August 17, 1998 Implant
Removal Surgery With
Dr. Roger Leir Explained
By Jack Carlson
FIRST Staff Writer
From Derrel Sims <>
The patient was *Paul Dering, a man of 45+ years, who had a foreign object lodged in his left thumb. The object was discovered when he had his wrist x-rayed as a result of a skiing accident in 1990. An emergency room doctor showed him the x-ray which revealed a tiny opaque object in his left thumb. Paul was shocked by the x-ray; he had no idea how the object had became imbedded into the flesh of his thumb. He could not recall ever having injured his thumb or cut it to a degree which would have allowed such an object to insert itself. Furthermore, there was no scar tissue. He had never had surgery on his thumb; no unusual experience either from childhood or the military could account for the presence of this object which had now, for the first time, revealed itself on a piece of x-ray film.
When Paul consulted his local HMO, they told him that because the object did not represent any kind of life threatening situation, they refused him treatment. Accepting that explanation, Paul decided not to pursue the matter further; nevertheless he was not able to forget the mysterious foreign object in his thumb.
A few years later, Paul attended a MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network) meeting to hear a lecture by Dr. Roger Leir, a noted Podiatrist and Ufologist who specialized in the removal of foreign objects (implants) from the feet of persons. Dr. Leir, with the assistance of his partner, Derrel Sims a hypnoanesthesiologist, and their surgical team had successfully removed foreign objects from the hands and feet of several patients. At the conclusion of the lecture, Paul introduced himself to Dr. Leir and briefly described the foreign object in his thumb. Dr. Leir gave Paul his card and told him to give him a call. About six weeks later, Paul made an appointment with Dr. Leir. The x-rays were examined, then Dr. Leir arranged to have additional x-rays taken to make certain that Paul's object was indeed still there and had not moved. Both sets of x-rays confirmed that some type of foreign object was embedded within the flesh of Paul's left thumb.
At Dr. Leir's suggestion, Paul met with Derrel Sims several weeks later.
Mr. Sims confirmed that the 'object' appeared similar to others the team had previously removed and possibly had been implanted by an encounter with some type of alien. Both Mr. Sims and Dr. Leir recommended surgery to remove the object.
As a result of this prognosis, Paul expressed a feeling of anger, hopelessness, fear and indignation that someone alien to our planet or perhaps our own Government would implant a tracking device into his body. His personal feeling was that: "It was a crime against humanity!" He immediately agreed to the surgery. Whatever it was, he wanted it out!
During the ensuing weeks the details were worked out. The surgery was to take place at a Simi Valley surgical center. A Dr. *Ablemeiser, a general surgeon and friend of Dr. Leir, would perform the operation. Dr. Leir was responsible for all the arrangements including hiring the necessary personnel. Derrel Sims was to perform the hypnoanesthesia on the patient. The entire operation would be filmed as part of an NBC Special two hour movie to be aired during the February sweeps, 1999. During a series of surgeries performed by Leir/Sims in 1996, famed author Whitley Strieber had been present to witness implants removed from three patients. In his new book "Confirmation", published earlier this year, Mr. Strieber discussed the results of these surgeries including subsequent revelations regarding the implants. The producers of a new two hour special called Confirmation, became convinced of the authenticity of the implants and the theories relating to their origins. A meeting was arranged between the producers of the film and the partners, Leir/Sims. Negotiations were conducted, details were agreed upon and a contract was signed for the showing of a two hour prime time special in February of 1999. The date was set for the surgery: August 17, 1998.
Dr. Leir had invited twenty some guests to attend the surgery to witness the event as it transpired. Many of the guests were local members of MUFON who had expressed an interest in the proceedings. Dr. Leir is Section Director of the Ventura/Santa Barbara Chapter of MUFON. In order for the guests to get a clear, unobstructed view of the actual surgery, a TV monitor was set up in a waiting room located near the surgery room. There were two video cameras used to record the event: NBC had their own crew and Leir/Sims were also taping the proceedings. Dr. Leir functioned as narrator for the benefit of the guests.
The patient was brought into the surgery room. Derrel Sims began his hypnotic anesthesia procedure which would insure that Mr. Dering would feel no pain during any phase of the operation. A medical anesthetist assisted. Additionally, the patient was given a local anesthetic. A special x-ray machine called a "C" Arm was used during the procedure to pin point the position of the object before its extraction.
Once the foreign object was located on the screen of the x-ray, Dr. Ablemeiser made an incision with his scalpel. The object was quickly located and extracted. Dr. Leir examined the object and informed his audience that it was ''strikingly similar in appearance and size to several other objects they had previously removed." Resembling a cantaloupe seed, the tiny object was covered with a dark, grey shiny membranous tissue. It was placed in a vial containing the patients own blood serum, sealed and dated. Several days later, a member of the NBC team arranged to have the vial transported by bonded courier to a laboratory in San Antonio, Texas for analysis. The security precautions were necessary to prevent any contamination of the specimen and to protect the integrity of the entire procedure. All of these steps were recorded by the network TV cameras.
Paul Dering quickly recovered from the surgery. The stitches were removed in a week. During the first two weeks after the operation, Paul experienced some pain and tenderness in his thumb. There was some difficulty with the wound closing completely. When the final healing took place, the scar that remained was barely visible. The Implant will eventually be subjected to a variety of tests. The results of first analysis reveals that the Implant bears close resemblance to the other Implants removed in the 1995 and 1996 surgeries. Prior to the August 17th surgery, there were seven additional surgeries performed. Three out of the eight patients turned out to have nearly identical, highly anomalous iron alloy objects involved. In all cases, ultra hard metallic highly magnetic 'cores' were surrounded by an ultra dense dark grey membrane which could not be cut with a brand new scalpel. The membrane somehow prevented any sign of inflammation or rejection. The objects are believed by some to be of 'alien' origin, have been identified by top scientists to be of meteor-like composition. A complete accounting of all previous surgeries including histories of some of the patients will be available in a new book, "The Aliens and the Scalpel" authored by Dr. Roger Leir. The book, published by The National Institute for Discovery Science and the Bigelow Foundation through Granite Press, will be available in October, 1998. Further details and articles concerning this subject can be found on the Internet:
*Some names have been changed to protect privacy.
Another Side Of The Implant Story
By Virgil Priscu MD

I think I have to react to the above mentioned posting because I feel that people with interest in the UFO field can be mislead by the information presented.
I am a physician, specialist in anesthesiology, head of a Department in a teaching hospital in Israel. I have also a long time interest in UFO phenomena.
I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Derrel Sims personally during a recent visit he made in Israel.At that occasion he presented in front of a
Let me point out some details: Dr. R. Lear, Mr. Sims' collaborator is not a physician (MD), and much less a "surgeon", but a podiatrist (licenced to make small surgical interventions on the foot only.) Mr Simms could be a "qualified Hypnotherapist" - I do not know.
What I know for sure is that Mr Sims stories have medical inaccuracies regarding details of the operations performed for the removals of what he and his organisation (FIRST) claims to be "implants" (with all the implications of this term -in the way it is used -namely implying to describe an object manufactured by extraterrestrial beings with the purpose of monitoring/controling humans, etc.)
Absolutely no evidence of such was presented by Mr. Sims at the presentation which I personally witnessed. I could add that he became visibly disturbed when I asked him specific questions regarding the alleged "implants" and he gave inadequate answers regarding such specific topics as the dose of local anesthetic used for the extraction of the so called "implants".
I specifically asked him to provide me with color slides of the actual pathological specimens that he extracted from the subjects studied. He declined under various motives.
No other evidence or specimen was available to my specific request. I asked him for such because I have the possibility to made them examined by some of my friends either in the pathology Dpt of my Medical Center, The Forensic Medical Institute at Abu Kabir or at The Weizmann Institute in Rehovot - Israel.
No specimen, pathological slide or other material was available from Mr. Sims for examination by an independent specialist or laboratory - as I have asked. I am afraid that all claims made by Mr Sims or his associates have not been confirmed or underwent a pair review process, therefore I personally have serious doubts as to the veracity of those claims.
I would like to emphasize that I am a physician with about 20 years of experience in the operating room, in the field of anesthesiology and emergency medicine. I know a thing or two about what we call "Foreign Bodies" (FB) found quite often, especially in the feet of some unsuspecting patients by an incidental X Ray made for another purpose.
They get there by a variety of methods : waking or playing bare foot on the beach, grass etc, and not noticing when the FB is getting in. (during a fall, running, getting hurt by some other bigger object from which a small splinter can get into one's foot and remain there for many, many years under the skin - until sometimes they are discovered by chance while some other physician or medical practitioner - like a podiatrist - is examining the patient for another, unrelated complain - and sometimes X Ray their feet!) If it is a substance that degrade slowly, then after years only a small notch of"reaction" tissue remains in the place of the former FB. It is composed of human tissue components - etc.. No mystery, no "implants".
This is my two cents of caution about the above mentioned subject. I firmly belive that "UFO phenomena" exist.
I also firmly belive that meticulous research by competent persons is the way to the truth.
Sincerely yours,
Virgil Priscu MD