UFOs Seen Over New Hampshire,
New Jersey, Michigan,
Ohio, And More
George A. Filer <>
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
MUFON Eastern Director
Filer's Files #2-1999
Dr. James E. McDonald, Professor of Atmospheric physics, University of Arizona. 1967 stated in 1967. "I have absolutely no idea where the UFO's come from or how they are operated, but after ten years of research, I know they are something from outside our atmosphere."
Greg St. Pierre reports January 10, 1999, Sunday was a strange day for New Hampshire, my home state. At 5:50 a.m., a minor earthquake was felt in southern NH and northern Massachusetts, measuring about 2.7. An aftershock of about the same magnitude occurred at 10:20 a.m. Tremors are rare in these parts, two on the same day is unheard of. Also, the following story appeared in the Mondayís edition of Manchester's Union Leader by Derek Rose: 'Green flash' streaks through central NH sky. Bill Slatton was driving home when he saw what looked to be a green fireball streak across the night sky in Pittsfield yesterday. "My God, this thing was as clear as day," he remembers thinking to himself. "It was huge. It was right along side of us." His fiancee, Kathy Bickford, saw it too. Police departments in Bow and Northfield report sightings also, from callers describing a "green flash" in the sky. Slatton said he and his fiancee saw the fireball for a few seconds as they drove south on Route 28 in Pittsfield around 7:05 PM, yesterday. He said it was like the fireball that crashes into the earth in a recent Dunkin Donuts commercial. "It was descending almost like a plane descending. It's hard to describe, it was just so awesome." James Ryan, a professor of physics and space science at the University of New Hampshire, didn't think the report was strange. "It could be a meteorite," he said. "Estimates of how far away these things are very unreliable." Thanks to Greg St. Pierre and John Thompson.
TETERBORO AIRPORT-- Ann Marie Fondaciaio's reported to CAUS that her husband had two recent UFO sightings. He was in the Special forces in Vietnam and has worked as a ground crew chief for 32 years at the airport. He works with all kinds of private jets and helicopters. His first experience occurred on December 15, 1998, at 5:30 AM at Teterboro Airport in Northern New Jersey. The corporate airport is located about a five minute drive from the George Washington Bridge that goes over the Hudson River into New York City.
My husband left his line shack and looked towards the George Washington Bridge. He saw a huge row of lights that were stacked together in two rows as long as the bridge, flying very low and slow. It was coming out of a cloud bank and made a long slow turn towards the bridge. The size of it was as big as the whole span of the GWB. It was huge. It's shape was a wedge with the corners rounded. You could feel the ship move like a low grade vibration in the air, though it made no sound. At this point another worker came up in back of my husband and said, "Oh what is that?" My husband said "What ever it is it's big" Now the ship started to head up the river towards the Tappenzee Bridge. Then it went up into the clouds.
As the object was leaving, my husband heard a message in his ear. It was not like a thought. "The unsettling ? in the Middle East will end. The evil alchemist will die" Again on December 31 at about 10:15 AM same airport. My husband was in the line shack again when he saw something that caught his eye in the sky.
He looked up and in the sky where there were clouds, but in a small blue open patch of sky, he saw a glint of light. It came from the Southeast, then turned to the northeast going towards the George Washington Bridge. When he first saw it, it was moving against air traffic and bobbing up and down going against the wind. When it banked to the left and faced the sun, he could see the sun shine off the top. When it banked the other way, the bottom was a dull Grey. The tower saw it in their radar. The tower said it was moving erratically in altitude between 8,000 and 10,000 feet. The tower radioed aircraft in the landing pattern that they have an unidentified over the airport not responding to any radio call. Divert from the left downwind pattern to a right downwind pattern until we determine the unidentified intentions. The ship was 20-30 feet in diameter. About 16 people witnessed this including the tower people. Thanks to Peter A. Gersten Dir. CAUS and and Ann Marie Fondaciaio'
LAKE PARSIPPANY MYSTERY: "Something plunged into Lake Parsippany on Christmas Eve December 24, 1998, breaking a hole in the ice 75 feet across and blowing vegetation into the air." "Gifts were delivered by morning, so it wasn't St. Nick buying the farm. Nor were any meteor sightings reported, according to ION Weather meteorologist Bill Cotter." The hole in the ice caught the attention of Joe Strobel, who lives 150 feet away on a small island in the lake. He told a friend about it on Christmas morning." "'They were all ready to have me committed to Greystone the local mental health facility.' said Strobel, a nine-year resident. "Then they came over and they couldn't explain it. One guy lived here for 35 years and said he's never seen anything like that.'" "The green vegetation was blown into the air and fell in a circle on the surrounding ice, drawing a flock of hungry Canada geese. A thin sheet of ice has since formed on the lake." Parsippany, NJ is located about 20 northwest of New York City." (See the Daily Record of Morris County, NJ for 12/29/98, by Erik Engquist. Thanks to "Aiwass" and UFO Roundup Vol. 4, #2 January 11, 1999 Editor: Joseph Trainor
I am E-mailing to ask if any one of you had received reports or heard talk of UFO sightings in the Saginaw-Bay area of Michigan on Christmas Eve. Also, the Macomb/St.Claire Counties area northeast of Detroit on Christmas night. I had a sighting of an anomalous orangish light on December 24, 1998. An odd unimpressive light flared on and off low in the eastern sky. I received a sober-sounding message from a person in Macomb County, Michigan concerning several lights in the southern sky on Christmas night. The lights were apparently in sight by an entire family for over two hours. The family seems to have a history of UFO sightings as well as silent black helicopter sightings. It should be noted that Selfridge ANGB near by. Let me know if you'd like more information. Jeff Westover
CINCINNATI-- Channel-9 News WCPO reports mysterious booms were heard in areas near Butler County by Laura Randall on January 10, 1999. The situation involved explosive booms and thuds which alarmed residents in parts of Fairfield, Ohio (18-miles north of Cincinnati). An earlier newscast by WCPO reporters addressed the numerous phone calls to police dispatch offices, stating that the disruptions had been attributed to an underground phenomenon known as 'ice heaving' or 'frost cracking.' This explanation was reportedly offered by persons at The National Weather Service office, located in Wilmington, Ohio. Interestingly, WCPO News in this later report informed that a local geologist, University of Cincinnati Professor Dr. Kenneth Hinkle, refuted the 'frost-cracking' theory and informed that such explanations were not workable in this instance. "In the High Arctic, frost-cracking resembles a sharp snap similar to a rifle report, which can be felt," Hinkle stated for the newscast. The National Weather Service believed that a combination heavy rain and rapid freezing led to the mysterious sounds heard by alarmed residents. Hinkle was curious, and after conducting an investigation, added that frost-cracking was a most unlikely explanation. Hinkle took a garden spade and put the frost-cracking theory to the test, but found that the snow had insulated the top-soil from the bitter cold. Hinkle demonstrated that the sub-surface conditions were not condusive to frost-cracking. Thanks to Kenny Young TASK.
Thanos Perros reports seeing a disk at 2:00 AM on January 1, 1999. The disc- shaped UFO landed and I ran inside to get my camera it was gone. (708) 301-6787 12853 Parker Road, Lockport, IL 60441. Editors Note: At this time he may have been celebrating New Year's Eve, in any case his phone is now disconnected, so we are unable to verify.
Warren Angel writes that on January 6, 1999, "My wife and I were driving in Anchorage toward the Chugiach Mountain range and saw what appeared to be a large "plane" (for lack of a better term) launch straight up and then level off at a high rate of speed. Thinking it was just our eye playing tricks on us, we dismissed it. Since it happened Wednesday afternoon several people in different parts of town witnessed the same thing. The trail was immense. It almost reminded us of watching a shuttle launch. Since the area it came out of is on military property, we figured it's safe to say it's "one of ours".. As I said, the trail was immense, like a shuttle launch. I kind of doubt it was a UFO. However, it does suggest there might be other US space projects going on around Arctic Valley. This thing was over 15 miles away and we could make out the general shape. It was larger than a commercial airliner at approximately the same distance. It was a silver, reflective triangle in the same kind of shape as the new shuttle designs. It appeared that the trail went from 2 streams to 4 as it hit an undeterminable altitude. We watch the fighters out of Elmendorf all the time, this was not an F-15 or anything we've seen before. And obviously others felt the same (so far the count is 8 spread throughout the city) as it caught their attentions as well. Thanks to: Warren Angel Editors Note: This description fits similar takeoffs of a powerful aircraft sometimes called the Aurora.
DUBLIN--The Boston Herald, January 11, 1999, by Jim Dee. Last year, 4,230,000 visitors descended on the Emerald Isle - Land of a Thousand Welcomes - from the four corners of the Earth to sample Ireland's legendary hospitality. Others - possibly from a galaxy far, far, away hovered in the sky above without ever landing, according to self-taught UFO expert Eamon Ansbro. A former engineer and meteorologist, Ansbro, 48, has spent much of the past decade trying to perfect a system of predicting when and where alien spacecraft will arrive. Ansbro is convinced UFOs will be hovering above Dublin at 5 a.m. on January 30. And in February, he promised, they'll return to one of their favorite haunts, the tiny town of Boyle, County Rosscommon. It's "a UFO hotspot," he said. Ansbro can't explain exactly why Ireland is a preferred extraterrestrial destination, but says possible reasons range from the nation's political neutrality to its Druidic past. After all, in a country renowned for its `Forty Shades of Green' and a multitude of leprechauns, little green men from outer space might fit in nicely. And then there's Irish hospitality. "The one thing about the Irish is that they're open to the new," Ansbro said. "Ireland isn't going to send up some fleet of F-16s and blast UFOs out -- which has been done, apparently, by the Americans" in the 1950s. Ansbro has frequently been profiled in Irish newspapers and featured on British and Irish TV and Irish radio in the last year. He claimed he has identified "an automated surveillance" of Earth, regularly conducted by "a large craft, say at 80 to 90 thousand feet, that somehow is camouflaged." The craft periodically ejects UFOs to orbit and scan the Earth below, he believes. Ansbro thinks alien craft use Ireland's abundant stone-age rock monuments, known as Megalithic tombs, as "vortexial energy points" - navigational beacons - to maintain their bearings. He produces a map outlining common alien touring routes around Earth. Eighty percent of them pass over Megalithic tombs.
John Thompson writes: I was talking to an ex-MUFON member in LaGrange today and he related an interesting account of INTs to me. He said a dog was barking and jumping on a bed trying to get at an "haint" and everybody in the witness's family was having bad dreams of same type until they did some demon bashing with the help of God. That was several months ago and the family he talked to say the haints instantly disappeared; thus, confirming the Florida folks and what my own limited investigations into this matter have shown. Over 90 percent of this business is dimensional stuff and why there is never, never any physical proof. I think despite all of the Air Force's critics, Project Bluebook had it about right: 6-7% of UFOs are unexplainable. Actually looking at their unsolvables, I think I could have solved some of them and this would bring it down to 4 or-5 %. Thanks to John Thompson.
Dana Schmidt, MUFON State Director writes As to UFOs Suddenly Disappear, you do not state the necessary conclusion: If misidentifications should also continue through the holidays but do not, then the lack of ANY UFOs must be attributed to people being distracted from "Looking to the skies," and NOT, that UFOs are on holiday. Why aliens should care about our holidays is beyond me, just as much as why anyone (and folks have suggested this to me) would think UFOs would be more likely to be active at the turn of a century or millennium, as if our calendar meant anything to anyone else but the Christian world. As to the Iraq triangles noted in Desert Fox, I am surprised at your statement without comment that the CNN reports infer that might have been a "holographic projection" by our armed forces. Forget it -- that is science fiction, and we need to label it as such. The art is not NEAR advanced enough to do that. The last thing we need to do is encourage the skeptics to pounce on ridiculous explanations. Never mind it was CNN who "inferred" it. We need to call a spade a spade, or in this case, science fiction, science fiction. Editor's Note: It is likely that we are launching some type of decoy to draw antiaircraft fire. Lights or flares mounted on balloons or unpiloted aircraft to explain the triangular aircraft observed over Bagdad.
Dr. Richard F. Haines writes: "Having looked at the publication still under investigation (headed by Dr. R. Wood and his son Ryan), I am more and more coming to the conclusion (yet still tentative) that these Majestic documents are authentic. Of course the burden of proof lies with the debunkers, since the documents are claimed to be authentic and not vice versa. I have seen almost no credible forensic work to date published on the debunker's side of this matter. As you and others have pointed out so clearly, the implications to our nation and the world of these documents (if verified) are enormous indeed. It is more than curious (and interesting) that they were leaked just before the new millennium! Finally, you may like to know that my book "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind" (CE-5) has now been released by Sourcebooks, Inc., and is available at all major bookstores. I attempted to analyze the data set fairly rigorously and from the standpoint of seeking evidence for intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon. Thanks to Dick Haines
Ufo Contat writes Nostradamus predicted that in July of 1999, a King will come from the sky. "In the year 1999 and seven months, From the skies shall come an alarmingly powerful king, To raise again the great King of the Jacquerie, Before and after, Mars shall reign at will." The actual writing in French: "L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois, Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d'effayeur, Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois, Avant apres, Mars regner par bon heur." The commentary that accompanies my translation reads as follows: "A tremendous world revolution is foretold to take place in the year 1999, with a complete upheaval of existing social orders, preceded by World-Wide wars. Nostradamus shows his mystic knowledge of the great secret of the book of revelations and solves for us the identity of the "Beast of the Apocalypse" and the time of his arrival which John of Patmos (Rev. 13:18) records "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the Beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." By a simple reversal of the numbers and turning 999 upside down we obtain 666. Also in agreement with the prophetic vision of H. G. Wells and other gifted History and Science-Fiction writers, Nostradamus actually ties in the date 1999 when "from the skies shall come an invasion . . . and Mars shall reign at will." Time alone will tell whether this is "War of the Worlds" is to be accepted literally or metaphorically. Thanks to Ufo contact.
A star within the Big Dipper, 47 Ursae Majoris is believed to host a planet a little larger than Earth. It could have a warm and watery surface ideal for life based on its orbit around the star. New planets are being found almost monthly based on new gravitational measurements and characteristic wobbles of the stars. Another planet was found orbiting the star 70 Virginis, in the Constellation Virgo. Unlike Earth, many newly found planet orbit's are an elongated oval rather than a near-perfect circle. Geoffrey Marcy of San Francisco State University notes that nine of 17 extrasolar planets detected so far have such eccentric orbits. The circular orbits exhibited by every planet in our solar system may be more the exception than the rule, Marcy and his colleagues suggest in a paper submitted to the Astrophysical Journal. ëLooking for Life.' The gravitational effects of giant planets in elliptical orbits could sweep aside smaller worlds, the researchers say. "This does represent a bit of a wet blanket on the search for intelligence in the galaxy," Marcy said in Saturday's announcement. "The big bullies may wipe clean the terrestrial planets in those planetary systems, rendering them void of any Earth analogs." On the bright side, Marcy says only about 5 percent of the stars in the Milky Way appear to have close-in Jupiter-scale planets. "What we're learning is that 95 percent of sunlike stars don't have these wildly wacky Jupiter's in such close-in orbits, and I would say that's quite good news for the SETI efforts." Thanks to AP by Paul Recer.
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