UK University's Interesting Course Offering In UFOlogy Clarified
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Story from The Daily Telegraph (UK) 9-18-98

A University is launching Britain's first course on Aliens from outer space. Students will study extra-terrestrials, UFOs, intersteller travel and the search for life.
The life in the Universe course forms part of an astronomy degree for students at Glamorgan University's school of Applied Science.
-- Clarification from John Hayes --
The Daily Telegraph's wording of 'Britain's first course on Aliens' is a bit misleading as Totton College in Southampton, England have been running a course for around two years now - NOT a degree course though....wonder what astronomers make of it?
The following is taken from and was last updated on 18th June 1998:
Totton College, Southampton, England.
The course allows students to study the UFO Phenomena and get credit for producing work. At the moment it is split into six separate units:
(1) Historical Perspectives on UFOs. This unit examines the role of UFOs in history from ancient civilisations to modern day accounts and explores similarities and differences between them.
(2) Theoretical Perspectives on UFOs. This unit examines the possible theories behind what UFOs may be. This will include exploring the ETH, geological phenomena, psychological phenomena, meteorological phenomena and celestial phenomena. Students will be able to analyse these theories and draw their own conclusions.
(3) Research Methods in Ufology. This final unit allows students to conduct practical work related to UFOs. This will include skywatching, letter writing, questionnaire design for collecting sightings data among others.
(4) Alien Abduction. This unit covers the historical progression of the contactee and abductee era examining some well known and not so well known accounts of purported alien abduction. Theories of the origins of such experiences will be examined including temporal lobe epilepsy, psychopathology, objectively real, sleep paralysis etc. Also included in this unit is an examination of the content of abduction reports. Have they changed in recent years?
(5) The media and ufology. This unit examines the role of the media as to exhibiting stereotypical images of UFOs and aliens. Mediums that will be examined include magazines, books, TV programmes, films, internet etc. This means that students will have to sit through some old B-movies to examine the changing role of the media in UFO perception!!!
(6) Primary Research in Ufology. This unit will allow each student to produce a substantial piece of work on an area of the UFO phenomenon that particularly interests them. The project can either be a review of a particular concept or a more practically based data collection exercise. The report will have to be skilfully written up for potential publication and each project has to be presented to an audience. This unit is by far the bulkiest but allows the student to indulge in something they are particularly passionate about.
All of the units can be studied up to the standard of A-Level (although this course is by no means an A-Level!!!) and students will be expected to produce written and practical work in order to gain credits which are recognised in education!!!
Other things to note are:
* If a student completes all six units they have the equivalent of an A/S Level in Ufology. This is the first in the UK - it is an official qualification accepted in the UK educational system!!
* For people who cannot attend lessons in Southampton, do not despair. We can offer the course as a correspondence course where the student receives detailed handouts, assignments and has regular contact with one of the course tutors!!!
We have people doing this already and non-UK residents are very much more than welcome.
The address to contact for more information on the course is:
Craig Roberts UFO Studies, Department of Psychology Totton College Water Lane, Totton, Southampton SO40 3ZX England
Phone: (01703) 874874 E-Mail:
The other tutors are Ashley Bennette and Steve Rider. The course moderator is Steve Gerrard from the Southampton UFO Group.
Regards, John Hayes