Scientist Claims Definitive
Astronautical Proof Of
UFO/ET Reality
From George Bishop <>
Definitive Astronautical Resolution Of The UFO Enigma By T. Roy Dutton CEng, MIMechE, MRAeS (Issue 6, 1998)
This paper presents the culmination of work reported previously to BUFORA (the British UFO Research Association) in lectures by Mr. Dutton given during 1976, 1978, 1979l and 1987 (Refs. 1-5).
1) Summary of Findings --- UFO Close Encounters
Thirty-one years' scientific study of UFO Close Encounter (CE) events has revealed that CE activity is satisfactorily explained as an important element of an astronautical surveillance of Earth by technologically-advanced spacecraft. There are clear indications that the activity originates from extraterrestrial sources, most probably from bases established within our solar system.
The adopted strategy seems to involve frequent meteoric injections of large spacecraft into programmed proximity with our planet and facilitates: (a) constant monitoring of human developments (especially, when these occur in areas of historical interest); (b) investigation by surface-exploration craft of observed changes at pre-selected sites; (c) investigation of biological, sometimes human, specimens.
The CE activity is precisely programmed. This fact was indicated during synthesis of a selected historical data sample (1885-1971) in an initial study of global activity. Such programming would facilitate, with precise timing, the issue and retrieval of exploration craft by spacecraft executing super-orbital passes close to the Earth. Established navigational links with the stars, with the terminator and with key points on the Earth's equator have been discovered. Given that these navigational rules continue to be followed, they facilitate the creation of a CE event timetable for almost any given location on Earth, excepting locations in the extreme Polar Regions.
It seems that sightings of the transient kind usually occur soon after delivery from space and just prior to departure for a rendezvous in space. Reports of unidentifiable low-flying dark vehicles, which display no lights but blot out the stars, have served to indicate that clandestine operations are being carried out during the intervening time periods. The timing evidence suggests that one spacecraft with the ability to change the inclination of its chosen path, or two spacecraft operating on separate tracks, are employed for the issue and retrieval of exploration craft.
The operational model just described is more fully defined by Chapter 15 of Ref. 6.
The period of amnesia reported by some CE witnesses has been found to correspond to the timings of, and the time span between, two predicted consecutive passes over each of the areas involved. This means that the often-alleged abduction of such witnesses during the reported encounters is brought into the realms of reasonable possibility. There is, therefore, a need to treat such claimants with great respect during investigation of their claims.
2) Crop-Circle Links with UFO Close Encounters
Genuine crop circle formations have refined characteristics which defy simulation by hoaxers: namely, cell changes which produce unnatural curvature in plant stems at ground level and at growth nodes; and (on at least one occasion) changes in seed-head embryos. They are also precisely formed, sometimes to a single plant stem in the points of crescents.
A further refinement has been revealed by my mathematical analysis of the crop lays. In an independent unbiased exercise, mathematical analysis of the spiralled flattening found in simple (genuine) crop-circles led to their simulation using computer graphics techniques. The precise mathematical laws and sequencing, which appeared to govern the flattening process, indicated that a technological rather than a natural solution should be sought. The observed precision, implied sequencing and the undamaged nature of the severely-bent crop stems in genuine crop-circle formations, all pointed towards their creation by some kind of rotating line-scanner, which had radiated a mobile beam of energy into the crop from above.
There appeared to be no likely candidates within the range of currently-usable forms of radiant energy, but it seemed that microwave gravitational radiation might, conceivably, produce the effects observed. This discovery of advanced technological precision was regarded as a pointer towards a possible link with UFO CE activity -- and this was supported, subsequently, by the outcome of another study.
There have been at least four occasions when people have reported having seen genuine crop-circles form as they watched (Refs. 7 and 8). Typically, the events were reported to have had durations of only seconds. In three of those cases (in Britain), no explicable or visible cause was evident: however, a report received from Japan (Ref. 7) alleges that, in 1991, two young Japanese boys reported seeing a red ball of light descend from the afternoon sky near their village. It was alleged that a white beam (?) of radiant energy issued downwards from beneath the hovering object. Two sets of flattened grass rings were then rapidly produced on the ground by the scanning beam, as the boys watched. The red object then climbed away into the sky.
It was found that the times of all these events were in accordance with the predictions of the discovered UFO CE programming. In face of all the available evidence, therefore, there now seems to be no good reason to doubt that genuine crop-formations and UFO Close Encounters result from the same (non-human) astronautical activity.
This observation was supported by the similarity noted in the choice of favoured localities for CE and crop-circle activities within the U.K.: namely, areas of historical interest where new developments have occurred or are taking shape.
The following explanation is put forward to account for the development of the crop-formations over the years, from plain swirled circles to complex designs and ciphers:-
Phase 1 -- The initial purpose for the radiant scanning may have been to produce images of subterranean objects and structures. The process incidentally produced neatly swirled circles in long grass and long-stemmed crops.
Phase 2 -- When it was noticed that people were becoming intrigued by the crop-circles being created by scanning operations, the same kind of line scanner was then used to produce communication ciphers and artistic designs in the crops. [Whatever the source of them, some of the 'pictograms' of 1990/1991 were recognisable depictions of solar, lunar and planetary alignments during the same 24-hour periods.]
Even before the Japanese story became known, it was suggested that the hypothetical operations just described could be performed by hovering stable aircraft, briefly located at high altitude above targeted fields. Those luminous beams, tubes and balls of light sometimes witnessed over the crop fields of Southern England could be visual (ionisation) evidence of the proposed scanning process in operation. Visual, radar and infrared scans of the skies above the frequently-used areas could turn out to be far more fruitful than scanning the fields alone.
3) Postscript. It is to be expected that strong objections to these findings will be raised for a variety of reasons, but those raised so far have not, in any way, changed the conclusions. Indeed, evidence is coming in, steadily, from Britain and overseas, which is constantly validating the astronautical model described above; but some of the objections already registered will be considered and answered below.
a) "Why should such advanced vehicles have to follow such rigid rules of engagement which are able to be understood by mere human beings?" The simple answer is a two-fold one. No matter by what magical means (black holes, wormholes in space-time, etc.) they might employ to arrive in the vicinity of the Earth, if they are to interact with us, they must be to some extent governed by the same physical laws. Programmed navigational routines facilitate precise surveillance activities, which can be carried out, most of the time, by automated vehicles with artificial intelligence.
b) "Why are the proposed short-term 'super-orbiters', which will be coming and going so frequently, not detected, visually or by radar?"
The simple answer to that would be that they have the means of not being detected: for example, a matt black vehicle would not reflect sunlight in Space and a radar-absorbent structure would not reflect radar pulses. Even so, who knows what NORAD radars have detected over the years? Or, which of the strange bolides sometimes reported were, in fact, ET spacecraft/aerospace vehicles?
c) "Why would any alien civilisation go to so much trouble to visit us so often?" This question usually has the rider "It doesn't make sense".
A very good reason for the constant surveillance and frequent visits to the surface of our planet seems to be that we are being regarded as suitable cases for experimental observation and treatment. What seems to be most on trial is our ability to side-track every issue which is mentally unpalatable to us: such as an acceptance that we could be at the mercies of members of a non-human species, who may come and go as they please and use us as they please. Rather than contemplate such an unhappy reality, too many of us (including many scientists) would prefer to believe that all the hard-core UFO evidence can be explained, variously, as mirages, natural ball-plasmas, earthlights, orgone energy, fairies, earth-spirits, hobgoblins, hallucinations and psychotic delusions.
In view of the 'cat-and-mouse' game, which (in the light of the discoveries described above) is clearly being played, it is probably true that the 'visitors' would prefer that state of affairs to continue indefinitely.
A series of three video recordings is being produced to bring together all aspects of this work. The general title of the series is -- "We are DEFINITELY not Alone".
Part 1 was recorded during 1994 and is available (preferably in batch mail-orders) in both PAL and NTSC formats from:- Roland's Video Productions, 4 Ranworth Close, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. UK. HP3 9HG. Current Prices (incl P & P): UK £15; USA $28
Part 2 is currently being edited and Part 3 is in the process of being scripted. Further information on recent developments may be found on website
Serious enquiries about the work should be addressed to: T. R. Dutton c/o 545 Babbacombe Road Torquay. Devon. TQ1 1HQ UK
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Important UFO Research Information For General Release Mid 1997
T. Roy Dutton, CEng, MIMechE, MRAeS, volunteered for an early retirement from the Future Projects Department of British Aerospace PLC, Manchester, during 1991. During September 1993. he and his wife moved to Torquay, Devon and, since then, he has been pursuing a number of unfinished private studies. Chief among these has been his long-standing study of the nature and behaviour of unidentifiable aerial craft. Thirty years ago, during the summer of 1967, Mr Dutton began a spare-time professional study of the structured UFOs, which were being reported from the Manchester area. This led to a comprehensive historical global study of such events, the earliest happening considered having been reported from Turkey in 1885. By 1980, a profound discovery had been made. Encounters with structured yet unidentifiable craft, reported from many parts of the world, could be identified with a well-organised surveillance and exploration activity, stemming from Space. The technology described in all cases was well beyond human accomplishment. Further development of this work during the 1980s revealed that the events had been precisely programmed, and new UFO events were continuing to follow those rules. This work has been expanded during retirement and has resulted in a high rate of correlation which, it is now claimed, constitutes scientific proof of continual surveillance of Earth by technologically-advanced Extraterrestrials. Continuous monitoring of reports from the South West peninsula of Britain is revealing that the events in that region are following the same rules. Mr Dutton claims that the demonstrated predictability of the timings facilitates scientific observation of arrivals and departures of the visiting craft. The setting up of specialised observatories is being strongly advocated. The work has yet to find a publisher, except in video form. Several years ago, an ex-aerospace colleague, Mr Roy Rowlands, owner of a commercial editing company, suggested making a video record of the material. The vast amount of material to be communicated dictated that the recording should be produced in three parts. Part 1 was completed in 1995 and Part 2 is currently in progress. So far, sales of Part 1 have been made mainly to members of various UFO groups. The lack of a commercial distributor has effectively denied members of the general public access to the work. The video series has the title: "We are DEFINITELY not Alone" A second information sheet will be issued to describe Mr Dutton's work on the Crop Circles mystery. Genuine crop formations have been shown to be positively linked with the activity described above. It is important to emphasise that all aspects of Mr Dutton's work can be tested scientifically.
Important Crop Circle Research Notes For General Release Mid 1997
These notes summarize investigative work on crop-circles carried out, since 1988, by Chartered Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineer, Mr. T. Roy Dutton. A preceding information sheet describes similar scientifically-based research carried out by Mr. Dutton, over a thirty-year period, into reports of unidentifiable aerial craft. The crop-circle investigations began as a result of a public presentation of his UFO work in London during May 1987. An invitation for Mr. Dutton to become involved in crop-circles research was issued by Mr. Colin Andrews at the close of the London lecture. This was responded to and resulted in frequent trips to Wiltshire and Hampshire during subsequent crop-growing seasons. The characteristics of genuine flattened-crop circles were observed to be:
1) Undamaged crop stems, even though flattening was complete. A characteristic 'walking-cane handle' bend was always evident at ground level.
2) The flattened crop-stalks were usually laid down in a spiraled manner, the implied flattening flow being usually from center to periphery. Frequently, there was visible evidence that the crop had been flattened in a series of strips, and strips were sometimes overlaid by others. 3) Outward flow usually ceased abruptly at the periphery, but the stems in each flattened strip were often seen to have been forced into the free-standing crop. This characteristic gave the peripheries of some small circles a notched or toothed appearance.
4) The flattened stalks of green wheat or barley were often found to have been bent laterally, in the direction of swirled flow. This bending occurred as a result of distortion of the growth nodes along the length of each stem.
5) Green crop stems flattened in the ways already described would continue to grow and develop from the tip, which would usually grow upright from the rest of the permanently flattened stem.
These in-the-field observations led to recognition of a genuine phenomenon, which could not be reproduced by any mechanical means. Detailed mathematical analysis of the spiraled crop-lay patterns led to the discovery that common mathematical laws linked them all. Application of those laws using computer graphics techniques enabled a number of photographed crop-circle specimens to be accurately simulated.
The laws derived from analysis of circles serendipitously described the behavior of a radiating, rotating, line scanner. This pointed to causation by a piece of advanced technology currently unknown to us. The implied projector would also require a stable aerial platform, operating at high altitude, to be available for each task. All this pointed towards a link with those unidentifiable aerial craft previously studied. A supplementary study of the known timings of several genuine crop-circle events showed them to have been in accordance with the timing rules established by the previous study. It is important to emphasize that all Mr. Dutton's findings can be checked by other researchers.
-- George Bishop <