, an alien spacecraft supposedly crashed near Roswell, N.M. The Army descended, did a clean-up, then departed with five aliens and a load of space debris.
The government says it never happened. A bunch of others disagree.
Among those differing: Cincinnati engineers Larry Rogers and Curt Robinson. They are even as we speak shopping a book on the topic.
Not your typical UFO buffs, these two, they began Roswell as a hobby three years ago. Two visits, thousands of dollars and dozens of libraries later, Ice Man Down is finished.
And startling, they promise. Very startling, and a story so ugly they don't want to tell but feel they must.
Problem is they're not telling until they have a firm publishing deal.
This much we know: Their premise is that it was more than a UFO crash. "That's the tip of the iceberg; the real story is bigger," Rogers says.
We also know the story spreads beyond Roswell, that the authors got lucky and found documentation, and that they consider the UFO bit a red herring tossed out to divert attention.
"I look at what we have," Robinson says, "and I say, Omigosh, what are we dealing with? Tell me it's not true.''
But it is, they both believe, and they promise we'll all find out. Soon.

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