Major Mass UFO
Sightings In Florida
From National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
From Stig Agermose <>

On Saturday evening, March 7, 1998, at sometime between 1840-1850 hrs. (Eastern), two very bright, anomalous lights were observed by many witnesses on the ground to move across the State of Florida, coursing generally to the northwest. At times, and from some vantage points, the objects appeared to move very rapidly; at other times, and in other locations, they were observed to be moving relatively slowly.
The objects were first reported to the National UFO Reporting Center by Mr. Danny Oakes, a "warbird" pilot with the Confederate Air Force, who resides in Okeechobee, FL, located approximately 5 miles north of the northern tip of Lake Okeechobee. Mr. Oakes witnessed two brightly lighted objects approaching his location from the southeast at seemingly a very high velocity. The objects appeared to Mr. Oakes to slow suddenly, after which one of the objects "shot" off, and then returned to its position beside the other object. Then both objects appeared to shoot up in the atmosphere, and suddenly disappear.
We also received an excellent report from Dr. James Acker, M.D., a cardiologist vacationing in Florida from Knoxville, TN, and former U. S. Navy flight surgeon, who witnessed the event with his wife and two other individuals. Dr. Acker was driving north on Fiddlesticks Boulevard near Ft. Myers, Florida, approximately 1 mile from the local airport, when their party witnessed two objects moving across the sky in formation for an estimate 15-20 seconds. Both of the objects, he reported, appeared to be bright white lights, and each of them appeared to have a "halo" around the center core of light. In addition, "tails" appeared to stretch behind the objects, much the way a "tail" is seen streaming behind a comet in space.
In addition, we received telephone and e-mail reports from many points in Florida, stretching from W. Palm Springs, across the Florida Peninsula to the Tampa area. Some of the specific locations from which our Center received reports are Lake Okeechobee, Port Charlotte, Tampa, Bonita Springs, Sarasota Springs, St. Petersburg, Punta Gorda, and Lehigh Acres, Florida.¿ We suspect that the event, in fact, was witnessed by thousands of people, both on the ground and, we presume, in the air, as well.
We include one report our Center received from Norfolk, VA, which describes an unusual event "perhaps caused by a meteor" on Thursday night, March 5, 1998.
One of many interesting aspects of the event was the fact that several witnesses reported that the two objects appeared to be maneuvering in a complex manner, and they were moving relative to each other. Also, they were reported to slow, then speed up again, and several witnesses reported that the objects appeared to climb to a higher altitude.
Some of the raw reports we have received over the internet are posted below, with names, addresses, and all personal data deleted. They are posted here in their original, unedited form, and we indicate where we feel minor errors of fact appear.
NOTE: Another interesting aspect of the sighting over Florida is that a somewhat similar incident occurred over northern California approximately 3 hours later, principally in the area of Sacramento, and surrounding cities. The incident in California is being described by news and scientific personnel as having been caused by a meteor shower, and we have no reason to question that conclusion.
However, noteworthy is the fact that some of the reports the National UFO Reporting Center received indicate that several of the objects reported over California were seen moving parallel to the horizon, which although by no means impossible for a meteor, is nevertheless rather unusual.
In addition, the event there lasted, according to preliminary data our Center received, from approximately 1845 hrs. on Sunday, March 8, 1998, to 0230 hrs. on Monday morning, March 9. It seems unusual that a meteor shower would occur in a geographically isolated area, and not be witnessed over a wider area.
Date: 03/07/98 Time: 18:45 Duration: 2.5 minutes Sighting City: Northern Vero Beach Sighting State: Fl. Sighting Zip: 32967 Sighting County: Indian River Number of Craft: 3 Witnesses: 2 Shape: Formation
Summary: 2 bright lights moving toward us one lower the other. One turns and disappears leaving an illuminated doughnut shaped fog. Then the other light did the exact same thing.
Description: Two bright white lights were observed by my wife, niece, and myself. It was March 7, 1998 at 6:45 P.M. The lights were moving in a westerly direction at the same speed, but different heights. The light on the right was slightly lower than the one on the left. No sounds were coming from the lights. They looked as if they were shining a light in a Downward glow. Suddenly the lower light on the right pivoted approximately 180 degrees and disappeared, leaving an illuminated doughnut shaped glow. That lasted approximately 10-15 seconds and then dissipated.
The other light never stopped moving. It continued going in the same direction at the same speed for at least 15 seconds after the doughnut glow disappeared. Then just like the other light, it turned away from us and disappeared, leaving the same doughnut glow, which as the first, lasted around 15 seconds and dissipated as well. No object observed; just 2 distinct lights. After the lights turned away from us they simply disappeared, they didn't seem to fly away, or go in any direction, they just disappeared, leaving the dought shaped signature, and our thoughts running wild.
Like nothing we have ever seen before. This was also witnessed by our neighbors who were having a party. 10 of their guests also witnessed the lights.
Date: 030798 Time: 1900 Duration: 1 to 3 min. Sighting City: Port Charlotte Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: 33952 Sighting County:¿ Charlotte Number of Craft: 6 (sic?) Witnesses: 2 (sic?) Shape: Light
Summary: Observed 2 flickering white lights to the east 4 fingers above horizon moving erracticly.Light on left above right, right faded out fist then left disappeared. ¿ Description: 6 Adults sitting on a lanai in Port Charlotte Fl at about 7 pm and observed 2 white lights about 3 finger breaths apart moving erratically and skyward up. They were white round lights. We saw on the 6 O'clock WINK TV news out of Ft. Meyers Fl a video of the same 2 objects and to report them. 6 adults 1-Rn 1-Teacher 1-Mortgage Broker 1-Naval Architect 1-Plumber 1-Unknown
Date: 3/7/98 Time: 19:30 Duration: 15 seconds Sighting City: in the east as seen from bonita springs florida Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: 34134 Sighting County: Lee Number of Craft: 2 Witnesses: 2 Shape: Other
Summary: rocket plumes,apparently rising into the sky in the east
Description: nothing to add to summary
Date: 03/07/98 Time: 18:50 Duration: 3 min Sighting City: Lehigh Acres Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: 33936 Sighting County: Lee Number of Craft: 1 Witnesses: 2 Shape: Fireball
Summary: Two glowing fireball objects with a large afterglow spread out behind them.
Description: While traveling east on 23rd street, and then north on BethStacy blvd, observed objects traveling southeast and upwards. It was approximately 6:50 pm. The object on the left was higher on the horizon than the one on the right. About two minutes after the objects were spotted, the one on the left faded out for about two seconds but the afterglow remained. The weather was clear and the skies were blue. It was about dusk. The local news station has a video tape of the sighting. The one on the right faded out before the one on the left.
Date: 03/7/98 Time: 18:50 Duration: 30 seconds Sighting City: Sarasota Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: 34236 Sighting County: Sarasota Number of Craft: 10 (sic) Witnesses: 2 (sic) Shape: Cone
Summary: Object observed coming from SE at twilight, sky very clear and not yet dark. Object was white with small white core moving towards us (direction NW) and a cone shaped haze behind it. It moved steadily towards NW then suddenly seemed to disolve.
Description: There were about 10 people around me at the time - in Island Park in Sarasota on the bayfront, a popular place for taking walks. The sky was perfectly clear and calm, the sun had set in the west and it was dusk but not dark in the east. We all saw the object coming towards us -- others saw 2 objects, I just saw the one. I realized it was not a plane. The only other possibility was a launch from Cape Canaveral which we can see from our coast when it is clear. Except, CC is further north and object launched from it leave a clear vertical vapor trail. This object was very white with a cone-shaped white haze behind it - could have been moving quickly, it was hard to say. I observed it for about 20-30 seconds then it suddenly seemed to dissolve and disappear. The front (core) part of the object was very solid, very real, it was not a trick of light or anything else we could figure out. Afterwards I discussed it with a few others who had seen it -- no one had any idea what it could be.
Date: 03/07/98 Time: 1950 EST (sic?) Duration: 5 minutes Sighting City: Punta Gorda Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: 33955 Sighting County: Lee Number of Craft: 4 Witnesses: 2 Shape: Disk
Summary: Two brightly glowing objects sighted about 100 degees during twilight at about 40-50 degrees above the horizon.
Description: Two brightly glowing, disk-shaped objects sighted 3-7-98 at approximately 1855 EST. Objects were at about 100 degrees magnetic and 60 degrees elevation above horizon. Relationship to each other was line-abreast formation, and movement was extremely slow, and toward East. Unable to tell altitude due to bright glowing aura about them.
After 3-4 minutes object on right started to fade rapidly until it disappeared about 15 seconds later. Object on left of formation also faded similarly, but a minute or so after first.
Individual objects were very similar in shape to those captured on video tape over Phoenix, AZ in 1997.
Incident observed by 4 adults: 1. 53-year old male, retired F-15 pilot, with 35 years flying and DoD industry experience (no prior sightings) 2. Wife of observer #1, 52-year old female (no prior sightings) 3. 58-year old male, retired USAF EWO/Navigator, with almost 40 years flying and DoD industry experience (no prior sightings) 4. Wife of observer #3, 54-year old female (no prior sightings)
((Note: Please note date and location of the following report, which occurred on March 5, 1998, near Norfolk, VA.))
Date: 03/05/98 Time: 1900 Duration: 3 seconds Sighting City: Norfolk Sighting State: Va Sighting Zip: 23320 Sighting County: City of Norfolk Number of Craft: 1 Witnesses: 1 Shape: Fireball
Summary: Intensely bright green fireball almost the diameter of the moon shot across the sky. Long bright green trail. Visible for 3 seconds or less
Description: Was getting out of my truck on Boissevain Avenue in Norfolk, Va.and was facing North when the event occured. Saw the brightest object I have ever seen in the sky except for the sun. It was a bright green fireball with a tail that was extremely long of the same color.
I have seen many meteors/meteorites in my 50 years but never anything to equal this. It was a dark evening and I was on a well lit city street. Will send you a sketch if desired.
Date: 3/7/98 Time: 18:45 Duration: 3 minutes Sighting City: Tampa Sighting State: FL Sighting Zip: unknown Sighting County: Hillsborough Sighting Country: USA Number of Craft: 2 Witnesses: 2 Shape: Other
Summary: On the date and time listed above my girlfriend and I saw two unknown objects over the Tampa Bay area. They were appeared to be trapezoidal in shape. The event lasted approximately 3 minutes.
Description: On the date and time listed above, my girlfriend and I were traveling from Clearwater, Florida to our home in Tampa. That would place us traveling almost due east.It was approximately 6:45 to 6:50 pm when I noticed these two objects at about 45 degrees above the horizon. The objects were appeared to be trapezoidal in shape...wider at the bottom than at the top. I asked my girlfriend if she saw what i saw...and she replied that she did. Since we were heading toward the causeway we had an unobstructed view of these objects. They appeared to me to be silvery and I asked my girlfriend if they looked to be in a haze and she thought perhaps they were. I looked up through the sunroof of the car and saw the moon as clear as could be....there was no haze in the sky. We continued to watch the objects, which appeared to be side by side. They then separated for a bit, moving very rapidly. Then after about 3 minutes or so they darted towards the north and disappeared in the blink of an eye. These objects seemed to be very large. At first I wondered if they were military aircraft, as we were heading towards McDill AFB in Tampa. I asked my girlfriend and she agreed with me that neither one of us had seen any aircraft like those and that they seemed to move too fast. I am a 39 year old male with a 20 year sales background. My girlfriend is 34 and has a 15 year sales background. We are both college educated. Neither one had any alcohol prior to our siting.
((Following reports received by e-mail.))
Dear Peter:
Last evening my girlfriend and I were traveling east from Clearwater, Florida to our home in Tampa. We were on the Gandy Bridge (causeway) that connects Clearwater to Tampa. It was approximately 6:50 pm and I happened to notice these two lights in the sky. They appeared to be rather large. I asked my girlfriend if she saw them and she said that she did. I wondered if they might be some sort of airplane, as we were heading in the direction of McDill AFB. They were traveling too fast and were too large to be airplanes. These objects seemed to be silvery in color and kind of looked trapezoidal in shape. At first sighting they seemed fuzzy... like headlights shining through haze or fog. However, I looked up through my open sunroof and saw the moon shining just as clear as can be. We continued to watch these objects for maybe three minutes. They traveled parallel to each other for a time, then separated and then came back together. At the end of the 3 minute time period the darted to the north and were gone. I have never seen anything like this before. Had I not heard you on the Art Bell Show earlier this evening, I would not have discussed this with anyone again....for fear of being labeled a kook! I know what I saw. I hope that this has been helpful to you. Should you need any other information, I may be reached at my e-mail address or at home ((Number deleted)).
Respectfully submitted,
((Name deleted))
Hello Mr. Davenport,
Why do you not list 1998 sightings on your web site as they occur ? In addition I do not see anything listed on our recent Florida sighting that still remains a mystery - I'm still poking around on this one. However, I find it increasingly interesting that I am not able to locate any *news* coverage or mention on this not even in the Newsgroups!.
I did observe the re-entry (?) It was not barrium being released nor a bolide and was not typical of boosters or other space debris I have observed on other occasions falling back and they did not appear to be a definate shape other than "cometary" in appearance right down to the tails.
If you hear anything on this please let me know. Thank you

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