CIA Plans Indirect Disclosure
of UFO Cover-Up
By Dr. Richard Boylan, PhD
A man I've dubbed "Beltway Throat", a highly-reliable
Washington source with connections to CIA's top UFO
expert, informed me today that there are Mind Control and
ultimately UFO Cover-Up implications to the current news
story about France's refusal to extradite Ira Einhorn to the
U.S. despite the U.S.'s request.
Einhorn was accused of murder, but fled the U.S. to
France. A current Washington Post news story contains
allegations that Einhorn had worked for the U.S. Government.
"Beltway Throat" [BT] offers "the rest of the story", as
According to BT, Einhorn was deeply involved in Mind
Control projects for U.S. Intelligence. Also involved in those
mind control projects was Christopher "Kit" Green, M.D.,
Ph.D., Chief of General Motors' Research and Development
Center, and reported to have been the former CIA top expert
on UFO matters. (The Mind Control and UFO Cover-Up
connection goes like this. Intelligence began "black projects"
to attempt to match the telepathic and mind-influencing
abilities of the extraterrestrials they held captive at secret
underground installations. Military Intelligence coveted such
powers to penetrate the mind of a subject and make him see
whatever you wanted him to see.)
BT reminds that Kit Green served as a forensic expert for
the prosecution at Ira Einhorn's murder trial. BT suggested
that Dr. Green deliberately served as the prosecution's expert
in order to sabotage the prosecution's case, and thus assist
Einhorn in getting acquitted. BT intimated that Green's
motive would be helping a fellow accomplice in Intelligence
mind-control experiments, widely viewed as unethical and
illegal, and perhaps assuring Einhorn's continued silence
about those dark matters.
BT said that his CIA source planned to provide a "leak"
about the Einhorn-Green Mind Control-UFO Cover-Up
connection to major newspaper reporters. That story will
include additional lurid personal details about Einhorn and
Green to make publicizing the "leak" irresistible. It is CIA
source's strategy to create a full news media inquiry into Dr.
Green's involvement in Mind Control experiments, and
thence to the extraterrestrial studies which led to those
Mind Control projects. This Byzantine approach to
unraveling the UFO Cover-Up is a classic example of CIA
strategy, in which the line between Point A and Point B
resembles a pretzel.
It is worth exploring what it means that the current
occupant of the UFO Desk at CIA is snitching off his
predecessor. Multiple knowledgeable sources confirm that
there is a civil war going on within Intelligence and the
military over whether to end the UFO Cover-Up. The
"conservatives" want to hang on to status quo as long as
possible. Their reasons include: fear of destabilizing social
order (read: their careers), fear of the public outrage when
the harassment of citizens and the criminal deeds done under
cover of "national security" get exposed, the need to develop
ET technology in secret into super-weapons in case of alien
attack, and the astronomical profits and kickbacks to be made
from siphoning classified extraterrestrial ultra-technology into
insider corporations.
The "progressives" feel that the Cold War is over, and
there is no further realistic need to hide UFO reality. Further,
they believe that decades of information indicates that the
extraterrestrials are benign, and that the public interest is best
served by the public's being aware of what has been learned
from government communication with the extraterrestrials.
BT also noted that the current Capitol Hill fracture between
Liberals and Conservatives has slowed down the holding of
Congressional Hearings to allow former government insiders to
publicly testify about UFO reality. It seems that each side wants
to pin political blame for the UFO Cover-Up on the other.
I pointed out to BT that, with now ten Presidents and 25
Congresses having sanctioned the deception of the American
public about UFO matters, there is enough political blame to
go around for both parties.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
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