Frames Of Crashed Saucer
In Russia Shown On
Photos from CSETI site
1969 March - Sverdlovsky, USSR (formerly Yekatrinburg)

Something enormous and fiery crashed, resulting in considerable Soviet government cover-up. Films have been obtained and verified by experts revealing the possible crash of a flying saucer and the finding of a badly mutilated alien body, also filmed during autopsy.

This incredible information was featured 9-13-98 on TNT (Turner Network Television) program "The Secret UFO Files of the KGB." More information can be found at this URL: which has an excellent overview of the stories, film and experts involved in this startling case. Below are images from the program showing the Russian soldiers from the 1969 footage examining the remains of the disc that crashed.

The disc. Speculation is that the disc crashed in the nearby
field and this portion flipped and bounced into its position in
the wooded area.

Close up of disc half

Soldiers are seen throughout the film, along with KGB officials
examining and guarding the site.



Early moment in the footage as Russian soldiers
approach the crash site


This is an enlargement of the top (or perhaps bottom) of the disc

A frame from the Russian autopsy of the alien torso and arm.
Experts on the TNT program say this was very authentic and
accurate procedure for 1969 in Russia.
(photo from Turner-tnt website)