Israel Receives Its
First Crop Circle
By Barry Chamish

On April 16, Israel Television Channel One broadcast an interview with a thirty year old Arab from the lower Galilee village of Bet Zarzir who discovered the country's first crop circle. The circle was made several nights previously by unknown lights darting through a wheat field, to the great vocal consternation of nearby dogs.
Israel has known numerous landing circles, especially in the Kadima region, it has had sand burned into the shape of alien crafts on a beach near Haifa but this was the nation's first known pictograph from the skies.
Its shape was primitive by Southern England's standards, a 26 meter long half circle with an equally long and straight "tail" attached. However, within the crop circle were three holes. One contained a red oil similar to that found in the circles of Kadima and two held a rather mysterious white powder.
(I have samples of the oil and powder ready for testing should any reputable laboratory or organization do desire.)

Israeli Crop Circle Update
by Barry Chamish

The Israeli crop circle, the country's first ever alien pictograph is turning into a most important event with international significance. Following is the story as it stands now.
On the evening of April 12, a resident of the Jezreel Valley Arab village of Zarzir heard dogs bark wildly, looked outside and saw small lights darting in a nearby wheat field. The next day he told his friend Golan Masrin (30) about the incident and he went to the field, thus discovering the crop circle.
Compared to those of Southern England, the circle is a simple design. It is a half circle of 26 meters diameter with a 26 meter straight line disecting it from within, creating two quarter circles of wheat. The effect is a picture similar to an umbrella.
Within the circle were seven round pods in the mud. All vegetation within was killed and the ground was severely dessicated compared to the surrounding soil. In four of the pods, the soil was coated in a white powder, while in the other three pods there was a red oily fluid. Where the fluid fell on wheat stalks, the plants turned brown compared to healthy plants in the field. Yet even in the field just beyond the circle, some wheat stalks were missing their heads and they could not be located beside the plants.
Young ufologist Gil Bar painstakingly collected the powder and oil from the earth and stored them in vials. I took chemist, Dr. Marvin Antleman to see Bar's samples and his first reaction to the oil was that it had the unique crimson color of cobalt. He is attempting to arrange laboratory testing.
I have sent samples of both the powder and fluid to Michael Hesemann for testing. I will offer the same material to any other party willing to conduct serious laboratory testing.

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