Report: Sightings Galore

George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #16-1998
Peter Davenport from the UFO Reporting Center phoned and stated they had received UFO reports from all over the United States on Monday and Tuesday nights, April 20 &21, 1998. Reports were coming in from Phoenix, Arizona, Martinsburg, West Virginia, Austin and Houston, Texas, Boise, Idaho, Portland, Oregon and the Fresno and Palmdale, California. The reports are mixed between lights and actual craft being sighted. A woman in Martinsburg, WV reportedly video taped a craft and was sending it. Tower operators at Edwards Air Force Base also reported strange craft near their base. Thanks to the UFO Reporting Center and Peter Davenport.
Many investigators complain I have not called them to put them in touch with witnesses who have had a sighting. Frankly, we do not have enough cases to go around for the thousands of investigators. However, we have found that a little investigation in your area will turn up numerous reports. Also if you notify your local newspaper about your talents they are usually willing to run a story. Then people read the story and will tend to call you. If your like John Thompson in LaGrange, Georgia he put a sign in the window of his insurance business and dozens came to tell about their sightings. John was recently asked where to find UFOs in his area. John stated, I would try any of the accesses on the Corp of Engineer sites at West Point Lake. The extreme northern part of Troup County and South Heard County is the hottest area. But UFOs have been seen on other parts of the Lake south of there. Brushy Creek access on Bevis Road between Hwy. 219 and Franklin would be good. On getting near the Chattahoochee River that is a good spot where we have had several sightings.
The fact is that lakes, rivers and bays seem to be some of favorite places for UFOs. They are often found near water. Frequently, they are seen leaving or entering the water or just trolling above the water. If you have a vista or outlook where you can see several miles your chance of spotting a UFO is much improved. Once you have located a good view of the surrounding countryside start out by learning the local air traffic. In most cases these aircraft will fly by in a few seconds. However, if you notice a craft loitering in the area flying lower and slower than is normal, itís a good chance it might be a UFO. There is another group that flies so fast they are hard to pick up. A good video camera helps slow down these quick ones. The new digital cameras also show promise. Now, there are often people who live in the area and know what is happening. I encourage you to talk to postal workers, fisherman, police, delivery personnel, and those who live in the vicinity. If there are no large bodies of water in your area the next most likely place to see UFOs is around interesting geological formations like Bald Mountain. It is probably the biggest piece of exposed granite in Alabama. They seem to like valleys, volcanoes, continental plates, interesting mountains, even old historic and religious sites. My own first sighting was chasing one for the Air Force near Stonehenge in England. They also seem to like to examine our military and nuclear facilities. They are often sighted near our bases. If you see one hovering over a local base, donít be surprised if they donít see it, or at least will not admit to seeing it. I challenge those skeptical scientists to do a little scientific research and see what they find.
Lisa Carpenter, 23 was driving home at 0035 AM on April 20, about ten miles south of the Philadelphia Airport not far from the Delaware River. It was an overcast dark sky with a low hanging cloud cover. Suddenly she saw four very bright lights shining down from above. Two lights were the color of green traffic signals and two were white lights. All the lights were brighter than standard aircraft landing lights. That in itself seemed very unusual, but as she drove along they seemed to hover above and in the general vicinity of her car. The UFO came and moved from a position in front of her car to a position near her left driverís window. Lisa described the lights as being very big and coming as close to her as a hundred yards. This didnít seem like any normal aircraft. She could hear no sound above the softly playing music on the car radio. She became alarmed. She drove 70 mph to escape from the object. This craft seemed to be chasing her. She was very frightened sped up to her house and ran inside. Her boyfriend called the police and they came and talked to her. One reasonable explanation was a helicopter with four brilliant lights, but she could not hear any noise. She is emotionally shaken by the UFO and stated: "I was so scared I could barely get her key in the door!"
Jeremiah Paul Steffen, also from Wenonah, reports a similar sighting of a UFO several hours after the previous sighting through E-mail. He wrote that on April 20, 1998, my brotherís girlfriend was driving home at 2:30 AM this morning. She encountered an object hovering above her car. Her home is about 1 mile from ours. She called us as soon as she got home. She was hyperventilating and extremely upset when she called. That is why I believe she was telling the truth. Note: It's possible this is confirmation of the first report with a two hour time difference. The phone number: 609-384-5931 given to us has not answered.
Glen Scheper writes, "I just read the Sam Shermanís Old Bridge, NJ sighting from Filer's Files #15-1998. I wanted to let you know that Sam's sighting is like mine." <<At arm's length, it appeared to be about three to four inches long and tubular in shape. The color was white, but with luminescent color overlaid greenish-blue tinge. As the sun appeared to be behind it, the object did not appear to be reflecting the sun's rays, but instead produced its own bright illumination. This long tubular bright object was moving to the north and threading its way in the clouds. It eventually was lost behind a dark cloud to the north. ..The object was canted at 100 degrees from the ground. (Correction it was canted at 10 degrees) Glen states: "This sounds as if it is 100% identical in appearance and as to that evening storm condition as in my 1982 sighting, which I have written up and thoroughly illustrated at the following URL:" Yours truly, Glenn Scheper
Stefan Duncan, from AUFON reports on his continuing sightings at High Rock Lake in the Piedmount Plateau. Upon reviewing the April 13/14th video of UFO, we can barely detect a triangular shape with a centered red circle of light in the bottom. There are two bright beams coming from the frontal edge. This craft continues down the northern side of the lake heading west. Suddenly, flickers of light -- strobe staccato style, appear behind the object and above it. Slow motion of the film shows the flicker of light coming from the triangular craft and a second flicker coming several length sizes away. This second object continues flight northward as the triangular craft goes west.
April 20, 1998, at 9:30 p.m., Stefan Duncan states, "Soon as I position myself and look toward the eastern end of the lake from Panterís Point -- I see my reddish UFO! It is similar to the object I had seen on April 2nd, an object whose light was a non-blinking reddish/white and gave a glow like the shape of Saturn if the rings were seen edge on. The tape in video camera jams. This craft was perhaps a mile further down the lake shore line. It was much smaller because of distance than the April 2nd sighting. This object rose from the treetops and hovered for about five minutes and descended. Video camera is working again. No other electronic disturbances are apparent. Surrounding lights appear unaffected. At 10:00 p.m. the object rises from the treetops, but just to the top of the trees and goes no higher. It stays in this position for about two minutes before descending again. The tape in video camera jams. At 10:14 p.m., the object rises a third time, but just over the treetops. It brightens, then goes back to normal glow. After two minutes, it descends. At its nearest point to us, the craft's shape can hardly be detected, but upon freezing the frame, it appears now to have a faint black triangular shape. Underneath and centered is a red light. Beyond the shoreline where I have observed the UFOs is the Uwharrie Mountains." Thanks to Stefan Duncan and read the entire text at
On Sunday, April 12, 1998, at 11:00 a.m., a U.S. Air Force veteran, Mike H., and his family were driving north on Interstate Highway 35 northwest of Dallas, Texas. As he drove through the suburb of Farmers Branch, Mike reported, "I spotted a black round-shaped UFO flying very fast and just below the clouds. The object looked quite small to me, less than the size of a pencil held at arm's length. But due to the height, even a large object would look small." At first Mike said nothing to his family, wondering if the object might be a bird, but then he realized that "it was flying much too fast" to be a bird. The motorists kept the UFO in view as they drove past Royal Lane and L.B. Houston Park, heading for Interstate Highway 635. "The object was moving faster than we were," Mike reported. "Our vehicle was moving approximately 65 miles per hour, and the object moved past us in the same direction and within ten seconds was out of sight." (E-mail Interview) (Editor's Comment: Ten seconds to the horizon would mean an estimated speed of 1,440 miles per hour. Thanks to UFO Roundup#16, Joe Trainor editor)
April 22, 1998, MUFON State Section Directors, Jerry Glass and Cinde Costello, report they received a call on the "Hotline" from a person who stated she works with the Job Corps. The person reported at 8:55 PM, that over 50 people witnessed three bright lights while looking east towards the Big Bear mountain area. When first seen the lights were bright amber-yellow and appeared to be floating or hovering. The witness initially thought they may be hang gliders with lights. The three objects then began move south and changed colors from amber to bright red. The objects were viewed for ten minutes until they were lost from view. The witness stated that while only the lights was most prominent. At a distance she estimated to be one mile, she could make out a wing-like structure on the objects that she described "like a seagull's wings." A similar UFO was reported on January 5, 1998 (during the daytime). This description also matches a wave of sightings that took place in the same area during 1979. Witnesses included staff, security guards and trainees. Reports are currently being filed with MUFON SB and an investigation will follow. Thanks to: Peter A. Gersten, Esq, CAUS and San Bernardino, MUFON.
The April 1998, National Geographic Magazine carries a story "Closing the Circle" by Roff Martin Smith, who rode his bike completely around the Australia. He notes while riding along the southern coast a large billboard reads: "BEWARE OF UFOs NEXT 111 KILOMETERS WE BORD ON THE UNBELIEVABLE." In 1988, a family driving across the Nullarbor claimed a flying saucer picked up their car and tossed it to the side of the road. I could use some help of some friendly aliens this morning." Thanks to National Geographic Magazine. April 1998.
Two UFO sightings were reported near Adelaide, South Australia on April 2, 1998. At 11:00 p.m., residents of Mallala," reported sighting a flashing light in the northern sky." The illumination flashed each time for about 21 seconds, and it was about 70 degrees above the horizon." On April 4, 1998, witnesses near Durrem, S.A. reported seeing "a large white illumination 'in a holding pattern' hovering above a paddock at 4 a.m. While the UFO hovered "small red lights came out of the ground and rose up into the larger illumination." Thanks to Ross Dowe and the Australia-New Zealand 24-Hour UFO Hotline and UFO Roundup #15, Joe Trainor editor.)
A Flying Saucer shaped Science Fiction Hall of Fame is being built near the Queen Mary. Science fiction fans won't have to wait until 2001 to experience their own space odyssey. Queen's Seaport Development, Inc. (QSDI), operators of the popular Queen Mary attraction in Long Beach, Calif., are building a $30 million, first-of-its-kind Science Fiction Hall of Fame (SFHF) on the 45-acre property adjacent to the Queen Mary. Shaped to resemble a massive flying saucer, the 100,000-square foot facility is scheduled to open in early 2000, with projected attendance of more than one million per year. Interactive exhibits and immersive activities will feature state-of-the-art technology and special effects to showcase science fiction, fantasy and horror in film, television, and graphic arts. Science fiction works have made their way into the cultural lexicon," said Joseph F. Prevratil, president, QSDI. "Is there anyone who wouldn't recognize Darth Vader? Hasn't everyone, at some time, said ëBeam me up Scottie.' Prevratil noted that while the term "hall of fame" conjures up images of static museum exhibits, this facility will be anything but that, using video, audio, light, computer graphics, live presentations and special guest appearances to engage visitors in a journey befitting the exciting world of science, married with the future. "Whether they are conversing with a holographic science fiction hero, creating their own comic book or `starring' in a famous sci-fi scene, visitors to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame will be part of the action, directing their own unique adventure each time they visit," he said. Plans for the SFHF include opportunities to experience virtually every genre of science fiction in the facility's imposing entry/arrival zone, pre-show theaters and five interest areas, covering television, graphics, film, authors, and science fiction heroes. Corporate sponsors who recognize the broad appeal of science fiction, are also being approached for cross-promotions, as well as partnerships. Leading filmmakers, authors, artists and aficionados will be invited to sit on the Hall of Fame's advisory board. Prevratil indicated that an announcement of board members might take place in conjunction with the facility's August 1998 groundbreaking. A selection committee will also announce the first inductees to the SFHF at a gala event in November of this year. To be eligible for induction, nominees must have made outstanding contributions in the arts and sciences of science fiction, based upon cumulative contributions or achievements, or a singular and extraordinary contribution or achievement. Furthermore, a candidate must also have a body of work spanning a minimum of 20 years. A series of television specials honoring the genre and its pioneers is in production and will be presented under the auspices of SFHF. The first special will showcase women in science fiction and is scheduled for production late this year. Prevratil noted that fans will also be able to help preserve memorabilia and honor icons of science fiction through tiered sponsorships ($25+). The non-profit foundation is being formed to assist in securing artifacts from around the world and developing appropriate educational programs. Thanks to AOL News and Chaser 910.
Carlos Amazonas reports: "We saw little black and silver points, exactly six objects at 1:00 p.m. on December 28, 1997. They made acrobatics in the sky. The UFOs flew up and down, zigzagging very fast. We filmed it and they were so fast that we could only see them well in slow motion on the videocassette player. Thanks to: John C. Thompson ISUR Sighting Report Carlos Amazonas,
Richard Porter from Mansfield, Woodhouse reports a sighting at 23:30 on April 15, 1998. He saw a low flying UFO with 3 very bright lights at the front moving very slow. It made no sound until after it past when we heard a very deep rumbling sound, unlike any plane he had ever heard. When overhead the 3 lights turned off and we could see 4 red lights in a diamond shape. Richard said, "I saw the same object again last Wednesday. If there is a reasonable explanation for this sighting, please e-mail me because I know a bit about planes. I know of nothing that would have looked, moved, or sounded like what I saw. He had a similar sighting about 1.5 years ago. Thanks to John Thompson and ISUR.
Reference your article on MJ-12 in Filerís Files #14. We were informed back in '87 that the Air Force and others used Nuclear Weapons programs to hide this UFO stuff. MJ-12 used programs such as this plus the "Office of Disaster Preparedness" now FEMA as covers for itself. Back in the eighties then President Reagan and Vice President Bush reportedly made regular trips to the Manzano Weapons Storage Facility for briefings on this "Alien" subject. I saw a few of those small 737 size shuttle airplanes parked on the back ramp at Kirtland AFB many a time. bob c
Joel Carpenter writes: "I strongly doubt this explanation of the MAJIC name. I think it was simply a term that was invented when the MJ-12 documents were faked, a play on the famous "MAGIC" codeword for WWII decrypts of the Japanese codes. The REAL Manhattan Project "Project Y" was the Oak Ridge gaseous diffusion isotope separation plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It had nothing to do with the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSPW) in New Mexico or the Avro saucer project. Project Y was so named by John Frost, the Canadian saucer designer, because it was a step beyond "X," more impressive than the other X-planes. (See Richard Rhodes' book on the development of the A-bomb for details of the nuclear Project Y.) As for the alleged meaning of MAJIC -- the Manhattan Engineering District was a component of the Army Corps of Engineers, and the term was dropped after WWII. So it seems not too believable that it would be used in connection with the AFSWP, which was Air Force-managed. And why would the term "JCS" have anything to do with AFSWP? I think he just needed a word that began with "J" to put in there. The other factor is that MAJIC as used in the MJ-12 documents is clearly a codeword for a security compartment, not the name of an organization. This is silly -- it's like classifying a document "Top Secret-NORAD." Secrecy compartment codes are always five-letter words, i.e., UMBRA, THUMB, CANOE, MAGIC, FROTH, etc. MAJIC was obviously supposed to be the same thing.
From "US Nuclear Weapons: The Secret History," by Chuck Hansen: "Formal engineering development of the Mk 4 [nuclear weapon] started on August 2, 1945, with the establishment of Z Division, or the Ordnance Engineering Division, at Los Alamos. Z Division was an offshoot of the wartime E Division at Los Alamos. E Division had been formed to study and develop bomb fuses, the uranium gun for Little Boy, and implosion systems. Z Division was to conduct bomb engineering and production, chiefly concerned with airplane and ballistic problems, and replace a wartime group known as project W-47 at Wendover Field, near Salt Lake City, Utah. By this time, the Manhattan Project had acquired a small airfield (formerly an Army Air Forces Base called Sandia Base) near Albuquerque, New Mexico; Z Division was to be assigned its own airplanes and use of a large Army Base at Kirtland Field near Albuquerque. The new division was barely organized before the war ended.... One of the first tasks of Z Division was to redesign the Fat Man from a sound engineering point of view....In the fall of 1945, Z Division transferred W-47 activities to Oxnard Field (Sandia Base) near Albuquerque. Several buildings were available, along with explosives magazines and assembly areas. Nearby Kirtland Field was used to base the B-29 squadron required for aircraft compatibility and drop test programs. Z Division was consolidated at Sandia Base in Feb. 1947. On April 1, 1948, Z Division of LASL [Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories] became the Sandia Branch of LASL. During 1946-1947, Z Division at Los Alamos studied the possibility of creating a penetrating weapon to pierce armored ship decks, underground bunkers, and heavily- reinforced submarine pens ." Histories of Z Division are available: "Z- Division Progress Report, 18 July 1947 -- 18 Aug. 1947," LAMS-607, 26 Aug.1947, Los Alamos Scientific Labs, Los Alamos, NM From the "US Nuclear Weapons Databook, Vol. III: US Nuclear Warhead Facility Profiles" the history of Sandia. Labs: Thanks to: Joel Carpenter.
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