A UFO "Fender Bender" In Chile...Pieces Recovered

By Graham Conway
From Bill Oliver
UFO*BC Special Report - UFO Crash In Chile?
In 1995, a Chilean mining prospector of Japanese descent was in the mountains when a large shiny UFO appeared above. It was about 30 metres in diameter. The craft hovered and then moved closer to the mountain. This maneuver caused the vehicle to graze the hillside, creating a flare in the soil. Barely negotiating the hillside it ascended before disappearing from view. The witness, J.T., went to the impact site and was able to recover four chunks of an unknown material weighing about 3 kgs.
We have been informed that this account did not appear in the local or national press. A variety of organizations displayed a keen interest in the recovered metal, namely NASA, U.S, Air Force, Chilean Air Force, plus various scientists and investigators. Pieces were sent to Japan for analysis. Our Chilean informant stated his own opinion, as follows:
The objects are extraordinary in shape and in looks; with all my experience in mining and metallurgy, (I am a graduated mining technician of a Chilean University), I have never seen any metal that is or behaves like that in the laboratory or at eyesight.
First, according to the Japanese that studied the metal, it is composed of 12 (first analysis) and 22 (second analysis) elements, bonded and molten into one homogeneous mass, that breaks in unusual fracturing, much like an irregularly shaped - river polished rock type of thing - metal. I hope you get the drift. The metal actually looks like Platinum or Silver; it has Nickel, Aluminum, Zinc, and other gray metals, however it was deemed to be + - 68% Copper; the unusual thing is that:
a) Does not conduct electricity at all; a wired rod applied to its surface, only creates a field of sparks that dissipates outward and rebounds; thus, if you place your hand in the opposite end, electricity does not touch you(!) and is Silver like in colour, no copper red!
b) It can not be detected or identified by radar!
c) It is not radioactive or responsive to a metal detector?
d) some faces are so well polished that it looks like steel, and it does not have sharp edges at all, even when fractured.
e) Pieces do not fit with each other, what makes me assume that there may be others to be retrieved; we will make a new exploration expedition to the site this spring. One of them is exquisite in shape and thin.
f) It does not melt over 1500 degrees Celsius/over 1 hr. exposure.
g) Did not react to Nitric acid from 5% to concentrate exposure, Sulphuric acid 5% to concentrate, Picric acid 5% to concentrate, all the possible combinations amongst the three acids above over 30 minutes exposure.
Conclusion : Unknown material not harmed by acids(!) under microscopic observation from 100 to 1000 magnifying tests.
It would seem that the witness to this described event was also abducted some time later. But not before the UFO had visited and hovered over his home many times. As a result of his interaction with these visitors and his ensuing experiences, he has written a short booklet. It comes as no great surprise to learn he has been assigned a mission to inform our planet's inhabitants to respect each other, love and live in harmony with our neighbours.
I hope I don't sound too cynical when I point out that this is not a new message, by any means. Therefore I must conclude that the senders are more than a tad fed up with our very evident lack of attention and demonstrated response. Anyway, "if you don't succeed at first", etc.....
Mr. J.T. however seems to have gotten lucky in a direction seldom accorded to other lucky(?) abductees. Not only was he taken on a Cook's tour of the visitor's planet but he awoke with two soil samples and two metallic looking pebbles. on which our informant comments as follows:
I checked the soil and the pebbles with my Geologist lens and this is my assessment :
a) fertile like soil: Apparent composition is extremely fertile, some traces of turquoise (copper) is observed, dark like top soil, granular as earth, very interesting. Opinion : very fertile soil.
b) Sand like soil: Apparent composition is a very un-earth like sand, composed of yellow crystals like zircon or rutile (titanium) 15%, flakelike chalcites much like silica over 30%, Copper like turquoise 15% and other rare earths.
Opinion: very strange mixture, hard to duplicate (all vials contain no more than 10 grams.)
c) metallic like piece fingernail size: Apparent composition: Native Copper; looks like a fibrous asbestos???
Opinion: impossible to classify according to earth like matter.
d) metallic like pebble: one side is metallic like with iridescence like molten metal with outer rim golden and purple tinted center, thin as an orange skin, the other side looks corrugated and porous.
Opinion: hard to reproduce under normal circumstances, first of its kind ever observed by me; looks metallic on one side and non-metallic on the other side.
e) Green liquid (like mint liquor) with sediments inside (20/30 milliliter), viscosity like petroleum leaves the glass of the vile with a tint like odin, the sediments are white. Apparently serves as catalyst to detect the metal composition?
Opinion: hard to imagine and impossible to give an educated guess. Out of my league!!!!
Our Chilean informant also goes on to describe the circumstances experienced by another mining prospector who was returning from the Andes with his three children asleep in his vehicle. It seems that Mr. A.G.D. was intercepted by a UFO and its occupants. He described how the E.T.s roamed around his truck with "laser type guns". They fired at rocks, resulting in them achieving a transparent look. The visitors seemed to jump, walk or float rapidly. His engine died and he tried to move down hill with the aid of gravity. Looking in his rear view mirror he became the unfortunate recipient of a "laser' blast. This resulted in him becoming blind for almost six months. Mr. D. was only able to negotiate his way down the mountain by touching the edge of the hill with his truck wheels.
The forgoing account is only a synopsis of the principal events reported from a region where UFO stories are a regular occurrence, seen and described by a wide variety of reliable residents. We have taken steps to obtain additional information regarding this landmark case. Should we be fortunate to receive further confirmatory evidence, we look forward to publishing it in the not too distant future.
In conclusion, our sincere thanks go out to Jorge R. Lopehendia, of Santiago, Chile, for providing this story and permission to relate it to our readers.

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