National UFO Reporting Center
Transcription of Interview with Beach, ND
UFO Witness

Sighting Occurred: July 3, 1996

NUFORC: Exactly where were you when you sighted the object?

WITNESS: Approximately a 1/4 mile from the house

NUFORC: Is that a remote area, or suburban?

WITNESS: Our nearest neighbor is 2 1/2 miles away.

NUFORC: Is it pretty much farms around there?


NUFORC: Please go through exactly what happened in sequence, giving as much detail as you possibly can.

WITNESS: Okay. The vehicle (truck) that we were using was on a dirt section line road that runs south of our house. We were just a 1/4 mile south of the house, and went to make what would be a right turn towards the west, and the vehicle that we saw - at first we didnąt know what the heck it was. It looked like it was sitting there, hovering above the fence row, and it wasnąt quite touching anything. And then as we were watching, the boys went out to lock in the hubs so we could turn around because we were stuck in a bit of a wash there, and the thing seemed to move towards us from the west to the east, and came right towards our vehicle.

NUFORC: How far away was it when you first saw it?

WITNESS: It was right over the half-mile section line road, a half mile to the west.

NUFORC: As it came towards you how close did it actually get?

WITNESS: Probably about, I donąt know, 200 feet or better, and then it lifted some and it went over our truck, and it hovered there for just a few moments and then it...the boys dove under the vehicle because they were afraid it was going to sit down on them Š and then it moved to the east about another 50-60ą, hovered there for a little while, seemed to make a tilt, just a slight tilt of the angle at which it was sitting, and then it kind of went straight on up out of sight.

NUFORC: Can you give us as much of a detailed description of the vehicle as possible.

WITNESS: It had six legs for landing gear. On the bottom of each leg seemed to be a cone or a suction cup shaped pod, and on the bottom of the vehicle was a globe that looked to be like a light glowing on and off, on and off.

NUFORC: What color was the light?

WITNESS: A grey/ white kind of a glow. And it had three rods sticking out of the top, and the rods were, looking from what would be my left to right, were red, white and red. Those stayed on continuously, they never changed.

NUFORC: Now when you say rods what exactly do you mean, were they lit up?

WITNESS: The lights were on the end of what looked like rods or antenna.

NUFORC: How long were those antennas, or rods?

WITNESS: Probably 20 feet, something in that order.

NUFORC: What shape was the craft?

WITNESS: Pretty much round, circular.

NUFORC: Could you estimate its diameter?

WITNESS: About 40 feet across, something like that.

NUFORC: What was the vertical structure of it like?

WITNESS: From the bottom of the legs to the top of the dome was about the same distance, I would say.

NUFORC: Are you saying the overall shape of the craft was round, or was it more like a saucer?

WITNESS: No, It was kind of flat, kind of like an inner tube around a round globe.

NUFORC: And what color was it?

WITNESS: An off-grey, something like that, I guess.

NUFORC: Did it appear metallic, or could you guess at what the material might have been?

WITNESS: No I couldnąt tell you. Iąm sure it must have been metal of some sort, but I couldnąt tell you. It wasnąt shiny by any means. It was dull, like there was no sheen off it.

NUFORC: Were you able to see any windows?

WITNESS: On the top dome there were four windows, and they were also colored.

NUFORC: What color were they?

WITNESS: The same colors as the lights up on the top of the rods. They were red, white, red, white in that same order.

NUFORC: And the dome structure that was at the top, was that the same color as the wider section in the middle of the craft - the grey?

WITNESS: Yeah. And then on its side, to one side, there was a kind of a sloping raised area, but it was real smooth looking. And that part raised up, it lifted up, and a, I donąt know what youąd call it other than a rod, came out.

NUFORC: Youąre saying that something came out. Do you mean an apparatus was moving?

WITNESS: Yeah, right. And when it protruded from the interior, our vehicle started.

NUFORC: The vehicle started?

WITNESS: On its own.

NUFORC: Are you saying your truck started?

WITNESS: Yeah, my pick-up started on its own.

NUFORC: What kind of a pick-up do you have?

WITNESS: The key was not totally off because we had kinda killed it when we were in our commotion. It was still in not the start position, but the ON position. It was an Œ84 Toyota.

NUFORC: Does it have electronic ignition?

WITNESS: It has points and plugs and all that, but its got an igniter coil system in it.

NUFORC: Can you give us any more of a detailed description on the apparatus that came out?

WITNESS: All we noticed is that it came out and that was about all there was to it. And when the vehicle (craft) moved to the east, the truck shut-off. That is - as soon as it moved to the east and started to raise, my pickup died again.

NUFORC: Were you able to see anything in the windows of the craft?

WITNESS: My sons said that they saw what looked to be like clouded shadows, both of them.

NUFORC: Were these shadows moving?

WITNESS: They said that they saw them moving all except for one which looked like it was pretty much stationery in the third to the last window.

NUFORC: Did they give you any idea of what they thought that might have been?

WITNESS: They said it was too clouded to make out any kind of description as to what they saw moving, but one seemed to be moving back and forth and the others seemed to be walking or moving past. I shouldnąt say walking because they couldnąt tell if thatąs what was going on or not.

NUFORC: When the craft left, how did it leave from the area?

WITNESS: It just tipped on about a 20 degree angle and went straight up until you just couldnąt see it anymore, not in a real hurried fashion. I mean it was like a fast rate of climb for a helicopter or something from a standstill to start going out. It seemed to gain speed a little bit, but it wasnąt like it was in a tremendous hurry getting out of sight.

NUFORC: Can you describe any sounds the object might have made, and when they might have occurred?

WITNESS: Just the loud air noise, and thatąs all.

NUFORC: When did you hear that?

WITNESS: When it first got to within where it started to lift, somewhere around 200 feet from the pick-up

NUFORC: This is when it was leaving - or when it was coming?

WITNESS: When it was coming toward the pick-up

NUFORC: And then did it get silent again?

WITNESS: No. That noise continued until it left.

NUFORC: It was a continuous sound?

WITNESS: Yeah. Kind of like when you first apply, or when you release a set of air brakes - that rush of air. It was like that, only solid and continuous.

NUFORC: Like the sound of an air compressor, or something like that?

WITNESS: No it was a little more graphic, more detailed, louder than that. It sounded like air moving.

NUFORC: Did you feel anything like static electricity?

WITNESS: No, nothing like that.

NUFORC: Was there anything else that you might consider strange about the event, like a feeling you had or a bizarre occurrence after the sighting?

WITNESS: No, just fear.

NUFORC: Would you mind if we spoke to one of your sons?

WITNESS: If they were here Iąd sure let you, but they are spending the night at a friendąs house. But we have everything documented that they said. I even sent them into separate rooms to draw what they saw. I told them we canąt talk about this until we get home, and I need to get what you guys saw down without either one of you hearing what the other one said.

NUFORC: How old are your sons?

WITNESS: 11 and 12 years old.

NUFORC: Can I give you our address and ask you to send us copies of any drawings or statements?

WITNESS: Certainly, be glad to.

NUFORC: (gives address)

NUFORC: Have you ever seen a UFO before in your life?

WITNESS: No, never.

NUFORC: Have you called anyone else besides Air Traffic Control.

WITNESS: I called the FAA, and I called the command center at Minot AFB to find out if they had heard, or had anything in this area, because I wasnąt sure what I was seeing either.

NUFORC: Did they give you any response?

WITNESS: Yes. They called us back twice. The first time was to see if we had gotten hold of the FAA, and I told them that I hadnąt gotten through yet. I called the one in Bismark, ND, and they referred us to the one in Fargo. I hadnąt gotten hold of the one in Fargo yet, and he (Minot AFB) said that they were still checking and that he would get back to me. Before I could get back to the FAA in Fargo he called back and told me that they hadnąt have anything within a 1,000 mile radius of this area. Then I called the FAA office in Fargo, and sheąs the one who took the report.

The FAA in Fargo then called the National UFO Reporting Center. We in turn contacted the witness and took this report.

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