Two New UFO Sightings
Near Cincinnati
From Kenny Young <>
UFO reports acquired from Cincinnati area
By Charles Stuart
A Mt. Healthy resident and his mother reported two separate sightings of unusual aerial objects on consecutive nights. In both instances the UFOs released or ejected a single small light which hovered and then flew away under its own power
On Thursday, Dec. 31, 1998, while walking her dog in a residential district of Mt. Healthy, Ohio (Hamilton County), "Mrs. H." (name is withheld for privacy) reported seeing a large stationary object with "very bright" steady white light in what she said looked to be a circular pattern. As she watched, a small white light detached itself and flew away. Weather conditions were partly cloudy.
The next night (Friday, Jan. 1, 1999) after exiting I-275 onto Hamilton Avenue, Mr. H. and his mother witnessed another unusual object in the same area near their home. Mr. H. describes this object as three steady bright white lights in a triangular formation with another light in the center. It also appeared to be stationary and about 500' in altitude. "It was larger than a plane," Mr. H. assured. As they watched, the center light detached itself once more and flew a short distance before both objects disappeared behind some trees. A small plane with a blinking red light had also been observed passing above the objects before they were all lost to view. Mr. H. said that he had the impression that the main object looked somewhat like a B-1 bomber, however he was unable to explain the light that he saw "drop off." The weather conditions at the time of the sighting were cloudy, prior to a snowstorm.
Both sightings occurred shortly after sundown; the first (Dec. 31) at around 7:30 P.M. and the second (Jan. 1) at 5:45 P.M.(sundown was at 5:28 P.M.).
The area decribed is in a landing approach area to the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati International Airport. The witnesses have lived in this area for approximately 5 years and claim to be familar with the appearance of normal air traffic.
A Hamilton County Sheriff patrol helicopter is headquarted at a nearby police facility on Hamilton Avenue, but they inform that they have seen this aircraft come and go many times and insist that a police helicopter is not what they saw.
According to Mr. H., the UFO also drew the attention of other motorists. He said that the people in the car ahead of them were sticking their heads out of their windows to get a better view.
Additional note: The two witnesess are mildly interested in ufology and have told of previous sightings, the most spectacuar being in the mid- 70s near Milford, Ohio.
Report filed: January 4, 1999 Charles Stuart -- UFO Research