Jerry Glass
Running Springs, CA... June 17, 1998, 10:00 PM, Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, received a call that a huge Green Fireball was seen by a Running Springs student hovering over Highway 330. With his center located in Seattle, Washington, Peter Davenport handed off the case to Jerry Glass, the State Section Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), Riverside County, and in turn, Glass immediately alerted MUFON San Bernardino State Section Director, Cinde Costello, who agreed to a joint field investigation.
Glass reports, in addition to the original caller, several eyewitnesses have reported seeing a huge Hovering Green Fireball. If you would like to report a UFO/ET Sighting or an event related to the Running Springs, please contact MUFON at: 909-421-1887 or
6/17/98 -- Highway 330 - 4:00 PM, Dr. Kathryn Leeman, a psychologist who resides in Running Springs, sees unusual military helicopter traffic flying between Running Springs and Norton AFB (which remains open for Civil air traffic; however, Norton AFB military operations are now officially closed).
6/17/98 -- Highway 215 - 9:00 PM, San Bernardino, standing outside of a church near the university, Mike Womelsdorf, a former Marine, John (last name withheld), an on-duty officer with the San Bernardino Police Department, and an unnamed witness, see a Green Fireball, Womelsdorf describes as bright as a "stadium in the sky" and heading north toward Big Bear.
6-17-98 -- Highway 330 - 9:30 PM, student (name withheld), studying to be a Forensic Medical Examiner, her son and boyfriend, traveling up Highway 330 at the 5000' level, reported seeing a huge, blinding, bright Green Fireball hovering above a building she described as the Running Springs Fresh Water Pumping Plant. Boyfriend reported two smaller Red Orbs hovering near the primary object. Her sighting, which took place while she drove, lasted 30 seconds.
6-18-98 -- San Bernardino - 3:00 AM, John (SB PD), coming off duty, wakes up Mike Womelsdorf and points out Green Fireball with two Red Objects along side.
6-18-98 -- San Bernardino - 3:00AM, Abel (last name withheld), while delivering newspapers, sees the Green Fireball with three Red Orbs hovering in the pass outside of Highway 330. Abel, close to home, reported that he raced home, awoke his wife, grabbed his camcorder and at 40th Street and Del Rosa Ave. VIDEO TAPED the Green Fireball (Glass suggests, if you are video taping a bright object at night, use the manual setting on your camcorder). Abel and wife further stated they then encountered another witness (as yet unnamed) who also saw the Fireball, both 9:00 PM and again at 3:00 AM. Abel's wife stated that they saw the Fireball from 3:00 AM until 4:30 AM.
6-18-98 -- Highway 330 - 3:00 PM, Dr Kathryn Leeman traveling north at the 3000' level reportedly passed a military convoy of six trucks carrying troops.
6-25-98 -- 7:30 PM, Jerry Glass calls to schedule an interview. He is told by the student, that she, her son and boyfriend returned to the site and actually VIDEO TAPED the Fireball! The student described it as 200' in diameter with several Orange Orbs hovering nearby. Witness further stated, she captured the Fireball on tape changing colors. However, witness was unclear as to the exact date and time the object was taped, and told Glass the time and date stamp did not appear on the video. Student made an appointment for Sunday, but later re-called Glass and changed her appointment to Saturday.
6-27-98 -- 1:30 PM, at a restaurant in Highland, CA, Glass waited for the student, but she failed to show up. At 2:00 PM, Cinde Costello called. Student indicated that Highway 330 was closed making it impossible for her to keep the appointment. She rescheduled her with Cinde Costello later in the day at Costello's home, but once again, she did not follow through.
6-28-98 -- 9:00 PM, Cinde Costello was contacted by Mike Womelsdorf and told about additional witnesses to the events on June 17th., including other Church members, ushers and his Pastor.
6-29-98 -- Cinde Costello contacted the CHP and Cal-Trans. Both reported that at no time over the weekend was Highway 330 closed. This left MUFON with no other choice but to invalidate the student's testimony.
6-30-98 -- 3:30 PM - Cinde Costello reports, Gi, the dispatcher at the SB Sheriff's Sub-station in Twin Peaks, locates the following transcript within her records -- it reads: "0243 AM, June 18, Notice to shoot 4-5 rounds within the next hour at Manzanita Road crossing Mistletoe in the Fredalba area. TK Products."
7-1-98 -- Cinde Costello contacts the Running Springs Fire Department. They reported: "between 1800hrs (6PM) Wednesday June 17 to 0600hrs (6 AM) Thursday June 18, 1998 (a company named) PK Productions was filming on location."
PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS: Based on Abel and wife's 1 - 1/2 hour duration sighting of a stationary object, and the production company's posted timetable, MUFON's Glass and Costello currently believe witnesses viewed PK Productions filming on the mountain.

7-2-98 -- 1:51 PM - Ron Regehr, MUFON Orange County's Assistant State Director writes Glass the following e-mail: "I have two witnesses to the Running Springs incident. Right now, they only want to talk to me (friends of the family) and then only face-to-face -- no telephone. I've known them for 25+ years and they're this affaid of speaking! More to you you when I get more news."

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