SHOW and TELL: Latest Revelations on UFOS
From Insiders Going Public
By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

On April 9, 1997, a closed briefing was given Congressional, White House and other Administration officials on evidence of UFO reality and extraterrestrial presence. A witness revealed that among the dignitaries were Congressman Weygand, and the wife of the CIA Director. Testimony was given by Apollo astronaut Mitchell, Dr. Greer, and two dozen other prime government-insider witnesses.

Among those witnesses was Stephen Lovekin, a lawyer from North Carolina who worked with a Top Secret security clearance in the Pentagon during President Eisenhower's White House term during the '50s as a trained cryptologist, and was the military aide who regularly briefed President Eisenhower on UFO evidence and developments. The former military-intelligence official said that Eisenhower became angrier throughout his Presidency, because he was being shut out of the loop about "black technology", reverse-engineered from captured extraterrestrial devices. Lovekin testified that in the basement of the Pentagon, he was shown UFO metal from a downed ET craft, and saw apparent "hieroglyphic"-type ET writing on the metal.

Another expert who testifying under oath to the gathered Congressional and White House officials was rocket scientist David Adair, a NASA consultant. At a subsequent Pasadena, CA lecture, Adair stated that he could back up Lovekin's report, because in 1960 he himself was taken 20 stories underground at Area 51 to help figure out how an extraterrestrial engine taken from a UFO worked. On the engine cowling were the identical "hieroglyphic"-like ET symbols which he later saw Lovekin display at the Congressional briefing. Adair said that they eventually identified the UFO device as an electro- magnetic fusion-containment engine. CSETI insiders have suggested that Adair's statements may contain some inaccuracies.

Dr. Greer has learned that one-third of the policy cabal controlling UFO information, a group variously known as MJ-12 and PI-40, wish public disclosure of UFO reality, while the rest do not support such initiative. Additionally, eight National Security insiders, including Navy and Air Force intelligence officers, told Dr. Greer that Star Wars weapons are being used to destroy UFOs approaching Earth.

A further glimpse into the military's secretive obsession with UFO technology was provided by retired Air Force Colonel Steve Wilson in late May, 1997, in response to reports of a huge UFO over Phoenix in mid-May. Colonel Wilson, (who is not a part of the April 9 Congressional Briefing team,) and who formerly headed the Air Force's Project Pounce [UFO recovery teams], said that there has been a stringent "lock-down" on Air Force personnel discussing UFOs since January 3, 1994. That was the date the military began publicly flying the enormous Black Triangle antigravity craft, which the Colonel said were back- engineered from UFOs.


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