UFO Comes Back To
Haunt Oz Islanders
By Jane Lovibond and Sarah Maguire
The Australian

It's back, it's bigger and those who've seen it say the King Island UFO is the real thing.
With no sightings for two nights, local UFO watchers were about to give up on their nocturnal visitor but last night the bright orange-red ball reappeared bigger and better than ever over the town of Currie.
The sightings have sparked memories of the mysterious disappearance 20 years ago of pilot Frederick Valentich, on a flight between Victoria and King Island.
Locals have shunned scientific and prankster explanations of the bright light they have being watching since last Thursday night.
Currie residents Jill Munro and Christine Parker watched the phenomenon for 10 minutes last night, having already seen a less spectacular display on Saturday night.
"It freaked me out," Ms Munro, a former radio journalist, said. "I have been through the Bankstown massacre and other events but never in my life have I seen anything like this.
"It takes a lot to throw me but someone must come and see this thing and tell us what it is."
Ms Munro said the object was definitely not a burning can suspended from a garbage bag parachute as suggested by the National Space and Meteor Hotline, nor was it reflected light.
Ms Parker, who is a local councillor and librarian, said the light formed a steady line rather than a ball.
It was below the cloud line and clearly visible.
She said the sightings were a hot topic of conversation on the island, particularly among older people who remembered Valentich's disappearance on October 21, 1978 as if it were yesterday.
A recorded a message from the pilot reported he was being "buzzed" by an object that was not an aircraft.
Hobart historian Reg Watson, who has been researching the incident, said as well as unusual sightings on King Island on that fateful night, another report of a "graphic" UFO sighting had been reported at Queenstown.